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Duluth, MN – Superior, WI – Joshua Hebeisen
Arthur M. Anderson arrived Duluth at 03:59 Thursday morning and proceeded down the St. Louis River to discharge limestone at C. Reiss. She is the first Great Lakes Fleet vessel to service the dock this season following a rare delivery by a VanEnkevort tug/barge earlier in the week. In Superior, CSL Assiniboine weighted anchor and was inbound at 05:26 for the vacant BNSF 5 dock to load ore. The dock had been unoccupied since around 22:00 Wednesday night, but neither the Assiniboine nor the anchored Burns Harbor had made their way in to load until the Assiniboine’s arrival. At 06:51, American Integrity departed Duluth with Minorca ore from CN 6 destined for Indiana Harbor. Superior saw the surprise arrival of Manitoulin who, third in line to load at BNSF after the Assiniboine and Burns Harbor, took a delay at Lakehead Pipeline around 10:00 to wait her turn. CSL Assiniboine was outbound the Superior piers at 17:48 with Hibtac pellets for Quebec City, and Burns Harbor took her place about an hour later to load taconite. Vlieborg is still at Gavilon loading beet pulp pellets, though the process has likely been delayed due to weather. 

Two Harbors, MN – Silver Bay, MN – Gary Putney
John G. Munson arrived Two Harbors on Wednesday at 04:24 and departed at 12:15 for Conneaut. The port saw the arrival of Indiana Harbor later in the evening at 19:42. She departed the next morning at 09:18 with no update on her destination as of yet. Due in Two Harbors on Friday is the Mesabi Miner; as of 16:00, she is off Laurium.

Marquette, MI – Joshua Hebeisen
Hon. James L. Oberstar departed the LS&I dock with Tilden pellets for Dearborn at 05:01. 

St. Marys River – Roger LeLievre
The new Western Great Lakes Pilots Association pilot boat Waiska Pilot was upbound in the river Thursday headed for Brimley, MI, west of the locks, where she is expected to take up station. Waiska Pilot was ordered in 2020 from North River Boats in Oregon and delivered late in the 2021 season. The 37-foot-long Almar boat is powered by twin-outboard Suzuki 350 HP engines. Notable features include a 12-V 220 lbs.-thrust (8 kW) bow thruster, exterior heated deck pads, and state-of-the-art man overboard recovery gear.

Southern Lake Michigan Ports – Joshua Hebeisen
Indiana Harbor, IN: John D. Leitch departed at 13:25; her next destination is unclear.
Burns Harbor, IN: Federal Churchill remains at Metro Ports. 

Goderich, ON – Bruce Douglas
Algoma Intrepid arrived 08:00 Thursday morning to load at Compass Minerals, while Algoma Sault cleared at 11:00 downbound for Montreal with salt. 

Detroit, MI – Windsor, ON – Joshua Hebeisen
Atlantic Huron entered the Detroit River around 06:00 Thursday morning and proceeded to Sterling Fuels to refuel before shifting to Windsor Salt at 10:00. At 07:12, cruise ship Ocean Navigator (es-Victory II) made port with passengers on her inaugural voyage to the Great Lakes under her new name. Shorter than the 665-foot cruise liner Viking Octantis, which had been forced to tie up at the Nicholson dock on her previous two visits to Detroit this season, the 299-foot Navigator could be accommodated at the Port of Detroit’s Carl Levin Public Dock and Terminal. Farther down the river, the Nicholson dock in Ecorse saw the arrival of Exeborg at 07:48. Joyce L. VanEnkevort/Great Lakes Trader stopped in port for fuel at Mistersky from 08:48 to 12:17 before departing for Marquette; their fleetmates Clyde S. VanEnkevort/Erie Trader took their spot at the Mistersky dock around 15:00. Three hours later, Clyde and her barge departed for Calcite, Florence Spirit filled the vacancy at Mistersky, and Ocean Navigator departed upbound for Little Current, Canada. The Spirit was downbound for Baie Comeau after she finished fueling. Federal Baltic is still loading at ADM. 

Lake Erie Ports – Bill Kloss
Monroe, MI: Paul R. Tregurtha arrived late last night to unload coal at DTE.
Toledo, OH: Wilf Seymour/Alouette Spirit arrived at 06:36. Joyce L. VanEnkevort/Great Lakes Trader departed for Marquette, and Belasitza is in port.
Marblehead, OH: Cuyahoga departed for Kingsville at 10:20.
Kingsville, ON: Cuyahoga arrived at 13:56 to unload stone at Southwestern Sales Co. Once empty, she left at 18:08 for a return to Marblehead.
Cleveland, OH: Departures were Ocean Navigator and Exeborg for Detroit, Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson for Calcite, and Federal Fraser for Chicago. Federal Beaufort arrived late Wednesday night and is at Dock 24E. Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder ran one shuttle to Cliffs and went to Cargill to load salt. Hudsongracht and Harvest Spirit are still at the Port.
Ashtabula, OH: Clyde S.VanEnkevort/Erie Trader departed for Calcite at 03:46, and Melissa G lef for Montreal at 07:21.
Conneaut, OH: Edgar B. Speer departed for Two Harbors late Wednesday night. Presque Isle arrived at 07:19 with ore for the P&C dock. She departed for Superior at 19:16. Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. was a late night arrival.
Nanticoke, ON: Bluebill departed at 07:35 with steel bound for Altamira, Mexico. CSL Tadoussac arrived at 20:49 to unload ore at Stelco. Algosea and Algonova are at Imperial Oil. 

Hamilton, ON – Joshua Hebeisen
At 11:04, Algoma Harvester departed empty from ArcelorMittal bound for Toledo. The only other vessel to move in the harbor today was Gaia Desgagnes; she was outbound at 18:50 for Montreal after a short layover at Lafarge. More action is likely in the coming days with a variety of vessels currently in port: Tankers Ruby-T and MTM Singapore are at anchor waiting to unload, Bogdan is taking on grain at P&H, Drawsko is unloading steel coils at Federal Marine Terminals, Lake St. Clair is loading grain at G3, and Shoveler is discharging fertilizer at Agrico. 

Hon. James L. Oberstar and John G. Munson unloading limestone at CN-Hallett Dock 5 in Duluth. - David Schauer

Arthur M. Anderson arriving in Duluth with decent-sized waves in the canal. - Jeffery Doty

Arthur M. Anderson unloading limestone at C. Reiss in West Duluth. - David Schauer

Lee A. Tregurtha basking in the setting sun in Howards Bay, Superior, WI. - Paul Scinocca

Ocean Explorer in tranquil water against a beautiful pink sky. - Bobby Dzz

Ocean Explorer on her first trip through the Welland Canal. - Bobby Dzz

Light shines down through the clouds on John G. Munson at Neebish Island. - Chuck Zentmeyer

John G. Munson in the Rock Cut at Neebish Island. - Chuck Zentmeyer

Viking Octantis downbound at Port Huron. - Brian Caswell

Cruise ship Viking Octantis in Detroit. - Andrew Dean

Workers painting the deck of Viking Octantis while her passengers are out at play in Detroit. - Andrew Dean

Up-close view of the Octantis' bow at Nicholson in Detroit. - Andrew Dean

Getting in the face of new cruise liner Viking Octantis. - Andrew Dean

Charlie moored at the Port Fisher Terminals Dock in Bay City. She is a first-time visitor to the Saginaw River. - Ben VanOchten

New pilot boat Waiska Pilot passes Mission Point Thursday. - Joy Fett

Ocean Navigator in Detroit. - Hugh O'Connor

Michipicoten on the Detroit River. - Andrew Dean

1,004-foot Edgar B. Speer upbound at Port Huron. - Paul Murray

A buoy is lifted on the deck of USCGC Spar to be placed in Lake Superior. - U.S. Coast Guard

View from onboard USCGC Spar during aids to navigation operations earlier this week. - U.S. Coast Guard

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