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December 12 - 13, 20

12/13 - Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-isadora-12-12-13-dk.jpg (94181 bytes)
Isadora waiting at the West Pier.
2-amanderson-12-12-13-dk.jpg (86505 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson waiting for ice to be cleared from around the lock doors.
3-IHarbor-12-12-13-dk.jpg (132232 bytes)
 Indiana Harbor down bound for the Poe Lock.
4-iharbor-12-12-13-dk.jpg (45548 bytes)
Indiana Harbor iced.
5-iharbor-12-12-13-dk.jpg (91198 bytes)
Indiana Harbor bow ice.
6-alpena-12-12-13-dk.jpg (86865 bytes)
Alpena rounding Mission Point.
7-alpena-12-12-13-dk.jpg (58278 bytes)
Alpena rudder.
8-harvy-12-12-13-dk.jpg (61353 bytes)
Army Corps Harvey at the entrance to the MacArthur Lock.

 J.W. Westcott 2013 Shipping Season - John Belliveau
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(1).jpg (89281 bytes)
 Ice in the Detroit River about an inch thick
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(2).jpg (90451 bytes)
 At 15 degrees out spray freezes instantly
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(3).jpg (97136 bytes)
 About 70 percent of the Detroit river had ice on it
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(4).jpg (112298 bytes)
Breaking through the ice
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(5).jpg (98766 bytes)
Another view of icy Detroit River
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(6).jpg (121139 bytes)
Broken ice trail made by the J. W. Westcott II
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(7).jpg (81603 bytes)
Made a loud rumbling and cracking sound as we broke through
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(8).jpg (103380 bytes)
Approaching tug Ken Boothe Sr. and barge Lakes Contender
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(9).jpg (98548 bytes)
Tug Ken Boothe Sr. and barge Lakes Contender just departed an overnight anchoring near Bell Isle due to low water levels.
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(10).jpg (97139 bytes)
Close-up of the Tug Ken Boothe Sr.
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(11).jpg (96962 bytes)
Happy crew as we line up to make the delivery
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(12).jpg (104206 bytes)
Packages and mail go aboard the tug
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(13).jpg (95110 bytes)
Delivery complete, we depart the tug/barge combo
WestcottDelivery-12-12-13-jb-(14).jpg (58060 bytes)
Heading back to the Westcott dock

USCG Mackinaw working Aid to Navigation in the Straits of Mackinac Wednesday
mackinaw-aton-12-13-(2).jpg (190465 bytes)
An early start to the ice season means the crew of Mackinaw has to race to complete Operation Fall Retrieve before the ice floes set firm and damage the navigational buoys.
mackinaw-aton-12-13-(4).jpg (47113 bytes)
mackinaw-aton-12-13-(5).jpg (173458 bytes)
 Crew hooks the ice-covered Mackinac Bridge Lighted Bell Buoy 1
mackinaw-aton-12-13-(3).jpg (141204 bytes) mackinaw-aton-12-13-(1).jpg (129576 bytes)
Buoys and concrete anchors secured to the cutter's deck as they head to port fully loaded with buoys pulled from the Straits of Mackinac

Algoma Equinox arriving in Port of Duluth-Superior Wednesday morning - Robert Welton/ Duluth Seaway Port Authority
AlgomaExuinox12-11-13-dspa.jpg (99903 bytes) AlgomaEquinoxb12-11-13b.jpg (180916 bytes)
BNSF loads iron ore pellets into cargo holds of the Algoma Equinox

12/12 - Twin Ports Wednesday - Tom Caine
AlMont-12-11-13-tc..JPG (1362908 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais finishing unloading at Duluth
AlMont-12-11-13-tc.b.JPG (1235392 bytes) LAT-12-11-13-tc..JPG (930777 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha anchored off Duluth
AmCourage-12-11-13-tc.JPG (988469 bytes)
American Courage departing Graymont Limestone Dock, Superior
Kent-12-11-13-tc.JPG (1446250 bytes)
Tug Kentucky in Superior Front Channel
HMarine-12-11-13-tc.JPG (1499764 bytes)
Heritage Marine tugs
MtMcKay-12-11-13-tc.JPG (1435462 bytes)
Tug Mount McKay, Superior
Tolsma-12-11-13-tc.JPG (1426138 bytes)
Tug Tolsma Bay at old NP Ore Dock, Superior
Katmai-12-09-13-tc.JPG (1187655 bytes)
USCGC Katmai Bay arriving Duluth on Monday.

Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-algomarine-12-11-13-dk.jpg (92518 bytes)
Algomarine downbound for the Soo Locks.
2-algomarine-12-11-13-dk.jpg (127192 bytes)
Algomarine Bow ice.
3-undaunted-12-11-13-dk.jpg (117403 bytes)
Tug Undaunted and barrage Pere Marquette 41 at the west Pier.
4-undaunted-12-11-13-dk.jpg (113482 bytes)
Pere Marquette 41
5-prtregurtha-12-11-13-dk.jpg (43616 bytes)
Paul R Tregurtha showing its Christmas spirit.

Shipping at Sorel-Tracy
- Rene Beauchamp
Sharon-M-I-touant-Nunavut-Spirit-10-Dec-13-RB.jpg (104762 bytes)
Sharon M I, the newest tug in the McKeil fleet towing their huge barge Nunavut Spirit from Montreal to Sydney, N.S. on Tuesday.
Sharon-M-I-10-Dec-13-RB-(2).jpg (97545 bytes) IMG_1285.jpg (91493 bytes) Lisbon-Express-10-Dec-13-RB.jpg (75068 bytes)
Lisbon Express upbound on Tuesday off Sorel-Tracy heading to Montreal.
Navios-Lyra-10-Dec-2013-RB.jpg (84445 bytes)
Navios Lyra awaiting at the anchorage for dock space to load grain.
Halsted-Bay-10-Dec-13-RB.jpg (86376 bytes)
Halsted Bay awaiting for orders.

Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-bsp-12-6-13-pb.jpg (41593 bytes)
Baie St Paul leaving Lock 1, downbound.
2-bsp-12-6-13-pb.jpg (54281 bytes)
Baie St Paul on her way to Port Weller piers and Lake Ontario.
3-kam-12-6-13-pb.jpg (55694 bytes)
Cuyahoga & Mapleglen pass above Lock 3.
4-algeq-12-6-13-pb.jpg (49663 bytes)
 Algoma Equinox on her first trip through the canal, above Lock 7.
5-algeq-12-6-13-pb.jpg (56108 bytes)
 Equinox on her way to Port Colborne, then Lake Erie.
6-maple-12-6-13-pb.jpg (49837 bytes)
Mapleglen below Lock 2.
7-maple-12-6-13-pb.jpg (52370 bytes)
Mapleglen glides toward Lock 1.
8-algent-12-6-13-pb.jpg (41395 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise passes the shipyard in Port Weller.
9-wilf-12-6-13-pb.jpg (56066 bytes)
Alouette Spirit pushed by the Wilf Seymour below Lock 2.
10-wilf-12-6-13-pb.jpg (59691 bytes)
Wilf Seymour on her way to Lock 1.
11-fraser-12-6-13-pb.jpg (43804 bytes)
Fraserborg below the High bridge.
12-fraser-12-6-13-pb.jpg (41368 bytes)
 Fraserborg on her way down to Lock 2.
13-vanc-12-6-13-pb.jpg (43833 bytes)
Vancouverborg above Lock 3.
14-roch-12-6-13-pb.jpg (72935 bytes)
USCGC 47285 (Rochester) at the Homer bridge.
15-roch-12-6-13-pb.jpg (65051 bytes)
Rochester on her way toward Lock 2.  This 47 foot Search & Rescue, self-righting cutter is the same design as the CCGC Cape Commodore whose photo appeared a few days ago.

Work  above Lock 2 in the Welland Canal
welland-work-12-9-13-(1).jpg (20861 bytes)
Appears to be part of the  tie-up wall renewal work.
welland-work-12-9-13-(6).jpg (28532 bytes)
Crews are removing timber tie-up walls and the construction of new tie-up walls using steel and concrete.
welland-work-12-9-13-(4).jpg (29761 bytes) welland-work-12-9-13-(3).jpg (16761 bytes) welland-work-12-9-13-(5).jpg (27001 bytes)
welland-work-12-9-13-(2).jpg (20681 bytes)        

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