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Algoport Sinking
September 6, 2009

n September 6, 2009 the Algoport broke in half and sank in heavy seas while under tow to China for conversion. The tow had encountered some rough seas from Tropical Storm Dujuan that had passed near the vessel's route.  The tow was about one week away from her destination when the Algoport sank in approximately 16,404' (5,000 m) of water, location 300'0" N by1300'0" E (East China Sea south of Japan).  There were no injuries, loss of life or environmental issues reported from the foundering. 
algoportsink6.jpg (69872 bytes) algoportsink-1.jpg (77432 bytes) algoportsink5.jpg (89102 bytes) algoportsink3.jpg (92990 bytes)
Forward half breaks free
algoportclose.JPG-1.jpg (47002 bytes)
Sending a hatch cover through the air.
algoportsink4.jpg (71232 bytes) algoportsink-2.jpg (58551 bytes)
Painful to see a modern laker going down.
algoportsink.jpg (88665 bytes)    
Algoport2.jpg (21334 bytes)
More pictures at a lower resolution
Algoport6.jpg (25759 bytes) Algoport9.jpg (24132 bytes) Algoport10.jpg (20783 bytes) Algoport11.jpg (22893 bytes)
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