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Lake Ontario inbound Hamilton, ON, Apr. 14, 2008.

John McCreery

-- Canadian Miner --

Maplecliffe Hall 1966 - 1988, LeMoyne (2) 1988 - 1994, Miner 2011 - 2011 (renamed for overseas tow)

by George Wharton

A typically Canadian designed Seaway-sized straight deck bulk carrier of the 1960's era, this vessel was built in two parts. The forward section was built at the George T. Davie & Sons Ltd. shipyard, Lauzon, QC as their hull #97and launched November 12, 1965 while the stern section was built at Canadian Vickers Shipyards Ltd., Montreal, QC as their hull #287and launched November 13, 1965. The joining of the halves took place at Champlain Drydock, Lauzon, QC.  The new bulker was christened at Montreal, QC as the Maplecliffe Hall on April 25, 1966 for the Industrial Acceptance Corp., Ltd., being bareboat chartered to and managed by Hall Corp. of Canada Ltd. , Westmount (Montreal), QC (later Halco Inc., Toronto, ON).  Canadian tax laws in the early and mid 1960’s allowed shipping companies to approach and work with financial backing partners to fund 'new builds' such as this being built in Canadian shipyards.  (There were exceptions to this when Canadian yards were booked to capacity and there was an immediate identified need for the 'new build'.)  The funding partner would retain ownership of the vessel benefiting from financial write-offs for the use of their funds with the shipping companies having complete control of the new vessels.  This method of financing was used by many Canadian shipping companies at this time.

The prefix 'Maple' of the new bulker's name is referenced to Canada's formal adoption of the maple leaf as a national symbol in 1965 and its use on the new Canadian flag.  The Hall Corporation suffix 'cliffe” seen on many of their vessels was to honor many of the towns in north eastern England also incorporating the suffix “cliffe'. Mr. Albert Hutchinson, born in Ayecliffe, England in 1889, became secretary of the Hall Corporation of Canada in 1927, vice president in 1936, president in 1945, and chairman of the board in 1951.  The 'cliffe' suffix was a nostalgic reminder of Mr. Hutchison’s childhood days in England.  The second word 'Hall' also seen on many of Hall’s vessels was in honor of Hall Corporation’s founder Mr. George Hall of Ogdensburg, New York.

The Maplecliffe Hall had 21 hatches servicing 6 holds and was capable of carrying 27,853 tons (28,300 mt) at a mid-summer draft of 27' 06" (8.39m).  Other capacities are listed in the table below.  Power came from 4 Fairbanks Morse 12-38D8-1/8 12-cylinder opposed piston, single acting, two stroke cycle 2,000 b.h.p. (1,471 kw) diesel engines built by Canadian Locomotive Works Co., Ltd., Kingston, ON.  Burning marine diesel oil, the engines fed the power through a single reduction gear box to a controllable pitch propeller giving the vessel a maximum speed of 15.0 m.p.h.  What would be considered an oddity today, the bulker never had a bow thruster installed. 

1960's & '70's
The Maplecliffe Hall entered service clearing Montreal on April 29, 1966 on her maiden voyage in ballast to Pointe Noire, QC leaving there on May 1, 1966 with a load of iron ore pellets for Cleveland, OH.  After unloading at Cleveland, the new bulker was noted to have passed upbound on the Detroit River on May 8, 1966.  Ownership of the vessel was passed to the Hall Corp. of Canada from the Industrial Acceptance Corp. in 1969. 

In April of 1970, the Maplecliffe Hall ran aground in Lake Huron just above Port Huron, MI in a strong gale.  She was released from her strand with the aid of 3 U.S. Coast Guard ships.  Later that year, on December 17, 1970, the vessel closed the St. Lawrence Seaway as the last downbound through the St. Lambert Lock at Montreal, QC. Although cargoes for the Maplecliffe Hall were focused in the iron ore and grain trades, the bulk carrier did set a Sandusky, OH port coal record on June 11, 1971 loading 27,927 net tons.  Later that year, in October 1971 the Maplecliffe Hall was in collision with a Dutch-flagged ship in the Detroit River causing only minor superficial damage.  On December 30, 1975, the bulker was noted to have closed the Welland Canal as the last downbound vessel of the season.  The vessel grounded in Montreal on August 15, 1978 requiring lightering by P.S. Barge No. 1 before being freed from her strand.

In 1984, the Maplecliffe Hall was used in an experiment to carry CAST containers from Montreal to Windsor, ON and Detroit, MI.  Only 3 trips were made, 2 to Windsor and 1 to Detroit, with the containers being carried in the holds and stored on deck.  The venture proved unsuccessful and was discontinued.   Economic times and financial trouble were plaguing Halco.  Beginning in 1986, the Royal Bank of Canada, Montreal, QC assumed ownership of the fleet being managed by Navican Management Canada Inc., Montreal with Halco still operating the fleet.  In the summer on 1987 with no loads available, the bulker laid up at Montreal and was opened for public tours before being used for cement storage at Montreal over the 1987 / 1988 winter.

Then in early 1988, Halco ceased operating.  The existing fleet was then divided between the Canada Steamship Lines, Misener and Paterson fleets.  In early April 1988, CSL purchased the Maplecliffe Hall as well as the Frankcliffe Hall and Cartiercliffe Hall from the receivers as their part of the transaction. The Maplecliffe Hall was renamed LeMoyne (2), the first LeMoyne having been sold in 1968 and subsequently scrapped in 1969.  The other 2 vessels were renamed Halifax and Winnipeg (2) respectively.  The LeMoyne was the name given to the summer residence of Mr. William H. Coverdale who was the President of Canada Steamship Lines when the LeMoyne (1) was built in 1926.  The home was located on Portsmouth Bay on Lake Ontario just west of Kingston, ON.  The name itself refers to the Governor of Montreal from 1724 to 1729 Mr. Charles LeMoyne, 1st Baron de Longueuil.

The LeMoyne commenced sailing for her new owner in the early spring of 1988 being noted as having transited the Welland Canal upbound on her maiden voyage on April 20.  Her cargoes were again concentrated in the grain and iron ore trades.  On August 11, 1988 while tied up at the Welland, ON dock, the LeMoyne had an on-board fire when a torch ignited some plywood in the engine room.  There were no reported injuries nor any damage caused by this incident.

In 1991, the LeMoyne and her bulker fleetmates Baie St. Paul, Black Bay, Murray Bay, Richelieu, Rimouski, Simcoe and Winnipeg began sailing under the newly formed Great Lakes Bulk Carriers Inc., St. Catharines, ON, a partnership formed from the bulker fleets of Canada Steamship Lines, Misener Holdings and Pioneer Shipping.  The LeMoyne made history on December 18, 1992 at Cleveland, OH as the last ship to be unloaded by a giant Hulett unloader.  Shortly after, on December 23, 1992, the LeMoyne laid up at Hamilton, ON with a storage load of canola seed and after unloading, remained idle at Hamilton through the 1993 navigation season never to sail for Canada Steamship Lines again.

With the demise of Great Lakes Bulk Carriers at the end of 1993, Canada Steamship Lines and their partners sold off their straight deck bulk carriers with the LeMoyne being acquired by Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd., Toronto, ON in the spring of 1994.   Renamed the Canadian Miner, the bulker resumed sailing October 2, 1994 under the management of Seaway Bulk Carriers, Winnipeg, MB, a partnership pooling of the bulkers of the Upper Lakes Shipping and Algoma Central Corporation fleets.  Cargoes were again focused in the grain and iron ore trades.  The Upper Lakes naming of their new bulker utilized their common ULS naming prefix 'Canadian' with 'Miner' referring to the long history of the miner in Canada.  Also acquired at this time from Canada Steamship Lines with the LeMoyne were the Baie St. Paul, Black Bay, Murray Bay and Rimouski renamed Canadian Pathfinder, Canadian Voyager, Canadian Provider and Canadian Harvest.

On Aug. 5, 1996, the Canadian Minor struck barge Q-354 while manoeuvring in the St. Charles River at the Port of Quebec causing only minor damage to the barge.  Then on May 22, 1997, the vessel sustained a 12cm (4.7") fracture in her shell plating in way of the No. 2 hatch above the waterline while transiting the Welland Canal.  On April 2, 1999; the Canadian Miner opened the St. Lawrence Seaway by passing downbound through the Iroquois Lock with a load of corn from Hamilton, ON to Quebec City, QC.  The bulker was pushed into the wall at the Soo Locks on July 11, 1999 by the salty Federal Saguenay causing a gash in way of the No. 1 forward tank and a fracture at the waterline.  Temporary repairs were made before proceeding.

At the beginning of the year 2000, the bulkers including the Canadian Miner of Seaway Bulk Transport and the self-unloaders of Seaway Self Unloaders combined under the management of Seaway Marine Transport, St. Catharines, ON, a continued partnership of Upper Lakes and Algoma Central.  The Canadian Miner sailed through the 2000's without any noted incidents.  On her final voyage, the Canadian Minor departed Thunder Bay, ON Dec. 10, 2008 to Quebec arriving Dec. 17, and departed about Dec. 19 with a sugar storage load for Redpath Sugar, Toronto, ON arriving early Dec. 23.  She laid up at Toronto Dec. 24, 2008 for a final time.

2009, 2010 & 2011
The Canadian Minor remained laid up at Toronto through 2009 and 2010.  Her Canadian registration was finally closed June 13, 2011, her new owners being Pella Shipping Co.,
Thessaloniki, Greece.  The veteran bulker's name was changed to the m/v Minor for the scrap tow.  The scrap tow left Toronto for Montreal late Aug. 20, 2011 with the McKeil tug Salvor as lead tug and Nadro tugs Vigilant ! and Seahound controlling the stern.

The overseas tow departed Montreal Sept. 14, 2011 for Aliaga, Turkey with ocean tug Hellas and the Nadro tug Vigilant I controlling the stern for the St. Lawrence River portion of the trip.  The Hellas is operated by Gigilinis Salvage & Towage, Kavala, Greece (and is managed by Pella Shipping Co., Thessaloniki, Greece, owners of the Miner).  The 5,200 b.h.p. (3,824 kw) powered tug is 147' 07" (44.99m) long, 606 gross tons and is registered out of Kingstown, St. Vincent & The Grenadines.  Early on Sept. 20, the towing line parted in heavy seas and the Minor drifted hard aground on the rocks of Scatarie Island off the east coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  The heavy seas prevented the Hellas from retrieving her tow.  Over the next couple of days following the grounding, several unsuccessful attempts made by the Hellas to pull the Miner free. 

The owners of the Miner engaged the international salvage company Mammoet Salvage and flew in a team of salvage experts to assess the stranded vessel and spent most of the day Sept. 30 at Scatarie Island, where the bulk carrier was stranded.  In response to local fishermen concerned about pollution should the vessel break up, Transport Canada stated that both its bilge and main fuel tanks were cleaned before it left Montreal.  Inspectors gave it what they call a 'green passport,' which experts say meant any environmental damage, if the worst were to happen, would be minimal.  Approximately 6,000 litres (1,585 gallons) of diesel fuel was onboard contained in an internal tank to fuel power generators needed for the Atlantic crossing.  By Oct. 2, Mammoet had removed the diesel fuel and was also looking after the removal of any bilgewater (excess water that does not drain off the side of the deck).  After being subjected to storms and the pounding of heavy seas, by Oct. 6 after flying over the wreck, the Canadian Coast Guard saw a 15-metre ( 49') wide hole on the stern and a hole on the side near a cargo hatch and a cargo hatch gone.  A Canadian Coast Guard spokesman said on Oct. 6 that "It looks nasty out there. The seas are actually breaking over the top of the ship, the deck is completely awash probably about 40-foot (12.20m) waves."  The Miner was being pushed by the seas closer to the shoreline.  With no concrete plans in place to remove the wreck, the tug was detained by Nova Scotia authorities.  Sheriffs served a federal court ordered against the Hellas late in the afternoon of Oct. 6, 2011 after the province filed a $15-million claim.  The arrest required the tug to remain at the dock at Sydney, NS until some financial questions are answered.  The disposition of the Miner remains unknown.


By the Numbers (metric)
 Length (loa)  730' 00" (222.51m)
 Beam  75' 00" (22.97m)
 Depth  39' 01" (11.92m)
 Capacity - mid summer  27,853 tons (28,300 mt)
at draft of 27' 06" (8.39m)
               - Seaway  26,242 tons (26,664 mt)
 at draft of 26' 06" (8.08m)
 Cubic capacities - wheat  25,745 tons (26,159 mt)
                          - corn / rye  24,560 tons (24,954 mt)
                          - barley  22,514 tons (22,876 mt)
                          - oats  21,042 tons (21,380 mt)
                          - coal  29,200 net tons
 (equivalent 26,071 tons / 26,496 mt)
 Other capacities - water ballast  11,667 tons (11,854 mt)
                          - fuel  460.5 tons (468 mt) marine diesel oil
 Power - diesel  8,000 b.h.p. (5,884 kw)


Grounding at Scatarie Island off of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Sept. 20, 2011.
canadianminer10-11b.jpg (21962 bytes)
Bow view, Oct. 11, 2011. media photo
canadianminer10-11c.jpg (29325 bytes)
Starboard side holed. media photo
canadianminer10-11.jpg (23469 bytes)
Close up. media photo

Aground at Scatarie Island, Nova Scotia with tug Hellas standing by, Sept. 21, 2011, tug Hellas in foreground.
Canadian Coast Guard courtesy of Cape Breton Post

Another view, Oct. 5, 2011.
Canadian Coast Guard courtesy of CBC News

From the island, Oct. 7, 2011.
Nova Scotia Dept. of Natural Resources
courtesy of CTV News
Scrap tow departed Montreal, QC Sept. 13, 2011 destination Aliaga, Turkey.
Canadian-Miner.jpg (27299 bytes)
The tow downbound the St. Lawrence River passing
Contrecoeur, QC, Sept. 14, 2011.
Capt. Clarence Vautier, courtesy Kent Malo
CanadianMinertow9-19-11-CV.jpg (20764 bytes)
Off of Cape North, Cape Breton Island, NS,
Sept. 19, 2011.
Capt. Clarence Vautier, courtesy Kent Malo
At Montreal preparing for overseas tow.
canadianminer9-11-11-rb.jpg (61650 bytes)
Waiting at the Port of Montreal's Sec. 56 Nord,
Sept. 11, 2011. Rene Beauchamp
CanadianMiner9-13-11-km.jpg (80661 bytes)
Sept.13, 2011. Kent Malo
CanadianMiner0-13-11-KM.jpg (66409 bytes)
With ocean tug Hellas at the bow, and Vigilant 1 on the stern. to depart 0430 Sept. 14 for Aliaga, Turkey.
Kent Malo
The following photos showing preparation details courtesy of Paul Beesley, Sept. 13, 2011.
The tugs ...
4-hallas-9-13-11-pb.jpg (193970 bytes)
The tow-er, Hellas.  There were always 2 pilots on board the Hellas.
5-hallas-9-13-11-pb.jpg (96957 bytes)
View of the Hellas' tow hook and after deck.
6-vigil-9-13-11-pb.jpg (221200 bytes)
 Stern tug, Vigilant I.
1-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (74657 bytes)
Former Canadian Miner has final work done on her before being towed to Turkey.
2-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (121412 bytes)
Port Colborne fairleads were removed to be used on another ship.
3-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (161421 bytes)
Notice the two horizontal white strips above the water line.  I suspect they have been put there to allow the tug crew to notice drastic changes in draft during the tow.
7-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (82228 bytes)
Lifeboats strapped down for the crossing.
8-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (52657 bytes)
 All the hatches were dogged down and bolts were run through each corner.  As well, foam was placed on the bearing surface to ensure watertight integrity.
9-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (154441 bytes)
 Looking aft on the Miner.
10-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (168487 bytes)
The hatch cover crane was welded to prevent movement.
11-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (76076 bytes)
Vent covers were dogged and welded.
12-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (45076 bytes)
All openings were welded shut.
13-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (150992 bytes)
Looking forward.
14-canmin-9-13-11-pb.jpg (100957 bytes)
Sounding pipes were also welded closed.
15-canmin-9-14-11-pb.jpg (167111 bytes)
View from the Vigilant I from Montreal to Ile aux Coudres below Quebec City.  The stern anchor, its chain and windlass were all removed for future use on another ship.  Rudder and propeller shaft  were locked.
Scrap tow departed Toronto, ON late Aug. 20, 2011 for Montreal, QC.
1-miner-22-08-11-rb.jpg (60441 bytes)
Downbound the St. Lawrence River with the Salvor
as the lead tug, Aug. 22, 2011. Ron Beaupre
2-miner-22-08-11-rb.jpg (58984 bytes)
Vigilant I and Seahound on the stern.
Ron Beaupre
1-CMiner-8-22-11-la.jpg (101627 bytes)
At anchor at Wilson Hill with the tugs Seahound, Salvor, and Vigilant I, Aug. 22, 2011. Leo Ames
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Toronto-7-June-2011-(25)Algoway-Can.-Miner.jpg (54339 bytes)
Another view at Toronto in company with the Algoway, June 7, 2011. John van der Doe
4-Can-Miner-6-27-11-jm.jpg (70820 bytes)
Awaiting her final journey, her name and logo painted over, June 27, 2011. John McCreery
5-Can-Miner-3-27-11-jm.jpg (61728 bytes)
As she appeared 3 months earlier on Mar. 27.
John McCreery

Loaded with sugar at Pier 35 North< Toronto, ON,
Jan. 3, 2009. Bill Bird
20-07092CANADIAN-MINER.jpg (74121 bytes)
Into long-term lay-up at Toronto, July 20, 2009.
John van der Doe

5-Can.Miner-1-01-10-Ml.jpg (62103 bytes)
Laid up at Toronto, ON, Jan. 1, 2010.
Mark Leitch

Downbound the St. Lawrence Seaway between the Beauharnois Locks , Nov. 29, 2008. Ken Goslett

Downbound the Welland Canal into Lock 7 on final voyage through the system, Dec. 14, 2008.
Alex Howard

Stern view. Alex Howard

Approaching the Burlington Ship Canal Piers from Lake Ontario, Oct. 28, 2008. John McCreery

Into Hamilton Harbour with ore from
Port Cartier, QC. John McCreery
6-cmin-10-31-08-md.jpg (76240 bytes)
Upbound into Lake Huron following the Invincible/McKee Sons, Oct. 31, 2008. Marc Dease

Loading at the elevator in Sarnia, ON,
Aug. 30, 2008. Marc Dease

Loading at Sarnia, Sept. 14, 2008.
Wayne Brown

Upbound into Lake Huron following the American Republic, Oct. 11, 2008. Marc Dease

Leaving Hamilton, ON with a wheat cargo for
Port Cartier, QC, Aug. 17, 2008. John McCreery

Bow profile. John McCreery

Passing under the bridges into Lake Ontario.
John McCreery

Downbound the St. Lawrence Seaway below
Montreal, QC, May 14, 2008. Kent Malo

Downbound lower Lake Huron turning into the
St. Clair River, May 27, 2008. Marc Dease

On June 14, 2008. Marc Dease

Stern view entering the harbour, Apr. 14, 2008.
John McCreery

Arrival at Dofasco. John McCreery

Downbound at Port Huron, MI,
Apr. 23, 2008. Jeff Mast
3-miner-24-mar-08-rb.jpg (54859 bytes)
Captain Greig on the bridge, Mar. 24, 2008. "Nothing finer than the Miner." Ron Beaupre

Downbound the St. Lawrence River passing Mariatown, ON, Apr. 13, 2008. Ron Beaupre

Stern view passing Mariatown, ON.
Ron Beaupre

Upbound the St. Lawrence River near
Mariatown, ON, Mar. 24, 2008. Murray Blancher

another view. Murray Blancher

In the Iroquois Lock. Murray Blancher

St. Lawrence River near Trois-Rivieres, QC,
Oct. 25, 2007. Michel St-Denis

Welland Canal approaching Lock 3, Oct.28, 2007.
John McCreery

Departing Lock 8 at Port Colborne, ON.
John McCreery

Upbound passing under the Welland Canal's Glendale Ave. Bridge, Oct. 13, 2007. Bill Bird.

Into Lock 4 West. Bill Bird

Bow profile, St. Lawrence River, Oct. 25, 2007.
Michel St-Denis

Downbound the Welland Canal at Port Colborne, ON with wheat from Thunder Bay for Port Cartier, QC, July 8, 2007. Bill Bird

Arriving off the Burlington Ship Canal piers from Port Cartier, QC, Aug. 9, 2007. John McCreery

Coming off Lake Ontario. John McCreery

Downbound the St. Clair River at Port Huron, MI,
June 1, 2007. Rob Butler
3-CMiner-7-6-07-GB.jpg (39928 bytes)
Downbound the St. Marys River, July 6, 2007.
Greg Barber

Stern view approaching Lock 8, July 8, 2007.
Bill Bird

Downbound the Welland Canal above Lock 7 at
Thorold, ON, July 10, 2006. Al Howard

Downbound at St. Lambert Lock, Montreal, QC,
.July 18, 2006. Michel St-Denis

Upbound the Welland Canal above Lock 7,
Aug. 21 2006. Bill Bird

Upbound the St. Marys River, May 27, 2005.
Roger LeLievre

Loading iron ore at Marquette, MI, Aug. 19, 2005.
Rod Burdick

Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River,
Sept. 9, 2005. Fritz Hager
At Milwaukee, WI, Nov. 14, 2004, photos by Andy LaBorde.

Arriving at Milwaukee with the 'G' tug Arkansas leading the way.

Making the turn for the inner harbor.

Passing the heavy lift dock.

The Virginia starts to swing the stern of the Miner to start the turn to the dock.

Making the turn.

The Virginia approached to Nidera dock

Almost to the dock.

Looking aft on the Miner.

The large pilot house of the Miner.

Capt. Gerry Greig.

The loading of approximately 12,000 tons of soybeans.

The deck crew attached the hatch clamps
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Downbound Detroit River, June 2004.
George Mock

Loading at the James Richardson Int'l, Pier 25 at
Hamilton, ON, Aug. 21, 2004. Bill Lloyd

Stern view. Bill Lloyd

Upbound St. Marys River, May 26, 2004.
Roger LeLievre

Loading at Cargill, Thunder Bay, ON,
May 27, 2004. Gord Williams

Downbound St. Clair River, May 31, 2004.
Paul Hoffmeyer

Discharging at St. Lawrence Cement, Duluth, MN.
Apr. 2, 2004. Brian Peterson

In ice at Duluth, Apr. 3, 2004.
Brian Peterson

Downbound Welland Canal exiting Lock 7,
Apr. 26, 2004. Bill Bird

Winter lay-up at Hamilton, ON,
Jan. 2, 2004. Bill Bird

Discharging at St. Lawrence Cement, Duluth, MN.
Apr. 1, 2004. Brian Peterson

Stern view at St. Lawrence Cement,
Apr. 2, 2004. Brian Peterson

Thunder Bay, ON, Oct. , 2003.
Rob Farrow

Downbound St. Clair River, Oct. 13. 2003.
Andy Severson

St. Clair River aerial view, Oct. 13, 2003.
Don Coles

Upbound the Welland Canal passing under the Glendale Ave. bridge, Aug. 23, 2003.
George Wharton

Bridge lowering. George Wharton (61032 bytes)
Approaching Lock 4 west. George Wharton

Upbound at the Soo, July 3, 2003.
Lock Tours Canada Boat Cruises

Bow view. Lock Tours Canada Boat Cruises

Stern view. Lock Tours Canada Boat Cruises

Downbound the Welland Canal approaching the Allanburg Bridge, June 13, 2003. George Wharton (57640 bytes)
 Between Locks 2 & 3, June 13, 2003.
George Wharton

Stern view. George Wharton

Stopped in Welland Canal's Lock 3,
Apr. 11, 2003. Alex Howard

Loading at Thunder Bay, May, 2003.
Rob Farrow

Clearing Côte Ste. Catherine Lock upbound
St. Lawrence Seaway, June 2, 2003.
Marc Piché.

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1-maplecliffe-rb.jpg (56348 bytes)
Maplecliffe Hall below Iroquois Lock when she was new. Ron Beaupre

Downbound the St. Marys River at the Soo,
1970. Roger LeLievre

Upbound the St. Marys River, Aug. 20, 1971.
Roger LeLievre

Upbound the St. Marys River, July 1976.
Roger LeLievre
maplecliffe.jpg (68862 bytes)
Downbound Welland Canal at Thorold, ON,
Nov. 7, 1985. Marc Dease

Maplecliffe Hall loading.
(Date, location & photographer unknown)

LeMoyne (1) in the Welland Canal.
Tom Manse collection, courtesy of
Roger LeLievre
2-lemoyne-1991-go.jpg (78800 bytes)
LeMoyne (2) laid up at Toronto 1991.
Capt. Ouderkirk photo, courtesy Ron Beaupre

As the LeMoyne (2). John Cole photo,
Know Your Ships
Downbound the Welland Canal in the channel between Locks 4 & 3 taken from the raised Glendale Ave. Bridge, Nov. 1998.
Roger LeLievre

Lock 1, Welland Canal.
Roger LeLievre

Downbound St. Clair River at Port Huron, MI.
(date & photographer unknown)

Bow close-up.

Stern view.

Downbound Welland Canal below Lock 4 taken from the raised Glendale Ave. Bridge.
John Belliveau (89286 bytes)
Loading at Sarnia, Sept. 29, 1999.
George Wharton (64078 bytes)
Upbound the Welland Canal at Port Colborne, June 17, 2001. George Wharton (80384 bytes)
Stern view approaching Lock 8.
George Wharton
Inbound Toledo, OH Aug. 8, 2001 for the ADM/Countrymark Elevator. ns

Maumee River with Susan Hoey on the bow.

Close up.

Bow view.

Holds ready for cargo.

William Hoey brings the stern around.

Turned and heading for the dock.

Upbound Detroit River Nov. 4, 2001.
Mike Nicholls

Stern view. Mike Nicholls

Upbound Detroit River passing Grassy Island,
Nov. 17, 2001. Mike Nicholls

Stern view. Mike Nicholls

Loading wheat for Montreal at the Richardson elevator at Thunder Bay, ON Nov. 2001.
Rob Farrow

Winter lay-up at Hamilton, ON,
Dec. 27, 2001. Mike Nicholls

Downbound Welland Canal, June 19, 2002.
Neil Schultheiss

Under way. Rod Burdick

Arriving at the Welland Canal having been towed from Hamilton, Aug. 19, 2002.
Alex Howard

Another view. Alex Howard

With tug Miseford below Lock 1.
Alex Howard

Close up. Alex Howard

Loading at Duluth, MN, Oct. 5, 2002.
Glen Blaszkiewicz

Approaching Welland Canal's Lock 2,
Oct. 18, 2002. Dave Wobser

Inching into the lock. Dave Wobser

Upbound Welland Canal, Oct. 18, 2002.
Alex Howard

Docking at Anderson's 'K' Elevator, Toledo, OH,
Oct. 19, 2002. Mike Nicholls

Another view, tug Susan Hoey on the bow.
Mike Nicholls

At the dock. Mike Nicholls

Upbound waiting to depart Welland Canal's
Lock 7, Nov. 18, 2002. Alex Howard

Another view. Alex Howard

Departing. Alex Howard

Downbound St. Lawrence Seaway near Montreal, QC, Dec. 19, 2002. Marc Piché

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