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Duluth, MN – Superior, WI – Joshua Hebeisen
Candace Elise/Robert F. Deegan made their way through the Superior Entry at midnight Monday morning loaded with calcium chloride from Ludington. After sailing up Superior Bay and down St. Louis Bay, the pair tied up to discharge their cargo at Hallett 8. In Duluth, Edwin H. Gott made a rare arrival under the Aerial Lift Bridge at 00:34 to take a delay at Hallett 5. She is due next at BNSF 5 in Superior to load ore for Nanticoke. Paul R. Tregurtha was inbound Duluth at 04:11 on her weekly run to the Superior Midwest Energy Terminal for 68,000 tons of coal. This particular visit saw her taking on a split load for DTE power plants in St. Clair and Monroe. At 08:16, USS Minneapolis-St. Paul made her long-awaited arrival in Duluth. With a pilot onboard delivered courtesy of pilot boat Sea Bear, the warship proceeded through the piers and into the harbor, where Heritage Marine tugs Edward H. and Helen H. were ready to assist her to Port Terminal Berth 9. The arrival was not without incident; Minneapolis-St. Paul was forced to give a series of warning blasts on her horn when several pleasure boats encroached upon the enforced security perimeter. The Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ship, the 21st such vessel to be constructed for the United States Navy, will be officially commissioned as part of the fleet on Saturday morning. Paul R. Tregurtha departed Duluth at 16:47 after loading coal, and Candice Elise/Robert F. Deegan followed her outbound for Ludington three hours later.

Two Harbors, MN – Silver Bay, MN – Gary Putney
Presque Isle departed Two Harbors on Monday at 02:30 for the Gary Works. Arriving at 14:27 for the shiploader was Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin, and due in port Tuesday morning is Walter J. McCarthy Jr.

Marquette, MI – Joshua Hebeisen
American Mariner arrived at 06:16 to load ore on the north side of the LS&I gravity dock. She departed for Cleveland at 16:05, likely headed to unload at the Bulk Terminal as she did last week. The delivery of Tilden pellets to Cleveland may be becoming a new trend this season after a decade-long hiatus. 

Milwaukee, WI – MKE Marine Reports
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder arrived from Cleveland at 17:29 Sunday with deicing salt, the second such load of 2022. After dropping roughly 17,000 tons on Cargill’s dockside discharge pad, the pair cleared for Stoneport at 23:20. 

Southern Lake Michigan Ports – Joshua Hebeisen
Calumet Harbor, IL: Caroline McKee/Commander arrived at 13:18 with another load of cement for the St. Marys facility. Federal Fraser was outbound for Milwaukee at 18:51, leaving Exeborg alone at Iroquois Lakehead.
Indiana Harbor, IN: American Integrity departed 7H at 01:25 for the Twin Ports. James R. Barker arrived to take her place at 20:10; she will be discharging UTAC pellets from CN 6 in Duluth. On the west side of the harbor, Joseph L. Block finished loading and departed for Toledo at 21:13. The Block is likely making another run to the Torco dock with excess pellets originally intended for use at the soon-to-be-idled Cleveland-Cliffs No. 4 blast furnace. Mesabi Miner arrived and went to anchor at 23:30, waiting for her sister to finish unloading at 7H.
Gary, IN: Arthur M. Anderson was inbound at 02:06 to unload Minntac pellets at the north end of the dock at Gary Works. She departed empty at 10:40 en route to Calcite and a load of limestone.
Burns Harbor, IN: Federal Columbia arrived at 09:10 for Federal Marine Terminals, while Burns Harbor pulled up alongside Cleveland-Cliffs around 17:34 to discharge Hibtac pellets from Superior. 

Detroit, MI – Windsor, ON – Joshua Hebeisen
Lee White arrived Mistersky for fuel at 04:31 before setting out for Calcite at 08:27. Great Republic was making her way into the Motor City at the same time and ventured up the River Rouge to unload at the Edward C. Levy dock. Victory/Maumee stopped at Mistersky to refuel at 10:50, and Indiana Harbor was next in line at the dock when the tug/barge combo departed for the Soo at 14:05. Great Republic followed them outbound on her way to Belle River. Making her way out from behind Zug Island shortly after 15:00 was Harvest Spirit, who began the downbound voyage across Lake Erie and through the Welland Canal for Hamilton. Frontenac was also outbound at 16:30 with salt from Windsor for Bowmanville. After Indiana Harbor left Mistserky at 17:17 and proceeded upbound for Superior, Alpena shifted from Lafarge to the fuel dock and departed for her namesake port at 19:14. Algoma Intrepid was the last traffic of the day, arriving for Levy along the River Rouge at 22:33. 

Lake Erie Ports – Bill Kloss
Monroe, MI: H. Lee White departed at 04:55 for Detroit.
Toledo, OH: Departures were Victory/Maumee for Detroit and Algoma Harvester for Baie Comeau. The lone arrival was Samuel deChamplain/Innovation. Hon. James L. Oberstar, Federal Bering, and Lubie are in port.
Marblehead, OH: American Courage departed at 10:52 with stone for Windsor.
Sandusky, OH: CSL Niagara arrived at 06:14 to load coal at Norfolk Southern.
Cleveland, OH: Samuel deChamplain/Innovation departed for Toledo. Federal St. Laurent arrived at 06:07 and went to dock 24W at the Port. Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson unloaded scrubber stone at the Bulk Terminal, and fleetmates Joyce L. VanEnkevort/Great Lakes Trader were late-night arrivals to the Bulk Terminal. NACC Capri weighed anchor and went to LaFarge at 02:45. Algoma Buffalo arrived at Cargill at 11:56 to load salt. Sam Laud arrived at 14:44 with stone for Osborne’s West 3rd dock.
Conneaut, OH: Indiana Harbor left for Duluth late Sunday night.

Hamilton, ON – Joshua Hebeisen
Federal Kumano was the only vessel to sail through the piers, arriving Hamilton at 11:24 with sugar for Federal Marine Terminals 12 East. The game of musical boats continued at Agrico on Monday, with MTM Singapore ceding her spot at the dock to the anchored Federal Hunter at around 22:00. Both vessels called on the facility to discharge UAN, and the Singapore is now anchored in the inner harbor in preparation to load an export cargo. Federal Ems is at G3 for grain, Bogdan remains at P&H loading grain, and Ruby-T is alongside Federal Hunter at anchor waiting to discharge cargo at the port.

Sea Bear delivers a pilot to the Minneapolis-St. Paul. - Davan Scott

Pilot boat Sea Bear arrives Duluth ahead of the USS Minneapolis-St. Paul after delivering a pilot to the warship. - David Schauer

USS Minneapolis-St. Paul (LCS-21) arrives Duluth to be commisioned. - Adam Bjornberg

U.S. Navy crew members on board the Minneapolis-St. Paul. - Michael Konczak

Stern view of LCS-21 as her water propulsion system guides her inbound. - David Schauer

Heritage Marine Tugs Edward H. and Helen H. stand by to assist the Minneapolis-St. Paul on her arrival. - Jane Herrick

Edward H. and Helen H. guide USS Minneapolis-St. Paul into her berth at the Port Terminal. Due to enchanced security measures, she will have the area all to herself until she leaves port. - David Schauer

Alpena intimidates a fisherman as she approaches Fort Gratiot lighthouse. - Marc Dease

Alpena approaches Port Huron as she steams downbound for Detroit with cement. - Marc Dease

Alpena passes the Fort Gratiot lighthouse. - Marc Dease

Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson at the Bulk Terminal in Cleveland. - Bill Kloss

Kaye E. Barker downbound Port Huron. - Paul Murray

United States Coast Guard buoy tender Buckthorn out this sunny morning on a calm St. Marys River. - Jim and Lynda Lysell Garlitz

American Spirit undergoing repairs in dry dock at Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay. - Chris Mazzella

Algoma Intrepid arriving at Verplank Salt Dock to unload nearly 20,000 tons of rock salt. - Ryan Pendell

Wilfred Sykes pouring it on as she departs Grand Haven. - Tyler Fairfield

Herbert C. Jackson loading coal in Sandusky on her 63rd birthday. - Sue McKinney

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder arrive in Milwaukee. - MKE Marine Reports

The Pathfinder's boom discharges salt at Jones Island. - MKE Marine Reports

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