MacArthur Lock rewatered Saturday

UPDATE: The MacArthur Lock was back in service Sunday morning.
The MacArthur Lock, which has been out of service while crews continued winter repairs which included replacing the tainter valve machinery, was rewatered on Saturday. The lock has yet to be placed back in service, but when it is it will be a relief for shippers and tour boat operators since there have been many long delays this season with only the Poe Lock operational.

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Carrying Canada Games torch to Niagara a ‘thrilling experience’ for crew of CSL St-Laurent

When Anita Lambe’s athletic career came to an end she persevered and steered her ship in another direction.

The Captain of Canadian Steamship Lines St-Laurent led her vessel to Port Colborne Friday night and arrived with the Roly McLenahan Canada Games Torch, the first time the iconic symbol of the sporting event has been carried on water. It was about a 48-hour trip from Montreal with her crew of 19 men and women.

In 1993, Capt. Lambe was selected to compete in the Games as a basketball player but that was cut short before she saw any action. “Unfortunately, my knee had other plans,” she said in an interview Friday ahead of the ceremony at Lock 8 in Port Colborne, the first of 12 stops the torch will make in Niagara before the sporting celebration starts Aug. 6. 

The 44-year-old said it’s “absolutely bittersweet” to be able to play this role in the torch relay after being sidelined years ago. “I learned from such a young age, because of sport, the importance of teamwork, commitment, and accountability,” she said, adding she took what she gained as an athlete on her course to become a seafarer. Before becoming a captain, she was a massage therapist and also worked as a fundraiser for children’s charities. She joined CSL as a first-year cadet on Pineglen in 2006 and became Captain in 2018. CSL Welland was the first ship she commanded.

Lambe said the torch was initially planned to travel with the CSL Welland, but a scheduling conflict resulted in her vessel carrying it, joined by 2022 Canada Games mascot Shelly the Turtle.

She said it’s been a “thrilling experience” for the entire crew. “We got lucky that we’ve been able to take part,” she said.

Over the next seven weekends, the Canada Games Torch will travel to every corner of the region, visiting each of Niagara’s twelve local municipalities, before completing its last leg in St. Catharines. More than 150 community members from Niagara will carry the torch through the region over the coming weeks. By the time the torch arrives at the Meridian Centre for the opening ceremony on Aug. 6 to officially commence the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games, the torch will have traveled through 21 communities in both Ontario and Quebec — covering approximately 1,200 kms by foot, bike, horse, and boat.

“The celebration of the disembarkment ceremony is an important event as we continue to inch closer to the opening ceremonies of the Canada Summer Games,” said Jim Bradley, Chair of the Niagara Region in a news release. “I congratulate each of the local torchbearers who have been selected to carry the Roly McLenahan Torch throughout our local communities — I want to thank all of the presenting sponsors for the torch relay as their contribution is making this exciting event a reality.”

Port Colborne Mayor Bill Steele honoured his city was able to host the kick-off event for the torch relay in Niagara. “The Welland Canal and shipping industry are integral to the history and success of not only our community but our country, and so it is fitting that the torch has arrived onboard CSL St. Laurent here at Lock 8 Gateway Park,” he said.

Next weekend, the torch will be carried in Thorold on Saturday and in Niagara Falls on Sunday.

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Obituary: Robert John Ranusch Jr.

Robert John Ranusch Jr. of Clinton Township, Michigan, died June 12, 2022 at age 59. Bob loved the outdoors, whether it was through his passion of watching and researching freighters, enjoying his time with family and friends or being an avid fan of the Detroit Lions. For years he worked on the Detroit River mail boat J. W. Westcott II.

He often visited the Soo Locks and other freighter-watching locations and always had a smile on his face, The day before he passed away, he attended the Great Lakes Marine Mart at Port Huron where he visited with many of his friends.

Read the full obituary at this link:



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Edward L. Ryerson departing the MacArthur Lock. Fred Miller II photo

Capt. Anita Lambe carrying the torch aboard the CSL St-Laurent. Photo courtesy of The Star


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