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Duluth, MN – Superior, WI – Joshua Hebeisen
Wednesday activity in the Duluth-Superior Harbor began at noon when Atlantic Huron departed Superior for Quebec City. Her cargo, 27,000 tons of Hibtac ore loaded at BNSF Dock 5, will be transferred to an oceangoing vessel for delivery overseas. Arriving minutes later at 12:15 was Grand River Navigation pair Victory/Maumee; the pair had been waiting for the Huron to clear the dock since late Tuesday night. Across the harbor in Duluth, American Integrity was inbound at 15:30, spun around at Connors Point, and backed her way down the channel to CN Dock 6. The ASC footer will be taking on a load of taconite. Dirk S. VanEnkevort/Michigan Trader were also on the move in St. Louis Bay on Wednesday evening, departing the C. Reiss dock empty after discharging limestone and proceeding outbound the Duluth Entry at 17:36. The articulated tug/barge is due next at Cleveland-Cliffs Northshore Mining in Silver Bay. Another ATB combo was outbound the Twin Ports less than an hour later in the Victory and her barge, departing at 18:21 after a fast load of 23,000 tons of Keetac pellets for the Soo. James R. Barker, waiting off the Superior piers since midnight, weighed anchor and took her place at the now-vacant BNSF dock shortly after 19:00. Miena Desgagnés bid farewell beneath the Aerial Lift Bridge at 22:40, wrapping up the day’s traffic. She had spent the past several days unloading wind turbine components at the Duluth Port Terminal, and is expected next in Becancour. Presque Isle is still tied up at Berths 8 and 9, presumably undergoing repairs yet again.

Two Harbors, MN – Silver Bay, MN – Gary Putney
Cliffs North Shore Mining in Silver Bay saw the departure of the Burns Harbor on 06/15 at 07:55 for Burns Harbor, Due Silver Bay late on 06/15 is the Dirk S, VanEnkevort/Michigan Trader after unloading stone at the C. Reiss dock in West Duluth. Due Two Harbors early on 06/16 is the Michipicoten. Due late on 06/16 is the John G. Munson. Also due Two Harbors is the Presque Isle that on 06/15 is undergoing repairs at the Duluth Port Terminal.

Milwaukee, WI – MKE Marine Reports
GL Ostrander/Integrity, which arrived Tuesday with cement for Lafarge, was still at the dock Wednesday afternoon. Michigan/Great Lakes remains tied up at the south end of the mooring basin. The pair has not moved since arriving April 2.

Grand Haven, MI – Matthew Uthe
Manitowoc departed Burns Harbor, Indiana for Grand Haven, Michigan. It should arrive in Grand Haven by 04:30 on June 16th, but may arrive earlier.

Muskegon, MI – Matthew Uthe
Herbert C Jackson is bound for Muskegon, Michigan after loading at Port Inland, Michigan.

Southern Lake Michigan Ports – Joshua Hebeisen
Calumet Harbor, IL: After leaving Middle River Marine and spinning 180 degrees in Turning Basin Number 3, Manitowoc made an early-morning departure from South Chicago at 02:14. She would make her next appearance just down the coast at Burns Harbor. Bradshaw McKee/St. Marys Conquest arrived at 11:08 and began the long journey to the St. Marys facility farther down the Calumet River.
Indiana Harbor, IN: Wilfred Sykes departed at 14:55 from the former Mittal West works, and Indiana Harbor was outbound two hours later from Dock 7H. While the former is transferring excess Cleveland-Cliffs product to their facility in Toledo, the latter is bound for taconite from a Lake Superior port. Mesabi Miner left her position at anchor and proceeded inbound for 7H at 17:04.
Burns Harbor, IN: Making her way just across the lake from South Chicago, Manitowoc arrived at 04:05 for Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor before departing for Grand Haven at 18:42. Eeborg was the only other traffic of the day when she arrived at 06:26 for FMT Burns Harbor. Federal Leda remains across the pier at Metro Ports.

Goderich, ON – Bruce Douglas
Algoma Intrepid loading at Compass Minerals.

Detroit, MI – Windsor, ON – Joshua Hebeisen
After a quick stop at Nicholson, American Courage departed the Detroit River at 00:34 bound for a load of stone at Calcite. Beloved steamer Alpena arrived under the cover of darkness for Lafarge at 03:25; she would leave for Toledo in daylight 12 hours later. Iver Bright departed Mistersky for Sarnia at 08:23, American Century took her place at the dock an hour later, and Ebroborg cast off from ADM to trade places with the anchored Federal Dee. The Century would continue upbound for Duluth-Superior at 12:29.

Lake Erie Ports – Bill Kloss
Monroe, MI: American Century departed for the Twin Ports at 09:43. Undaunted/Pere Marquette 41 arrived at 11:06, unloaded steel and left for Port Colborne at 18:51. New York/Double Skin 509A departed for Detroit at 12:15.
Toledo, OH: CSL Niagara left late Tuesday night for Hamilton. Arrivals were Clyde S. VanEnkevort/Erie Trader at 08:36, Sam Laud at 09:34, Alpena at 19:18 and American Spirit at 20:35. Federal Biscay is at Kuhlman’s.
Cleveland, OH: Calumet shifted to the Bulk Terminal to load a shuttle for the Cliffs mill. The classic Maritime vessel Cuyahoga arrived at 05:38 and proceeded to Shelly materials to unload stone. She departed at 18:19.
Ashtabula, OH: CSL Welland
Erie, PA: J.S. St. John is dredging in Lake Erie.
Nanticoke, ON: Wicky Spirit arrived at Imperial Oil at 07:00. 

Buffalo, NY – Brian Wroblewski
The large tug Manitou arrived from Erie, PA after picking up a new built barge at the Don Jon shipyard for delivery to Tonawanda on the 14th at about 10PM. She came in the North Entrance and secured for the night on the South face of Seaway Pier #1. They backed out and headed down to Tonawanda the next morning on the 15th around 8AM to drop off the barge at the entrance of the Erie Canal to the NYS Canal Corp. Once the job was done they headed out for the lake around 11AM. Out near the Safe Water Beacon they met the inbound Algoma Innovator “on the one whistle”. The Innovator then came the South Entrance and tied up the extreme South end of the Gateway Metroport Main Dock to unload her cargo of salt from Goderich into the Compass Minerals salt dome. While all this was going on the Ryba tug Kathy Lynn was busy setting up dredge equipment. She got the pump out barge to the Stoney Point CDF and then took her derrick boat and some scows up to the Canadian Silica landing on the City Ship Canal to prepare for maintenance dredging. 

Hamilton, ON – Joshua Hebeisen
Departing GLS light at 02:24 was Baie St. Paul, due next in Thunder Bay. Algoma Strongfield arrived at 07:01 to anchor in the inner harbor, while her elder fleetmate Algoma Transport was inbound the Burlington Canal at 13:32 for the north end of the ArcelorMittal Dofasco pier. Federal Yukina and Algoma Harvester departed ArcelorMittal Berth 21 at 15:02 and 16:32, respectively, allowing the Strongfield to tie up at the southern end of the dock with ore. While previous reports indicated the Immingham, Great Britain-bound Yukina had delivered petroleum coke, it is now unclear whether this was an import or export cargo. The Harvester is headed upbound for Superior. Tying up just north of the Strongfield at ArcelorMittal 21 was Harvest Spirit; she arrived with coke at 20:48 to wrap up the day’s activity. Redhead, Federal Shimanto, and Federal Delta are unloading steel at FMT 12 North, 12 East, and 14 West, respectively, while Cinnamon is taking on grain at P&H. 

A beautiful Duluth sunrise colors the sky above and water below the docked Presque Isle and Miena Desgagnés. David Schauer, June 15

Dirk S. VanEnkevort guides her barge Michigan Trader through the Grassy Point Bridge after unloading limestone at C. Reiss. Chris Mazzella, June 15

Dirk S. VanEnkevort/Michigan Trader sailing up the Duluth-Superior Harbor on Wednesday evening, outbound for Lake Superior and a short trip to Silver Bay. Paul Scinocca, June 15

View from the tour boat Hiawatha as she shares the Poe Lock with classic laker John G. Munson. Peggy Captain, June 15

G.L. Ostrander/Integrity manuever to the Lafarge dock at Milwaukee. MKE Marine Reports, June 14

79-year-old Cuyahoga downbound at Port Huron with tanker Algocanada close astern. Marc Dease, June 15

Alpena passes Col. James M. Schoonmaker while gracing Toledo with her presence. Benjamin Cousino, June 15

Steamer Alpena arrives Toledo to discharge cement at Lafarge. Benjamin Cousino, June 15

The setting sun glows behind Alpena as she makes her way to the dock. Benjamin Cousino, June 15

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