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Duluth, MN – Superior, WI – Joshua Hebeisen
Tuesday morning began with three vessels idled in port for repair – Edgar B. Speer, Presque Isle, and Joseph L. Block – perhaps foreshadowing what would be a quiet first day of summer in the harbor. The only vessel traffic through either the Duluth or Superior piers was the arrival and departure of CSL Assiniboine at 01:36 and 13:39, respectively. She was inbound Superior to load 30,000 tons of Hibtac pellets before departing via the same entry for Quebec. Edgar B. Speer is undergoing repairs at Berth 4 of the port terminal, Presque Isle is doing the same at Fraser Shipyards, and Joseph L. Block shifted to BNSF Dock 5 at 17:30 after undergoing maintenance of her own at Fraser. The saltie Houtmangracht is just across from the Speer at Berth 2 discharging 6,400 bags of quartz.

Two Harbors, MN – Silver Bay, MN – Gary Putney
Due Two Harbors on 06/23 is the G3 Marquis. Due Cliffs North Shore Mining in Silver Bay is the Dirk S. VanEnkevort/Michigan Trader on 06/23.

Marquette, MI – Joshua Hebeisen
On Monday, June 20, Joyce L. VanEnkevort/Great Lakes Trader made a 19:53 arrival for the Shiras dock in the lower harbor. Victory/Maumee and Hon. James L. Oberstar were inbound the next morning at 05:29 and 09:42 for the south and north sides of the upper harbor’s LS&I dock, respectively, to load ore from the nearby Tilden Mine. The Victory and her barge beat the Oberstar out of port at 12:58 for Toledo, while Interlake’s classic vessel would depart for Dearborn at 17:28. The VanEnkevort finished up at Shiras in the evening and guided Great Lakes Trader out of the harbor at 21:22, headed farther up the lake for ore at Superior.

Southern Lake Michigan Ports – Joshua Hebeisen
Calumet Harbor, IL: Caroline McKee/Commander returned to South Chicago at 21:36 Sunday night, embarking on their usual trip down the length of the Calumet River for the St. Marys Cement facility. After unloading, the pair were outbound for Charlevoix before 17:00 the following afternoon. CSL’s Trillium-class laker Baie Comeau arrived not long before midnight to discharge salt at Morton; she backed out the river and proceeded to anchor in the lake at 08:29 Tuesday morning. As of Tuesday night, the vessel appears to be waiting just outside the entrance to Indiana Harbor.
Indiana Harbor, IN: Walter J. McCarthy Jr. arrived at 23:16 on June 20 for Cleveland-Cliffs Dock 7H; Wilfred Sykes was inbound at 08:37 on June 21 and tied up just south of the footer. The beloved steamer would later shift to Indiana Harbor West at around 17:00 early Tuesday evening.
Buffington, IN: After taking on a rare load of aggregate (likely limestone) at Calcite, American Spirit arrived to unload at the dock in Buffington at 18:23. Between this trip and two appearances in Marquette over the past few weeks, the Spirit has been on some unorthodox routes for a footer since leaving long-term layup in Sturgeon Bay.
Burns Harbor, IN: June 20 saw the departure of the James R. Barker headed upbound for Lake Superior at 10:38. She had been unloading Hibtac pellets from Superior at the Cleveland-Cliffs dock for the second time this season, and is due next in Duluth for more ore. The American Century would arrive for the dock exactly 24 hours later on June 21, coincidentally with the same cargo the Barker had originally delivered to Burns Harbor on Sunday. After being tied up in the harbor for two weeks, Federal Leda finally departed Metro Ports for Montreal at 15:35.

Lake Erie Ports – Bill Kloss
Monroe, MI: Paul R, Tregurtha departed for Superior at 03:18. John J. Boland docked at 04:17 to unload, then departed for Meldrum Bay at 09:49. Harvest Spirit arrived at 14:19 to unload steel coils.
Toledo, OH: The arrivals included Florence Spirit  Prentiss Brown/St. Marys Challenger, Leonard M/ Huron Spirit, Sam Laud and Algoma Transport. In port are American Mariner Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder Greenwing Federal Biscay. Florence Spirit was the lone departure in the evening.
Marblehead, OH: Herbert C. Jackson left at 04:01. American Courage arrived at 06:30.
Cleveland, OH: Federal Mayumi left late Monday night for Burns Harbor. American Courage departed for Marblehead at 02:47. Leaving at 04:53 was the NACC Capri for Bath, ON.
Ashtabula, OH: The tug John Francis arrived at 02:43.
Erie, PA: H. Lee White arrived at 15:59 to unload stone at Carmeuse.
Nanticoke, ON: Algoma Hansa is at Imperial Oil. 

Buffalo, NY – Brian Wroblewski
American Mariner backed out from the Frontier Elevator without assistance on the morning of the 20th around 9AM bound for Toledo.

Colorful saltie Elbeborg upbound at the Soo late Tuesday afternoon on her way to the Twin Ports. Glenn Blaskiewicz, June 21

Tug Bulldog and a Brennan crane barge travel up the St. Marys River. David Kaye, June 21

Four-fer! Dirk S. VanEnkevort/Michigan Trader, Indiana Harbor, and James R. Barker meet on the St. Marys River in Sault Ste. Marie, while the museum ship Valley Camp observes from her moorings ashore. David Kaye, June 21

Michipicoten enters the MacArthur Lock, which was recently opened for the season after an extended maintenance period this spring. David Kaye, June 21

Nordika Desgagnés sneaks up on the moored Mesabi Miner just above the Soo Locks. David Kaye, June 21

Sisters Mesabi Miner and James R. Barker meet above the Soo Locks while Algoma Strongfield awaits a downbound passage. David Kaye, June 21

The crew of the Barker transfers some much-needed engine parts to the idled Miner. David Kaye, June 21

Close-up of the transfer process. The Miner has been moored at the West Pier with engine troubles. David Kaye, June 21

View of the exchange from the Miner's bridge. Calypo Junior, June 21

Finishing up another salt delivery at 100th Street in South Chicago is CSL's Baie Comeau. Gary Clark, June 21

Baie Comeau receives a tug assist while backing out the Calumet River in South Chicago. She is currently anchored in Lake Michigan with empty holds after unloading salt in port. Christine Douglas, June 21

Wilfred Sykes arrives to unload at Indiana Harbor, as seen from the deck of the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. The Chicago skyline and the anchored Baie Comeau can be seen in the distance. Jeff Markarian, June 21

Sporting her classic A-frame, Saginaw heads downbound at the Port Huron Cut before eventually tying up at the Sarnia Government Dock. Marc Dease, June 21

Prentiss Brown/St. Marys Challenger pass Marine City at sunrise on the Summer Solstice. Lori Hannon, June 21

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