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In a ceremony at Toledo Ship Repair July 13, the last ceremonial "Golden Rivet" was driven in to the hull of the World War II Liberty Ship John W. Brown. The Brown arrived on May 27 and had about 14,000 rivets replaced by the skilled crews at the ship yard.

The Brown made the journey to under go rivet replacement at the only yard capable of this type of work, experienced riveting crews are not easily found on salt water. This is not the case on the Great Lakes where many riveted hulls are still in existence.

In addition to the rivets, the vessels propeller, bearings, and through-hull fittings were inspected.; workers replaced zinc anodes on the hull that stem corrosion, replaced some of the ship's steel plates, sandblast and repaint the hull, and built life raft storage racks. The price tag for the work was  just under $1,000,000.

The Liberty ships were built as part of an emergency shipbuilding program during World War II to carrying equipment and supplies. Today only two operating Liberty ships exist from a fleet that numbered 2,710.

The vessel will tour lower lakes ports and be open for tours. In three ports the Brown will offer locals one of the vessel's famous "Living History Day Cruises." All cruises are sold out except for the cruise departing from Toronto.

Below are pictures of the Brown's journey on the Lakes

Onboard a "Living History Cruise" July 22 new.gif (116 bytes)

Tug Shannon is the former U.S. Navy tug Connawango, YTB 388 built in 1943 for service in the Pacific.

A flotilla of local boats followed the Brown

Away from the dock the cruise begins

The Brown is an operating museum, visitors have access to most of the ship and its many displays.

Friendly aircraft flying over the Brown included Great Lakes Aerial Photos. Below are aerial views taken by Don Coles.

Aerial views are available by e-mailing

Arriving in Windsor July 20 by William Hoey new.gif (116 bytes)

In Toledo by Jim Hoffman new.gif (116 bytes)

Dry Dock Work

Arriving in Toledo

In the Welland Canal

Passing Brockville photos by Peter Carter.

Passing through the Iroquois Lock photos by Peter Carter

More Seaway views photos by Capt. Brian Hope (Chairman, Project Liberty Ship)

In the Seaway by Bruno Boissonneault
Taken at St-Jean Ile d'Orléans (15 miles below Quebec City on May 22)

Passing through the Cap Cod Canal, Massachusetts photos by Richard Jenkins

Ready to depart Photos by Dave Aldworth and Brian Hope

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Important dates

27 May arrived Toledo
25 June Diamond Jack Cruise
19 July at Toledo public berth
22 July Detroit cruise Sold Out
22 July Diamond Jack Cruise
24 July Depart Windsor
25 July Arrive Erie more information
29 July Cleveland cruise Sold Out
1 Aug Arrive Buffalo
6 Aug Toronto cruise Tickets available
10 Aug Arrive Montreal
18 Aug Arrive Halifax
25 Aug Arrive Baltimore

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