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J. B. Ford Onboard 1994

By John Belliveau

This collection is a photographic tour of the J. B. Ford while the ship was a cement storage vessel in South Chicago, IL.
All photos taken by John Belliveau on October 2, 1994

Up the gangway to board the ship

Looking down the port side hull

The pilot house

Full view of turret style forward superstructure

Port side name board

Bow of ship with steering pole

Forward view from Pilot house

The Pilot house

Wood ship's wheel

Pilot house engine room telegraph

Chartroom with bull horn and logbook

Captain's office. The Captain's stateroom would have been down the hall.

The original woodwork was still in very good condition.

Down the half flight of stairs from the spar deck to the forward quarters.

One of the wheelsmen's accommodations on the port side forward.

The 1st Mate's quarters. Used to store supplies.

Further forward. Notice "Duck" warning on large beam

Forward anchor winches

Another view of forward anchor winches

One deck below is the forward anchor chain lockers

Looking aft

Spar deck looking aft

Detail of spar deck bit and vent

Top of ventilation shaft for tunnel under the cargo hold

Spar deck looking forward

Another view of spar deck looking forward

Roller chocks

Life ring and General Alarm bell on aft superstructure

The stack

Looking up the port side of stack

Forward side of stack

Base of stack

Whistle platform and top of stack

Engine room skylight

Starboard lifeboat

Port side lifeboat

Looking up aft mast

Looking forward from atop aft "doghouse" crew accommodations

Aft emergency wheel

Fantail and aft flagpole

Aft spar deck

Spare propeller blade

Looking over fantail at rudder

Looking up at inside of engine room skylight

Engine room equipment

Top of triple expansion steam engine

Engine room gauges. Three brass gauges remained.

Engine room telegraph

Detail of engine

Looking inside triple expansion steam engine

More engine details

Crank shaft of engine

Another view of crank shaft of engine

Machinery to run cement self unloading system

Aft end of hold

Tunnel under the hold looking forward. Notice the divots in the floor from unloading buckets from when this was the original hold bottom as a standard bulk freighter.

Looking up ventilation shaft from tunnel to spar deck. This vent shown earlier on spar deck.

Tunnel under holds looking aft.

Forward machinery to run augers to move the cement cargo

More cement unloading machinery forward

Note: For some reason I never photographed the galley, dining room or crew's mess. If I remember right, there was a small maintenance crew on lunch break in those rooms when we toured this ship and I never thought to go back to photograph those rooms before we left. Perhaps someone will have photos of those areas to share. ~John Belliveau


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