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Duluth, MN – Superior, WI – Joshua Hebeisen
After taking on a split load of coal, Paul R. Tregurtha departed Midwest Energy and was outbound the Duluth Ship Canal at 03:46. The Queen of the Lakes will be headed to St. Clair and Monroe to unload at DTE’s power plants before heading back north for another load. Great Republic left Duluth at 11:25 with a cargo of Minntac pellets for Gary, and classic lakers Hon. James L. Oberstar and John G. Munson were inbound at 13:58 and 14:32, respectively, to discharge limestone at Hallett 5 in West Duluth. Later in the evening, Vlieborg appeared to be lined up to arrive via the Duluth Ship Canal, but diverted for the Superior Entry at the last minute and made her way to Gavilon at around 20:00. She will likely be loading beet pulp pellets. American Century arrived Duluth at 23:28 for coal at Midwest Energy.

Two Harbors, MN – Silver Bay, MN – Gary Putney
The Walter J. McCarthy Jr. departed Two Harbors Monday at 22:28 for Conneaut. Edwin H. Gott arrived at 23:52 for south of #2, and was outbound Tuesday at 17:33 for Gary Works. There is no inbound traffic scheduled for Two Harbors on Wednesday.

Thunder Bay, ON
Florence Spirit arrived at the Superior Elevator to load grain Monday at 05:27; Frontenac was inbound for the Viterra A terminal at 23:47 that night.

Northern Lake Michigan Ports
Port Inland, MI: American Mariner departed for Muskegon at 00:03 Monday.
Charlevoix, MI: H. Lee White arrived the St Marys Cement plant at 08:39 Monday to unload petroleum coke. At 14:25, Bradshaw McKee/St. Marys Conquest made port and tied up along the breakwall to wait for the White to finish unloading.

Southern Lake Michigan Ports – Joshua Hebeisen
Calumet Harbor, IN: John D. Leitch departed at 05:19 for Indiana Harbor after discharging salt from Goderich at the Central Salt dock. Caroline McKee/Commander left for Charlevoix at 10:36, and Samuel de Champlain followed her outbound for Muskegon at 13:46. The two tug/barge combos had been discharging cement products at St. Marys Cement and Lafarge, respectively. Algoma Buffalo arrived with salt from Goderich at 16:02. She appeared to tie up near COSCO or Ozinga.
Indiana Harbor, IN: John D. Leitch and James R. Barker anchored outside the canal around 07:00 Tuesday morning waiting for Mesabi Miner to finish unloading Minorca pellets at Dock 7H. After the Miner departed at 13:00, the Leitch proceeded inbound at around 13:30 and tied up at the far northern end of 7H. She was followed inbound by the Barker approximately 20 minutes later, who took the Miner’s spot discharging taconite at the 7H hopper.
Burns Harbor, IN: Salties Lubie and Federal Churchill are still in port at Federal Marine Terminals and Metro Ports, respectively. 

Northern Lake Huron Ports
Alpena, MI: Cement carrier Alpena finished loading at the Lafarge plant and departed for Green Bay Monday at 12:48.
Stoneport, MI: Arthur M. Anderson arrived Monday morning at 00:25 to load limestone.
Calcite, MI: John G. Munson departed Monday at 03:52 for Duluth-Superior. Calumet arrived to load limestone the following afternoon at 13:39.
Port Dolomite, MI: Tuesday at 06:19, Olive L. Moore/Menominee departed for the Saginaw River.
Bruce Mines, ON: Clyde S. VanEnkevort/Erie Trader departed for Ashtabula Monday at 07:17.
Thessalon, ON: At 05:50 Tuesday, Algoma Sault departed for Windsor.
Owen Sound, ON: Prentiss Brown/St. Marys Challenger arrived Monday night at 23:04 to unload cement and departed Tuesday at 15:15 for Charlevoix.

Goderich, ON – Bruce Douglas
Algoma Innovator cleared the piers Tuesday morning at 06:34 upbound for Muskegon, Michigan with salt, while Greenwing continues loading at the elevators. 

Detroit, MI – Windsor, ON – Joshua Hebeisen
On her way downbound to Toledo, Dirk S. VanEnkevort/Michigan Trader stopped in Detroit for fuel at Mistersky from 04:59 to 09:41. Across the river in Windsor, Rodopi departed Morterm at 19:00 and headed north for Thunder Bay. Sam Laud was another Mistersky customer late Tuesday night, tying up at 21:06 and heading upbound for Drummond Island at 23:25. In the meantime, Herbert C. Jackson arrived with coal for the southern end of Zug Island at 22:51. Federal Baltic is still loading at ADM. 

Lake Erie Ports – Bill Kloss
Toledo, OH: Departures were Algoma Transport for Hamilton and Whistler for Thunder Bay. Joyce L. VanEnkevort/Great Lakes Trader is in port. Arrivals were Joseph L. Block at 09:02, Dirk S. VanEnkevort/Michigan Trader at 14:00,Victory/Maumee at 18:39, and Cuyahoga at 18:48.
Marblehead, OH: Sam Laud departed Monday night for Cleveland; Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder loaded at Lafarge and departed for Fairport Harbor at 13:29. Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson arrived Lafarge at 14:02.
Sandusky, OH: Herbert C. Jackson loaded coal and left for Detroit. Michipicoten arrived at Norfolk Southern at 17:32 and fleetmate Saginaw berthed behind at 18:10.
Lorain, OH: Laura L. VanEnkevort/Joseph H. Thompson departed for Marblehead at 01:09. Saginaw went to Lafarge at 01:15 after the tug/barge combo departed and was outbound for Sandusky at 14:47.
Cleveland, OH: Arrivals were Hudsongracht for Dock 24N, Exeborg for Dock 24W, and Harvest Spirit for Dock 22E. Sam Laud unloaded stone at the Osborne Upper dock and left for Drummond Island at 13:43; Peyton Lynn C departed at 12:40 for Valleyfield. Federal Fraser is still in port, and USCGC Bristol Bay is working on aids to navigation.
Fairport Harbor, OH: Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder were a late-night arrival to unload stone at Osborne.
Ashtabula, OH: The saltie Melissa G arrived at 06:09.
Erie, PA: Charlie departed for Bay City at 19:18.
Nanticoke, ON: Saltwater vessel Bluebill anchored off of Port Dover late Monday night. She docked at Stelco at 16:15. Algocanada departed for Oakville at 06:50, and Algoma Conveyor left for Port Cartier at 15:27.

Hamilton, ON – Joshua Hebeisen
Tuesday vessel traffic in Hamilton began with a pair of two-fers in the first half of the day. Algoma Intrepid and MTM Singapore were inbound at 03:21 and 03:40; the Intrepid tied up at Agrico to discharge fertilizer, while the Singapore joined Bogdan, Lake St. Clair, and Shoveler at anchor. G3 Marquis departed for Thunder Bay at 11:46 after unloading ore at ArcelorMittal Dofasco, and the Intrepid was hot on her heels at 11:52 outbound for Goderich. In a trio of Fednav action, Federal Beaufort departed for Cleveland at 12:59 after unloading steel at Federal Marine Terminals 14 West, Federal Columbia arrived at 18:32 to take her fleetmate’s spot, and Federal Oshima was outbound at 19:04 with a load of grain from G3 for Europe. Lake St. Clair and Shoveler weighed anchor shortly after 21:00 and proceeded to G3 and Agrico to load grain and discharge fertilizer, respectively. Federal Mayumi is still loading grain at P&H, while Algoma Guardian is offloading steel slabs at Federal Marine Terminals 12 East. 

Great Republic basks in the evening sun while waiting to load at CN 6 in West Duluth. - David Schauer

Hon. James L. Oberstar arrives Duluth on a beautiful day with limestone for Hallett 5. - Cedric Woodard

John G. Munson inbound Duluth with stone. - Cedric Woodard

James R. Barker takes the Mesabi Miner's place at Dock 7H to discharge ore. - Stephen Sostaric

John D. Leitch loads just ahead of the Barker at Indiana Harbor. - Stephen Sostaric

Whistler upbound Port Huron. - Paul Murray

Whistler upbound for Lake Huron with open hatches. - Paul Murray

Viking Octantis downbound Port Huron at night. - Paul Murray

A well-lit Viking Octantis heads under the Blue Water Bridge. - Paul Murray

Belasitza on the hook off downtown Detroit, Michigan. - Andrew Dean

Federal Fraser and Hudsongracht at the Port of Cleveland. - Bill Kloss

Manitowoc arriving Green Bay with coal from Cleveland. - Jon Vandyke

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