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A collection of Photos from around the Lakes

Photo of the Week

John G. Munson on Whitefish Bay March 27 - USCG Air Station Traverse City - John Russell

Featured Vessel in the Fleet Photo Gallery
The history of the Michipicoten.

New Photo of the Week in the Tug Gallery
 Vigilant 1 hauling the Algoma Enterprise out of the shipyard in Port Weller.

New Photo of the Week in the Saltie Gallery 
Stella Polaris on the Seaway

Featured in the Historical Perspectives Gallery
Charles Dick 1922 - 1976
Other galleries updated with new pictures: George M Carl, Canadoc, Pinedale, Spruceglen and Valley Camp.

Marine Historical Society of Detroit's Historic Photo Gallery
Ice blockade at the Soo in 1926. 150 ships were frozen in below the locks and it took 3 weeks to free all but 26 vessels

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Agawa Canyon
John B. Aird
Algocatalyst underway in the Welland Canal. Roger LeLievre
Algoeast underway on the Welland Canal. Great Lakes Maritime Collections, Todd Davidson
Algosar aerial view underway. Don Coles
Algosar passing Quebec City, Mario Guay
American Mariner
American Republic
American Spirit (George A. Stinson)
Arthur M. Anderson
Aquarama under tow on Lake Erie en route to Buffalo. 8\95 J.H. Neumiller
Atlantic Erie
Atlantic Huron
Atlantic Superior
carferry Badger shown here with her new color scheme for 1997. Max S. Hanley
carferry Badger underway, R. Burdick
James R. Barker
Kaye E. Barker
Charles M. Beeghly
Black Bay loading, R. Burdick
Joseph L. Block
Roger Blough
John J. Boland
Burns Harbor
Courtney Burton
Calcite II
Canadian Century
Canadian Enterprise
Canadian Explorer underway, R. Burdick
Canadian Leader
Canadian Mariner 
Canadian Miner
Canadian Navigator
Canadian Olympic
Canadian Progress
Canadian Prospector
Canadian Provider
Canadian Ranger
Canadian Trader
Canadian Transfer
Canadian Transport
Canadian Venture
Canadian Voyager
Cape May Light on the Seaway. Keith Giles
Cape May Light in the Welland Canal Ted Siuda
Capt. Henry Jackman
Cason J. Callaway
Philip R. Clarke
Cliffs Victory passing Soo Control, Sault Ste. Marie, MI. 7/69 Halstead J. Jackson
      Marine Historical Society of Detroit, from their 1995 calendar.
Irvin L. Clymer departing Duluth Al Miller
Tug Kay Cole towing newly named Canadian Voyager, G. McKeil
Columbia and Ste. Claire. Former Boblo boat tied up at Nicolson Term. in Detroit, MI. April, 2001 Mike Nicholls
Columbia Star
Lake Superior as seen from the pilot house of the Columbia Star. Sharon Bouchonville
Cruise ship c. Columbus in the Welland Canal. R. Weiss
c. Columbus Nice shot of how tight a fit it was through the locks. R. Weiss
Adam E. Cornelius
Stewart J. Cort
S.T. Crapo docked at night.
S.T. Crapo upbound Detroit River 3\62 S.T. Crapo
S.T. Crapo under way in ice, R. Burdick
Peter R. Cresswell
CSL Laurentien
CSL Niagara 
CSL Tadoussac
CTC 1. in South Chicago.
Day Peckinpaugh docked in Erie, PA. R. Weiss
Amelia Desgagnes arriving at Marinette, WI, July 18, 2007. Dick Lund
Amelia Desgagnes underway, M. Schumaker
Catherine Desgagnes on the Detroit River. Mike Nicholls
Catherine Desgagnes locking through, R. Burdick
Cecilia Desgagnes docked, M. Schumaker
J.A.Z. Desgagnes docked, R. Burdick
Maria Desgagnes on the St. Clair River. John Meyland
Mathilda Desgagnes underway, M. Schumaker
Melissa Desgagnes underway, John Meyland
Louis R. Desmarais 1997 Top Hat Ceremonies, Welland Canal. Canada Steamship Lines.
Louis R. Desmarais downbound Port Huron, R. Burdick
Detroit's Diamond Jack's tour boat fleet passing Detroit. William Hoey
William H. Donner Scott Best
William H. Donner starboard side. Scott Best
William H. Donner at the Marinette Fuel & Dock in Marinette, WI. Dick Lund
EnerChem Asphalt docked, R. Burdick
EnerChem Catalyst docked, R. Burdick
EnerChem Refiner Downbound St. Clair River, N. Schultheiss
English River
Federal Oshima shown with a temporary repaired bow in the Welland Canal
       November 26, 1999. Nicholas Kapes
Edmund Fitzgerald
Benson Ford stern view Lake St. Clair, L. Mager
E.M. Ford
J.B. Ford in South Chicago. David Swain
J.B. Ford docked in South Chicago where she is used for storage. Todd Davidson
Joseph H. Frantz
Edwin H. Gott
Great Lakes Trader (tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort)
Gull Isle, Canadian Coast Guard Ship in the Detroit River. Mike Nicholls
Hammond Bay, St. Clair River tour boat underway. George Lee
Lewis G. Harriman
Highway 16 at dock in Muskegon. Tom Hynes
Elton Hoyt 2nd
Huron Lady II, Port Huron tour boat underway. N. Schultheiss
tanker Imperial St. Clair, underway by Mark Schumaker
Indiana Harbor
Barge Integrity, push by the tug G.L. Ostrander. Docked in Milwaukee. Paul G. Wiening
J.A.W. Iglehart
Herbert C.Jackson
USCG cutter Juniper first of her class headed off the lakes downbound St. Clair River for Newport, RI. May 26, 1996. N. Schultheiss
Kasteelborg unloading in Duluth. Kent Rengo
Kinsman Enterprise
Kinsman Independent
Kroonborg bow view on the Detroit River. Mike Nicholls
Kroonborg stern view. Mike Nicholls
Sam Laud
LaBaronessa, yatch downbound St. Clair River 1998. Len Barr
Gordon C. Leitch  
John D. Leitch  
Lemoyne (Canadian Miner) upbound Soo Locks, 5\91 R. Burdick
Le Levant cruise ship underway in Welland Canal, Roger LeLievre
Mackinaw underway at Grand Haven. Don Geske.
Mackinaw and Samuel Risley at the Soo. John Garniss
Mackinaw stops in Detroit, January, 2003. Ken Towne
Mackinaw upbound St Clair River, Port Huron, MI. N. Schultheiss
Mackinaw bow on view upbound St Clair River, Port Huron, MI. N. Schultheiss
Mackinaw downbound St. Clair River, Marysville, MI. N. Schultheiss
Mackinaw (2) at Marinette, WI, Feb. 28, 2007. Dick Lund
Manitoulin entering the Seaway René Beauchamp
Manitoulin - tugs Pennsylvania and Wyoming working to free her in the Rouge. John Belliveau
Manitoulin - Manitoulin in the Rouge River John Belliveau
Manitoulin downbound St. Clair River, R. Burdick
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin  
J.L. Mauthe
McKee Sons
Mesabi Miner
Metis cement barge at dock in Windsor. John Belliveau
Metis stern view at dock in Windsor. John Belliveau
Metis towed from Windsor by the tug Progress. Mike Nicholls
tug Michigan and barge Great Lakes Docked, R. Burdick
Michipicoten (Elton Hoyt 2nd)
Mirage Algoma boat over the horizon on a rough Lake Huron. N. Schultheiss
Peter Misener locking through, J. Stienkamp
Mist of Avalon gets a close look at the CSL Laurentien. Michael Schrage
John G. Munson
Walter J. McCarthy Jr.
Cutter Neah Bay breaking ice in Erie, PA. Jan. 24, 2000. Jim Thoreson.
Nicolet Picture taken two weeks before tow from Toledo. R. LeLievre
Nicolet downbound Port Huron R. Burdick
David Z. Norton
James Norris
Oglebay Norton
Crispin Oglebay (Hamilton Transfer) undergoing conversion at Port Weller, ON.
      7\95 R. Burdick
Earl W. Oglebay 
USACE survey vessel PAJ
Tug Frank Palladino Jr. and barge Kellstone I docked and loading, R. Burdick
Tug Frank Palladino Jr. and barge Kellstone I departing Cleveland. TZ.
Jean Parisien
Barge Pathfinder
Tug Dorothy Ann
Port Weller Dry Docks in Late October 1999. The Canadian Century is show on the left with
      Hull 78, the new forebody for the H. M. Griffith on the right. John Belliveau
Presque Isle
Pere Marquette 41
Richard Reiss
Stephen B. Roman
Edward L. Ryerson
Sarah Spencer
Saturn underway, R. Cioletti
Seaway Queen
John Sherwin
Spar Garnet tow line. TZ.
Spirit of Ontario at Montreal (delivery trip) Kent Malo
George A. Sloan (now sailing as Mississagi)
Southdown Challenger
Southdown Conquest on the Welland Canal. Jim Hoffman
Medusa Conquest upbound St. Clair River, R. Burdick
Edgar B. Speer
Roger Stahl towing the Saginaw from Duluth 10-24-99. Al Miller
Schooner Denis Sullivan entering the Milwaukee harbor in full sail. Chris Hamm
Sundew Coast Guard Buoy Tender Sundew departing Cheboygan, MI. CDR Jon Nickerson.
Sunrise over Pipe Island Gafney Point in DeTour Village. B. Gilreath.
Tug Triton and barge St. Mary's Cement downbound St. Clair River, R. Burdick
Sea Eagle II and barge St. Mary's Cement II underway, R. Burdick
St. Clair
"Swordfight" the downbound Elton Hoyt 2nd passing the upbound Kinsman Independent
      at Marysville, May 1998. John Belliveau
Wilfred Sykes
CSL Tadoussac
Tarantau underway, R. Burdick
Tarantau tow pulled by the tug Lac Como, John Meyland
Tarantau with the trailing tug Vac on the stern. John Meyland
Tarantau under tow heading for the scrap yard. Roger LeLievre
Tarantau at International Marine Salvage of Port Colborne 11-99.
Tarantau tow underway as traffic in the canal continues. Roger LeLievre
Myron C. Taylor (now sailing as Calumet)
Joseph H. Thompson (tug and barge)
Paul H. Townsend
Lee A. Tregurtha
Paul R. Tregurtha
Capt. Ralph Tucker
US Coast Guard 47304 surfs the channel in Grand Haven. P. Zagorac
47304 entering the Channel. P. Zagorac
Vega Desgagnes passing on the Seaway. Peter Carter.
Viking I Former Rail Road carferry docked in Port Stanley. Roger LeLievre.
"The Wave" From the Sparrows Point (now Buckeye), November 1990 in heavy weather on
      Lake Michigan. Dave Cook.
Mail Boat J.W. Westcott II meeting us mid river, Detroit River. N. Schultheiss.
J.W. Westcott II making mid river mail delivery to the John G. Munson. N. Schultheiss.
J.W. Westcott II on a rough mail delivery on the Detroit River. N. Schultheiss.
Fred R. White Jr.
H. Lee White
Wolf River/ tug Peninsula upbound below the Soo Aug. 31. Roger LeLievre
Yankcanuck underway. By John Meyland.
Yankcanuck passing the Fairport Harbor breakwall. The River Collection
Young Jiang lock one, Welland Canal, J. Steinkamp
Capt. Henry Jackman meeting Paul R. Tregurtha downbound Lake Huron, N. Schultheiss
American Mariner, Sea Pearl II, Ziemia Zamajska downbound with the Middletown upbound,
      head of the Detroit River. N. Schultheiss
This never before seen photo (fake) shows the U.S.S. Wyoming exiting a Sub Carrying Freighter
      above the Soo Locks.

Photo Collections

Stormy passage on the Gulf of St. Lawrence
Onboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Hollyhock
Last Log Book of the Lewis G. Harriman
In Memory of Tim Slattery
Canadian Coast Guard Ship Griffon
Pictures from the Welland Canal Gathering
Fawn Island Gathering 2003
Soo Locks Gathering 2003
Badger Gathering 2003 (Badger, Manitowoc Museum, City Of Milwaukee, Milwaukee Clipper and Big Sable Point Lighthouse)
Aerial views of Freighters and Lighthouses.
Inside the Federal Weser special gallery featuring pictures from a trip on the vessel
Badger Birthday, S.S. Badger Re-Christening
Michipicoten towed from Duluth to Sarnia
Winter Lay-up at Sarnia
Ride along with SAR Station Port Weller
Welland Canal Gathering 2002
Holiday Card Gallery 2001
To Massena and Back aboard the Roger Stahl
Windoc Accident.
Duluth Gathering 2001.
Panoramic Photo Gallery.
Ride along for winter ice operations with the Unstoppable Samuel Risley. 150 pictures and video clips.
Mail by the Pail, a series of images showing a mail delivery to the Southdown Challenger.
Behind the Scenes at the Welland Canal.
A look inside the Saltie Spar Jade.
The John W. Brown's trip to Toledo
The Christening of the Tug Dorothy Ann and Barge Pathfinder
A Tale of Two Ships The making of the Canadian Transfer
USCG buoy tender Mesquite aground off Keweenaw point.
Olympic Torch relay via Lake Erie
A Mid-River Mail Delivery to the John G. Munson
Conversion of the Cuyahoga
Louis R. Desmarais Unloading Boom Breaks
Expedition '97 to the Carl D. Bradley


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