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Future of BoatNerd Survey

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Survey says Boatnerd stays

September 10, 2018 - Almost 3,000 users responded to our recent survey. The results will be used to determine the future direction of Boatnerd.

We had mostly positive results and will continue the site. On the question “Would You Like to See Boatnerd Continue?,” 99.4 percent of the respondents said yes. More than 55 percent said they visit the site daily and 18 percent said they visited it multiple times daily.

The majority of respondents said they visit the site as much as they ever did, 27 percent said they visited it more. Nearly 90 percent identified as hobbyists, while the rest were commercial users.

The News Page was the most popular part of the site, followed by Vessel Passages, the photo galleries and the AIS system.

Just over half said they would not be interested Boatnerd News Photo Gallery Group on Facebook. Almost 70 percent would be willing to contribute to an annual donation drive to support the site. Nearly 90 percent said they would be fine seeing relevant advertising on the site in order to support it.

For now all features will continue unless there are cost issues or usage falls. We will try to bring back the heavily requesed News Photo Gallery based on volunteers being able to help process and post pictures and the ability to use the technology.

For support, we will hold a fundraising event this fall where we will ask users to contribute. Long term there was positive feed back for advertising and we will announce that when we have the technology in place to properly show ads.

Watch the main page for how you can help.

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