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10th Annual Holiday Card
Gallery - 2008 - Page 1
"Best Wishes to all for a very Merry Christmas and a happy, safe New Year"  ...from the BoatNerd staff.

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This gallery is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who sent in their greetings!
Canadian Leader just left lock 7 on Mar. 24, 2008. - Michel Gosselin
Alpena in the slip that is a remnant of the Ohio & Erie canal, Cleveland, OH  July 10, 2008. - Mark Cowles
Kentucky and Canadian Provider at Superior,WI, Dec. 2008. - Eric Holst
Saginaw at Toledo, OH, Dec. 19, 2008. - Bob Vincent
Matt Miner
Edward L. Ryerson downbound at the Soo, first trip out in 2006. - Capt. Charles Lampman
Frontenac at Port Colborne Sept. 20 2008. - David Bull
City of Mt. Clemens - Charles Hunger
J.B. Ford - Chris Mazzella
Wilfred Sykes - Linda & Don Geske
J W Shelley - Mike Olson
Indiana Harbor - Don Coles
Great Lakes Maritime Academy
E,M. Ford - Theresa & Fred Miller
CSL Tadoussac in the Welland Canal, Sept. 2008. - Alex "Zandur" Polimeni
Bethlehem - Russ Plumb
Rogers City, Sept. 22, 1979. - Brian Bluekamp
Montrealais downbound in St Mary's River at the Rock Cut on Apr. 6, 2008 - Daniel Michelson
"Reflections Of The Past", E.M. Ford (1898-2008) on the Saginaw River Nov. 11, 2008. - Dawn & Andrew Severson
Algosoo in the Welland Canal, Sept. 2008. - Dotti Caldwell
Indiana Harbor in lay-up at Lakehead Pipeline in early 2008. - Andrew Constans
X-Press Fuji on a misty morning at the Kiel Canal in Germany. - Chris Rombouts
Cason J. Callaway downbound at the Soo, Apr. 12, 1997. - John Belliveau
Mesabi Miner westbound on Lake Superior, taking spray. - Kevin Davis
Mississagi arriving at the Government dock in Sarnia, Aug 13, 2008. - Marc Dease
Mackinac Islander arriving at Mackinac Island ca, 1939. - Chuck Truscott
Maritime Trader on the St. Lawrence River, June 2007. - Jolene Saltasia & Scott Guenthner
Stewart J. Cort at Point Edward, ON, Apr. 1973. - Terry McCullough
Algocape, downbound in the Welland Canal, Sept. 8, 2008. - Neil Walsh
Canadian Miner coming by St Clair MI, Dec. 13, 2008. - Mark Demaline
Sichem Defiance secured on upper wall Iroquois. - Karen & Murray Blancher
J W Shelley upbound, St. Clair River at St. Clair, MI on Sept. 9, 2008 on first trip. - David Michelson
James R. Barker - Daniel Hecko & the Great Lakes Maritime Academy
Algoisle downbound on Lake Huron, Sept. 7, 2008. - Jill & Marc Vander Meulen
Edward L. Ryerson - David Swain
Badger - Lou Gerard
Erika Kobasic - Dick Lund
Arthur M. Anderson on the Calumet River at South Chicago on July 11, 2008. - Sandy & Steve Bauer
Detroit built Dodge yacht Delphine at Monaco, Apr. 20, 2008. - Katy & Bill Hoey
Earth Voyager, June 2, 2008. - Frank Frisk
Sunset behind Duluth Harbor.  Jake Kopras
Edward L. Ryerson inbound to Hamilton Harbour Aug. 8, 2008. - Bill Potts
Myron C. Taylor, 1993 in the Pine River Channel in Charlevoix. - Frank & Shirley Waggoner

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