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Duluth, MN – Superior, WI – Joshua Hebeisen
At 23:27 Sunday night, the Great Lakes Maritime Academy’s State of Michigan arrived Duluth and tied up at the DECC. This is the first visit of the year for the vessel and her cadets training aboard. Early Monday morning, Hon. James L. Oberstar was inbound the Duluth piers at 02:13 with a split load of limestone and dolomite from Stoneport and Meldrum Bay. She proceeded to CN-Hallett Dock 5 to discharge her cargo. On the other side of the now-defunct gravity chutes of CN Dock 5, the Joseph L. Block cast off from CN Dock 6 after unloading limestone for Minorca and shifted across the harbor for Fraser Shipyards around 07:30. She tied up behind the Presque Isle against the dock facing, where both vessels are presumably receiving repairs. The Block is due next farther to the south at BNSF Dock 5. Departing that dock outbound for Lake Superior at 07:38 was Indiana Harbor; she is carrying 63,000 tons of taconite pellets for delivery to the U.S. Steel Gary Works. The anchored Clyde S. VanEnkevort/Erie Trader made their way inbound shortly thereafter to take their turn loading ore at the dock. While the Indiana Harbor loaded Keetac product, the Erie Trader’s holds would be filled with Hibtac pellets instead (35,000 tons). At the same time, Great Republic finished loading under the gravity chutes at CN Dock 6 and departed under the Aerial Lift Bridge at 08:08 for another rare trip to Quebec City. She made this trip earlier in the season, and will once again be offloading pellets to be transferred to an oceangoing vessel. The Oberstar departed Duluth at 14:20 for Marquette, Spartan/Spartan II followed her outbound at 15:56 for Ludington after unloading at EnviroTech-Hallett Dock 8, and the VanEnkevort and her barge cleared the Superior piers at 18:18 bound for Toledo. State of Michigan completed her stay in port and departed for Houghton at 21:00, this time using the Superior Entry. Edgar B. Speer and Houtmangracht are at the port terminal undergoing repairs and discharging quartz bags, respectively.

Two Harbors, MN – Silver Bay, MN – Gary Putney
Edwin H. Gott arrived Two Harbors on 06/20 at 08:17 and departed on 06/20 at 19:47:20 for the Gary Works.

St. Marys River – Roger LeLievre
Mesabi Miner tied up at the southwest pier Monday early afternoon for repairs to her starboard engine. The supply boat Ojibway locked up to deliver supplies, an unusual side trip for her.

Goderich, ON – Bruce Douglas
Algoma Innovator arrived 16.00 Monday loading at Compass Minerals, 11th appearance this season.

Lake Erie Ports – Bill Kloss
Monroe, MI: Paul R, Tregurtha arrived at 11:53 to unload at DTE. John J. Boland arrived Monday evening and went on the hook to wait for Big Paul to unload.
Toledo, OH: Manitowoc arrived at 08:24 for CSX. She left for Manistee at 19:02. Dirk S. VanEnkevort/Michigan Trader left for Duluth at 04:02.
Marblehead, OH: American Courage arrived at 02:50, loaded stone and left for Cleveland at 12:34. Herbert C. Jackson docked at Holcim at 13:00.
Sandusky, OH: CSL Niagara departed at 15:25 with coal for Hamilton.
Cleveland, OH: Federal Mayumi arrived at dock 24E at 06:08. NACC Capri arrived at 07:55 to unload at the Holcim terminal. New York/Double Skin 509A departed for Detroit at 12:20. American Courage arrived at 16:32 to unload at Osborne.
Ashtabula, OH: Manitowoc departed for Toledo at 01:59 and Elbeborg left at 06:59.
Conneaut, OH: American Integrity arrived at the P&C dock at 02:45. She departed for the Twin Ports at 19:09.
Nanticoke, ON: Algoma Hansa Harvest Spirit

Buffalo, NY – Brian Wroblewski
The Innovator was finally done with the messy salt unload on the morning of the 19th and departed Compass Minerals without assistance at 8AM, bound for Goderich. Around 12Noon, the Federal Caribou pulled up the hooks in the Port Colborne Anchorage and headed East. They arrived off Buffalo and met the tugs New Jersey and Vermont just outside the South Entrance Channel at 1:30PM. On the way in, the tug Kathy Lynn was headed South in the Outer Harbor approaching the Stoney Point CDF near the Lackawanna Canal so the pilot on the CarIbou called on the radio to arrange safe passage. The Lynn’s Captain said he would slow down and let the big salty come in first. After the New Jersey and Vermont had the Caribou headed in for the Sucros plant, the Lynn snuck right by behind them and docked her loaded scow at the pump out barge by the CDF. She then broke away and moved light tug to the Union Slip where an empty scow was waiting. The Caribou was docked at Sucros around 2PM and the assist tugs were released. The ship was carrying 23,000 Super Sacks of raw cane sugar from Brazil for the new refinery in Lackawanna. 

Interesting size comparison as Great Lakes Fleet's shortest vessel (Great Republic, 635') passes one of its two longest vessels (Edgar B. Speer, 1,004') in the Duluth Harbor. Adam Bjornberg, June 20

Great Republic departs on a rare journey to Quebec City while State of Michigan and her cadets rest at the DECC. Adam Bjornberg, June 20

A Great Lakes Towing family gathering in Duluth showing the Gaynor (recently purchased by Great Lakes Towing), Kentucky (just arrived), Missouri, Arkansas (departing) and North Carolina. David Schauer, June 19

Hon. James L. Oberstar unloads stone at CN-Hallett Dock 5 in West Duluth. Timothy Keefe, June 20

The Oberstar departs empty for a load of ore in Marquette. Timothy Keefe, June 20

A view of busy Fraser Shipyards with a new ferry being built for service in Canada in the small drydock along with ferry Bayfield and Army Corps tug/barge Billmaier/H.J. Schwartz receiving attention in the large dry dock. Big dogs Presque Isle and Block are undergoing repairs in the distance. David Schauer, June 20

Spotlights guiding the way, Calumet arrives Green Bay with salt from the River Rouge. Chuck Zentmeyer, June 20

Federal Caribou receives a tug assist in Lackawanna upon arriving with 23,000 sacks of raw sugar cane from Brazil. Brian Wroblewski, June 20

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