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10th Annual Holiday Card
Gallery - 2008  Page 2
"Best Wishes to all for a very Merry Christmas and a happy, safe New Year"  ...from the BoatNerd staff.

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John J. Boland taken on Nov. 27, 1994 at the Imperial Fuel Dock in Sarnia. - Terry Doyon
St. Marys Challenger arriving at Milwaukee, WI. early winter 2007. - Peter Groh
Joseph L. Block on Lake Superior. - Chanda & Ben McClain
Yankcanuck entering MacArthur Lock at the Soo July 11, 2008. - Bruce Hurd
Manistee - Steve Elve
Saginaw - Robert Strauss
Maumee - Steve Jowett
Rapids Queen in Silver Isle service. The oldest vessel in Toronto still registered. The hull has been a breakwall at the Queen City Yacht Club since 1978. - Gerry Ouderkirk
Charles M. Beeghly in her last year as a steamer. - Luke Archer
E. M. Ford taken on the Saginaw River, Nov. 28, 2006. - Violet Bostwick
Marinelink Explorer in tow of Commodore Straits off Cap-a-l'Aigle, Quebec, Aug. 13, 2008. - Mac Mackay
Edward L. Ryerson at the Soo, Engineers Week, June 2008. - Cathy & Dave Kohring
James L. Kuber downbound at Mission Point, May 2008. - Jay Wuerker
Edward L. Ryerson - Chris Wesendorf
Edward L Ryerson downbound at Rock Cut September 2, 2008. - Scott Best
Birchglen in lock 8 on December 23, 1982. - John McCreery
Edward L. Ryerson on the Black River at Lorain, OH, Oct. 30, 2008. - Paul L. Csizmadia
Manitowoc loading Marquette's first ore cargo of 2008 on March 26. - Rod Burdick
Yankcanuck upbound at Mission Point, June 29, 2008. - Dick Lund
Cartierdoc upbound in Canadian Sault Canal, early '50's. - Jeanine & Ron Beaupre (Gord Macaulay photo)
Biscayne Bay entering Grand Haven on a hot hazy July 28, 2008. - Jim Lindholm
Alpena - Roger LeLievre
Quebecois upbound Whitefish Bay Aug. 17, 2007 Dave French
S.S. City of Milwaukee and a cold Manistee sunrise, Nov. 29, 2008.- Nila & Randy Yeo
Wolverine arriving at Marquette, MI. - Lee Rowe
John G. Munson in South Chicago. - Gary Clark
Jon LaFontaine
Canadian Provider inbound Port Colborne, ON. - Joe Van Volkenburg
AuSable Point, Lake Superior. - Janet & Dave Wobser
Manitowoc downbound St. Clair River Aug. 12, 2008. - John Knecht
Wilfred Sykes inbound at Grand Haven, MI. Dec. 7, 2008. - Don Geske Family
Lighthouse on Great Lakes. - Mona & Kip Sullivan
Edward L. Ryerson first trip of the 2008 season, downbound at Point Edward on Mar. 29, 2008. - Joyce & Wayne Brown
Burns Harbor passing Mackinac Island. - Patrick McDonald
Stewart J. Cort at the Soo, July 15, 2008. - Nate Gregorich
Alpena - Matt Ludvigson
The ill-fated Regina at Owen Sound between 1907 and 1910. - William Forsythe
J. T. Wing - The Family of William H Newcomb
New Waterway (Hook of Holland) entrance November 13, 2008. - Jan van der Doe
Kaye E. Barker - John Garniss
St. Marys Challenger southbound on Lake Michigan, Aug. 29, 2008 - Blake Kishler
American Fortitude in the Buffalo River, Dec. 16, 2007. - Michelle & Rob Wolcott
The Dolomite inbound at Rochester, NY, 1967. - Tom Brewer
CSL Niagara downbound at the Soo, from the Chief Shingwauk, June 28, 2008. - Al Hart
Tim S. Dool - Skip Gillham
J W Shelley - Gene Onchulenko
Huron Lightship Museum at Port Huron. - Ed Schuyler
Alexander Leslie at Goderich, approx. 1967. - Don Boone
Judith M. Pierson inbound Maumee Bay for Toledo, July 1980. - Jim Hoffman
Roger Blough approaching the St. Clair River at Port Huron. Oct. 12, 2008. - Bill Bird
Lake Michigan west of the Mac Bridge. - Dawn Roberts
James Norris entering the St, Clair River, Aug. 16, 2008. - Darlene & George Wharton

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