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Project Liberty Ship's fund raising campaign, "Rivet Drive 2000" is now underway, with the goal of raising $350,000 to match our State of Maryland grant awarded in April, 1998. To receive the state money we must raise an equal amount. A successful campaign will help cover the cost of replacing 14,000 rivets. You can help by purchasing one or more of our RIVET BONDS from "Brownie the Riveter." Bonds are available in various denominations from $25 to $500 and come with many additional, interesting items, including an original 1942 rivet from the hull of the BROWN. If you wish to receive a WW II rivet, your bond will be stamped REDEEMED. Simply fill out the form below. (Bonds cannot be redeemed for cash. They are worth exactly ONE RIVET!)

With your bond purchase you will receive:

$25: Limited edition bond; authentic WW II rivet; Rivet Drive 2000 button; Brownie the Riveter poster; Booklet describing the riveting program; your name engraved on the Project Liberty Ship Rivet Bond Roll of Honor.

$50: All of the above, plus a unique "Golden Rivet" lapel pin created expressly for contributors to the Rivet Bond Drive.

$100: All of the above, plus a limited edition print, "Maiden Voyage," depicting the maiden departure of the JOHN W. BROWN from Baltimore in 1942, signed and numbered by the artist, Project Chairman Brian Hope.

$250: All of the above, plus the video, "A Riveting Saga," a one hour video chronicling the 1997 drydocking and reriveting of the JOHN W. BROWN.

$500: All of the above, plus a "Rivet paper weight," an original 1942 rivet from the BROWN gold coated, labeled and mounted as a paper weight.

YES! I wish to participate in the PLS Rivet Drive 2000 by purchasing RIVET BONDS in the specified denominations: (indicate quantity of each you wish to purchase.)
$25 _______ $50 _________$100 ________$250 _________ $500 _________ .

_______ One bond of each denomination ~ face value $925 ~ at a price of $800.

                            Your bond will be stamped REDEEMED.

Name _____________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________

City ___________________

Phone _________________

Payment enclosed in the amount of __________

Charge to my: Visa ________ Master Card  ________

Card number ______________________________

Expiration date ________

Signature _________________________________

By phone (410) 661-1550.

Please make checks payable to: PROJECT LIBERTY SHIP.
Mail to:
Project Liberty Ship
P.O. Box 25846
Highlandtown Station, Baltimore, MD. 21224


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