2003 Welland Canal Gathering

Nearly 100 vessel enthusiasts from the U.S. and Canada attended the Fourth Annual Boatnerd Gathering East, held Oct. 17-18 at the Welland Canal. Although the weather was cloudy for much of the time, that didn't deter boatwatchers from photographing classics such as Canadian Provider or Maumee, or touring the International Marine Salvage scrapyard Saturday morning.

The gathering was sponsored by “Great Laker” magazine.

Events began Friday evening in the Burgoyne Room of the St. Catharines Museum at Lock 3, which welcomed our group with a special pre-meeting presentation by members of the Ontario Marine Heritage Committee who offered a video on the St. Catharines Shipwreck Millennium Project. The video was followed by an informal slide show and swap meet.

On Saturday morning, attendees were treated to a yard tour of International Marine Salvage in Port Colborne, where the lakers Kinsman Enterprise and Algogulf are being cut up. As we watched, torches were busy slicing off chunks of the Algogulf's hull. Demolition has started on the Kinsman Enterprise as well, with pieces of her aft cabin and engine room machinery already scattered around the dock.

On Saturday evening, the Boatnerd group joined forces with members of the Welland Canal Ship Society for a well-attended slide show and swap meet at the Canadian Corps Hall.

Thanks to Rosemary Harter, Megan Gilchrist and Char at the Lock 3 Museum, Barb Faeth (who did such a great job selling raffle tickets), Wayne Elliott and John Cook at International Marine Salvage, Ed and Patty at the Inn at Lock 7, Jimmy Sprunt from the Welland Canal Ship Society, event organizer Dave Wobser and everyone who brought slides or other items to share with the group.

Raffle prizes were donated by  Mike Dills (Fresh Water Press), Marine Publishing Co. (“Know Your Ships”), Veronica Petron at Force-5 Trading/Anything Promo, Algoma Central Marine, the American Steamship Co., Marine Historical Society of Detroit and the Hamilton Port Authority. Funds raised by the raffle paid for rental of the room, with the balance turned over to the Welland Canal Ship Society.


Dave Wobser served as able master of ceremonies for the Boatnerd gathering. Roger LeLievre
George Wharton, Brad Jollife, Andy Greenlees and Jim Hoffman at Friday night's slide show. Roger LeLievre

Great Speaker for Friday night's show was from the Ontario Marine Heritage Committee. Roger LeLievre

Algomarine passes through Lock 3 during the show.

Algocen approaching the Allenburg Bridge upbound Richard Jenkins

Stern view. Richard Jenkins
Canadian Enterprise below Lock 1. Richard Jenkins
Saltie Kapitonas A. Lucka leaves Lock Eight.

Goviken. Richard Jenkins

Canadian Provider, lock 3. Kent Malo

Le Levant, at lock 3. Kent Malo
Le Levant, crew member pondering if he should join the Boatnerds. He decided to stay onboard, the food was better. Kent Malo

Canadian Provider passes Lady Hamilton on Friday afternoon

Kapitonas A Lucka at lock 7 down bound. Kent Malo

Lady Hamilton (ex Saskatchewan Pioneer 83-95) down bound lock 3. Kent Malo

In the lock with all the water sprayers going to prevent hogging. Kent Malo
Al Hart, Scott Best, Ed Schipper, Rex Cassidy, Matt Miner, Andy Greenlees take a break after shooting the Halifax below. Roger LeLievre

Anyone want to buy a couple of bowthrusters? Dave Wobser

Tarantau's bow thruster. Neil Walsh

Bow section with bow thrusters in the background
Scrapping is well underway on the Kinsman
Enterprise (left) and Algogulf. Note the pulley system attached to Algogulf's stern, used to winch the remains up on to the beach. Roger LeLievre
Demolition underway on the aft cabins of the Kinsman Enterprise. Richard Jenkins

Roger LeLievre
Algogulf, Kinsman Enterprise, bow view.
View shows Algogulf's partially-scrapped hull at the waterline. Roger LeLievre

Waiting in the Scrap Yard for the Gordon C. Leitch to pass. Neil Walsh 
Algogulf Hatch covers. Neil Walsh

Kinsman Enterprise and Algogulf. Richard Jenkins

Kinsman Enterprise scrapping is underway. In the foreground are bits and pieces of what used to be her cabins. Roger LeLievre
Algogulf stack logo. Neil Walsh

Life boats. Neil Walsh
Aft mast from the Kinsman Enterprise. Richard Jenkins

Name cut off. Neil Walsh
Worker using a cutting torch. Neil Walsh
It takes more than steel to make a laker. This
cast-off couch and computer probably served the crew of the Comeaudoc or Algogulf. Roger LeLievre
Lifeboat from the Kinsman Enterprise. Richard Jenkins

Remains. Neil Walsh

Hull section, possibly from Comeaudoc. Roger LeLievre
Gordon C. Leitch passing Algogulf and
Kinsman Enterprise. Richard Jenkins
Gordon C. Leitch passes Algogulf. Both are former Misener fleet vessels. Roger LeLievre

Martin waits above Lock 8.

Passing the Leitch.

  Halifax leaves Lock 1 Saturday morning. Roger LeLievre

Maumee secures to the wall just after passing through Lock 8 to await  oncoming traffic. Roger LeLievre

Maumee in the canal above the Allenburg Bridge.  Richard Jenkins

Maumee docking in Thorold above Lock 7. Richard Jenkins
Maumee passing Mississagi at Ramey's Bend. Richard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins
Maumee passing under the Allenburg Bridge. Richard Jenkins

Maumee passes Gordon C. Leitch at Port Colborne. Roger LeLievre Roger LeLievre
Panorama of Mississagi
unloading at the Canadian Starch dock. Richard Jenkins

Rt. Hon. Paul Martin showing name and web site. Kent Malo

Engine room of the Martin. Kent Malo

Pilotboat. Neil Walsh

CCGS Simcoe tied below Lock 1. Roger LeLievre

Boatnerd Breakfast Club. Dave Wobser 

Canadian Leader at Lock 7. Roger LeLievre

English River leaving Lock 7. Roger LeLievre
English River leaving Lock 6 upbound (Sunday) Roger LeLievre

Lock 3. Kent Malo

Another view. Kent Malo.

English River Sunday morning (stern view) Roger LeLievre

English River passing stern-first up the river in Buffalo with G tugs New Jersey and Washington. Richard Jenkins
Bow view of English River and G
tug Washington. Richard Jenkins
New Jersey leading the tow. Richard Jenkins
English River approaching the
LaFarge Dock below the Ohio Street Bridge. Richard Jenkins

 G tugs ease her into the dock. Richard Jenkins