The Lakes Newest Thousand Footer the R/C "Great Laker"

The remote control model 1000-footer sailed on it first trip Friday June 29, 2001 at Mission Point off the St. Marys River. The model was christened "Great Laker" on June 27. The vessel's name sake is the magazine Great Laker.

The winner of the naming contest was Tim Tyler who suggested the name first on March 19. The winning paint scheme was submitted by Richard Jenkins. Tim and Richard each received a Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping hat and a free 1 year subscription to Great Laker magazine.

My thanks to everyone who submitted a name and design for the model and builder Scott Tomlinson.

R/C Great Laker is a sister ship to the R/C Scott B. Tomlinson that was launched late last year, the Tomlinson is pictured below. The ships are nearly identical.

Stern view of the R/C Scott B. TomlinsonThe ships were designed and built by Scott Tomlinson. They are typical of the 1000-footers currently sailing the lakes. With the O.A.D. being 1,004ft X 105ft X 56ft, in scale: 4.31 ft X .45 ft X .24 ft. 

Powered by twin electric motors built by Radio Shack, wired to a Electronic Speed Controller for throttle control. "Tomlinson Class" vessels have a scale speed of over 15.5 MPH loaded, 17 MPH light. Electrical power is provided by 6 D-Cell batteries.

Visit Scott's Inland Seas Transportation Corporation home page

Thousands of names were suggested for the model, other top choices were:
Edmund Fitzgerald

Design ideas:

Great Laker is "launched" at Mission Point.

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