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Duluth, MN – Superior, WI – Joshua Hebeisen
It was a bad day for Great Lakes Fleet footers in Duluth, with both the 1,000-foot Presque Isle and 1,004-foot Edgar B. Speer in port with mechanical issues. The latter limped inbound at 05:56 with prop wash appearing only from the port side of her stern, evidence of the idled starboard engine in need of service for over a week. Heritage Marine tug Edward H. was waiting just inside the entry and assisted the Speer to Berth 4 of the Duluth Port Terminal. The supership tied up with her starboard side against the dock to undergo the much-needed repairs. Just north of the Speer was her fleetmate Presque Isle, which had been moored at Berths 8 and 9 for two days in need of mechanical attention of her own. The integrated tug/barge is no stranger to this slip; she has now docked here for repairs several times this season in what has been an injury-plagued campaign to date. Requiring a trip to Fraser Shipyards in Superior, the Presque Isle departed her berth around 08:00 and proceeded farther into the harbor with the help of the Edward H. Due to high winds, she tied up on the eastern side of CN Dock 6 across the bay to wait. She remains there as of late Thursday night. Loading taconite on the other side of the dock was American Integrity; she departed beneath the Aerial Lift Bridge for Conneaut at 21:20. At 20:13, James R. Barker departed Superior after another unusual stop at BNSF Dock 5. Her holds are filled with 60,000 tons of Hibtac pellets for Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor. Algoma Conveyor arrived to take her place at the dock around 21:00 after being anchored off the piers since sunrise.

Two Harbors, MN – Silver Bay, MN – Gary Putney
The Michipicoten arrived Two Harbors on 06/16 at 06:10 and departed for the Soo at 09:41. The John G. Munson arrived Two Harbors on 06/16 at 13:43. Cliffs North Shore Mining in Silver Bay saw the arrival of the Dirk S. VanEnkevort/Michigan Trader on 6/15 at 22:08 and she departed on 06/16 at 13:28 for Toledo.

Marquette, MI – Art Pickering
After a long period in which we saw only a couple of ship in Marquette, it appears ship traffic will pick up. This past Tuesday, the Hon. James Oberstar arrived very early in the morning and after loading, departed mid-morning. The next vessel due in is the Lee Tregurtha scheduled for a 3 a.m. arrival on Sunday. Then on Monday, the Maumee is scheduled for a 11 a.m. arrival followed by the Oberstar at 11 p.m. The Great Lakes Trader is a scheduled for a 4 a.m. arrival on Tuesday.

Green Bay, WI – Joshua Hebeisen
Ocean Navigator arrived Green Bay around 06:30 Thursday morning in what marked the first visit by a cruise ship in the city’s history. She is expected to remain tied up at Leicht Memorial Park for 24 hours.

Milwaukee, WI – MKE Marine Reports
GL Ostrander/Integrity cleared for St. Joseph at 13:57 Thursday. Algoma Intrepid is expected late Friday with salt from Compass Minerals, Goderich.

Grand Haven, MI – Matthew Uthe
Prentiss Brown inbound for St Mary’s Cement in Grand Haven, Michigan traveling from Charlevoix, Michigan. It will travel 163.04 miles to reach Grand Haven, Michigan.

Southern Lake Michigan Ports – Joshua Hebeisen
Calumet Harbor, IL: Kaye E. Barker sailed inbound past the breakwater at sunrise and ventured down the Calumet River bow-first to tie up at Middle River Marine. She would later show off her maneuverability by backing out stern-first for the lake at 21:25. The Barker is due next in Cedarville for stone. Bradshaw McKee/St. Marys Conquest departed at 10:08 after unloading at the St. Marys Cement Chicago Terminal.
Indiana Harbor, IN: Mesabi Miner departed at 12:34 for Duluth after unloading ore at Dock 7H. There are no vessels in the harbor as of late Thursday night.
Burns Harbor, IN: Eeborg is at FMT Burns Harbor, while Federal Leda continues her long stay at Metro Ports.
St. Joseph-Benton Harbor, MI: The Holcim St. Joseph Cement Terminal received another delivery late Thursday night when tug G.L. Ostrander pushed her barge Integrity down the river around 22:00. 

Goderich, ON – Bruce Douglas
Algoma Intrepid cleared 12.53pm Thursday upbound for Milwaukee with salt. Algoma Buffalo expected next.

Detroit, MI – Windsor, ON – Joshua Hebeisen
River-class vessel Sam Laud began what became a series of arrivals Thursday morning when she made her way up the Detroit River for the western side of Zug Island at 04:46. Hon. James L. Oberstar was inbound at 08:29 for Cleveland-Cliffs Dearborn Works, while Clyde S. VanEnkevort/Erie Trader joined the Laud at Zug at around 13:00. The tug/barge combo tied up along the southern side of the island at DTE’s EES Coke Battery. American Spirit arrived at 15:30 for Mistersky; after she left port at 20:00, the downbound tanker Iver Bright took her place. The Spirit is due next in Calcite in what appears to be a rare trip for her. Hon. James L. Oberstar departed at 20:46 for Stoneport, with Sam Laud following her upbound an hour later. Ebroborg is anchored just off ADM in Windsor as Federal Dee takes her turn at the dock.

Lake Erie Ports – Bill Kloss
Toledo, OH: Departures were Clyde S. VanEnkevort/Erie Trader, Alpena, Sam Laud and American Spirit. Flevoborg arrived at 01:26.
Marblehead, OH: Cuyahoga arrived at Holcim at 02:36, loaded stone and departed for Windsor at 12:22.
Cleveland, OH: Calumet ran a second shuttle to Cliffs, then received orders to depart for Fairport Harbor to load at Morton Salt.
Ashtabula, OH: Algoma Niagara arrived at 08:03. She is loading the last remnants of coal from the dismantled coal dock. CSL Welland departed for Thunder Bay at 10:41.
Nanticoke, ON: Edwin H. Gott arrived at Stelco at 12:56.CSL Tadoussac arrived at 19:58 Wicky Spirit is still at Imperial Oil.

Buffalo, NY – Brian Wroblewski
Nova-Algoma’s NACC Capri arrived with the second half of a split load of cement for the Holcim plant on Ganson St. at 8AM on June 16th. She was winded in the Outer Harbor and towed in stern first by the tug New Jersey but the tow came to a stop at Michigan St. A power failure at the bridge caused the lift span to get stuck part way up. The Captain chose to go back out to the lake instead of waiting so the Capri ended up anchored out near the Safe Water Beacon for a few hours. Later that morning the bridge was back in action and the Capri came back in again, tying up at Holcim around 11:30AM with an assist from New Jersey.

Hamilton, ON – Joshua Hebeisen
ArcelorMittal Dofasco saw another day of heavy activity on June 16, starting with the departure of Algoma Transport from Berth 20 early Thursday morning. The veteran laker was outbound beneath the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge for Sandusky at 02:10 after unloading coal. Her unique fleetmate John D. Leitch arrived with a load of ore at 04:00 and tied up to wait at Berth 20. 2001-built bulker Eagle was inbound at 10:45 and proceeded to anchorage waiting to discharge a cargo that is currently unknown. At 13:06, Algoma Strongfield departed Hamilton from the southern end of ArcelorMittal Berth 21 empty for Thunder Bay, allowing Harvest Spirit to shift down the slip. This made room for the Leitch to dock at the Spirit’s former berth farther north. CSL Niagara arrived at 16:21 for what appeared to be Stelco. Other vessels in the harbor remain as described in yesterday’s report.

Edgar B. Speer arrives Duluth on one engine for repairs. David Schauer, June 16

Edgar B. Speer arrives the Duluth Port Terminal for repairs with the help of Edward H., while Presque Isle waits for her own tug assist in the background. David Schauer, June 16

Edward H. assists Presque Isle down the harbor for CN Dock 6 (upper-right) in winds nearing 40 mph. Gus Schauer, June 16

A first-time visitor in port, Algoma Niagara arrives Ashtabula under clear skies. Tom Burke, June 16

The first cruise ship to visit Green Bay in the city's history, Ocean Navigator spends the night docked at Leicht Memorial Park. Chuck Zentmeyer, June 16

Kaye E. Barker making her way up the Calumet River at 95th Street on a beautiful Thursday morning. Stephen Sostaric, June 16

Kaye E. Barker approaches 106th Street as she backs out the Calumet River for Lake Michigan. This is her first trip to the area in at least a decade. Nick Hart, June 16

Kaye E. Barker basks in the setting sun while waiting patiently for the NS5RR Bridge to open. Christine Douglas, June 16

Her searchlight aglow, G.L. Ostrander guides her barge Integrity inbound the St. Joseph River with a load of cement for Holcim. Luann Leto, June 16

Unique aerial view of the American Century at Port Huron, upbound for Duluth-Superior and more coal from SMET. Daniel Hauck, June 15

Algoma Sault hides behind a pile of salt at Johnstown while unloading the same cargo farther down the dock. Carl Burkett, June 16

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