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December 10 - 11, 20

12/11 - Soo Traffic - David Kaye
1-presqueisle-12-10-13-dk.jpg (50828 bytes)
Presque Isle at Mission point.
2-presqueisle-12-10-13-dk.jpg (50711 bytes)
Presque Isle bow ice.
3-presqueisle-12-10-13-dk.jpg (93483 bytes) 4-spruceglen-12-10-13-dk.jpg (125828 bytes)
 Spruceglen downbound for the Macarthur lock.
5-spruceglen-12-10-13-dk.jpg (70926 bytes)
bow ice.
6-aintegrity-12-10-13-dk.jpg (103921 bytes)
American Integrity downbound at the West Pier.
7-aintegrity-12-10-13-dk.jpg (87136 bytes) 8-edwinhgott-12-10-13-dk.jpg (171569 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott upbound under the International Bridge.

Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey
1-hlwhite-12-10-13-ts.jpg (67045 bytes)
 H. Lee White unloading at Consumers Energy in Essexville. 
2-hlwhite-12-10-13-ts.jpg (83153 bytes)
Crew waiting to run a line forward
3-gjbusch-12-10-13-ts.jpg (67954 bytes)
Gregory J. Busch upbound at USCG Station Saginaw River
4-gjbusch-12-10-13-ts.jpg (75588 bytes)
Stern view at the Essexville range lights
5-olmoore-12-10-13-ts.jpg (54873 bytes)
 Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber at Bay City Wirt
6-olmoore-12-10-13-ts.jpg (69065 bytes)
Tug close up
7-olmoore-12-10-13-ts.jpg (75485 bytes)
Moore - Kuber upbound at Cass Avenue bound for Saginaw Wirt

Algoma Equinox below Lock 3 Friday
- Josh Bellingham
2-AlgomaEquinox-6-12-13-JB.jpg.jpg (96860 bytes)        

Tug Paul L. Luedtke heading south on the Buffalo River during dredging December 8 -
Mike Brady
Paul-L-Luedtke12-8-13-mb-(1).jpg (104184 bytes) Paul-L-Luedtke12-8-13-mb-(2).jpg (99042 bytes) Paul-L-Luedtke12-8-13-mb-(3).jpg (90662 bytes)    

Quebec City/St. Lawrence River -
John McCreery
1-QueenMary2-9-17-13-jm.jpg (172024 bytes)
Queen Mary 2 at Quebec City opposite Ultramar deep water terminal
2-QueenMary2-9-17-13-jm.jpg (112148 bytes)
Full view dockside - one of six liners in port on the same day.
3-OverseasAtalmar-9-16-13-jm.jpg (219320 bytes)
 Overseas Atalmar and pilot boat
4-GCaribe-Atalmar-9-16-13-jm.jpg (229907 bytes)
Grande Caribe passing the Atalmar
5-Grande-Caribe-9-16-13-jm.jpg (224363 bytes)
Closer view of Grande Caribe.
6-Motti-9-16-13-jm.jpg (119422 bytes)
Motti at Quebec City - not in Know Your Ships?
7-LeCoudrierDeLisle-9-16-13-jm.jpg (114773 bytes)
Le Coudrier de l'Isle
8-Rusby-Arctique-Jeansonne-9-16-13-jm.jpg (185214 bytes)
 Ocean tugs, Rusby, Arctique and Jeansonne.
9-Jeansonne-9-16-13-jm.jpg (139472 bytes)
Jeansonne headed out.
10-CelebritySummit-9-16-13-jm.jpg (138419 bytes)
Celebrity Summit departing Quebec City
11-Sorlandet-9-16-13-jm.jpg (217798 bytes)
Sorlandet at Quebec City
12-ExploreroftheSeas-9-18-13-jm.jpg (120075 bytes)
Explorer of the Seas arriving at Quebec City, Old Port
13-Explorer-LeBoreal-9-18-13-jm.jpg (121290 bytes)
Le Boreal arrives soon after.
14-LeBoreal-9-18-13-jm.jpg (98998 bytes)
 Close up of Le Boreal
15-Arctic-9-17-13-jm.jpg (140010 bytes)
 Industrial dock, middle ship is the Arctic
16-WhitefishBay-9-19-13-jm.jpg (118338 bytes)
 Whitefish Bay discharging cargo.
17-OttawaExpress-Eurodam-Sojourn-9-22-13-jm.jpg (136845 bytes)
The Ottawa Exp
ress downbound past the Eurodam and Seabourn Sojourn
18-SeabournSojourn-9-20-13-jm.jpg (130484 bytes)
Seabourn Sojourn passing La Malbaie upbound
19-Tecumseh-9-19-13-jm.jpg (71884 bytes)
Tecumseh passing L'Isle aux Coudres upbound
20-AtHuron-CSLNiagara-9-23-13-jm.jpg (119667 bytes)
Atlantic Huron meeting the upbound CSL Niagara off St. Antoine de Tilly Quebec

Historical Perspectives - Flying Independent aground 1963 - 
Jim Hastings
In July 1963 around midnight the Flying Independent was downbound at Cape Vincent with a reported load of Army Tanks for Vietnam. She got too close to Horne's Point picking up a pilot and ran aground on the end of Hinckley Flats Shoal. I was watching and heard the pilot yelling as he climbed the ladder, "turn out, turn out" but it was too late. The Tug Graeme Stewart was first to arrive, later in the week assisted by Tugs Helen McAllister, Robinson Bay and Salvage Monarch. The cargo was shifted and the tugs got her off. This was the reason for the addition of bouy 242 at Horne's Point, (Pt. Alexandria).
1-FlyIndpent-7-63-jh-jpg.jpg (27041 bytes) 2-FlyIndpent-7-63-jh-jpg.jpg (30460 bytes) 3-GrmStewrt-7-63-jh-jpg.jpg (22032 bytes) 4-FlyIndpent-7-63-jh-jpg.jpg (21246 bytes) 5-FlyIndpent-7-63-jh-jpg.jpg (77339 bytes)

Historical Perspective - Helene passing Detroit in the summer of 1976 - 
Chris Wilson
MV-Helene-Detroit-1986.jpg (142994 bytes)        

12/10 - Soo Traffic
- David Kaye
1-victory-12-9-13-dk.jpg (190877 bytes)
Victory and barge James L Kuber upbound.
2-jlkuber-12-9-13-dk.jpg (49803 bytes)
Great day to be working outdoors, James L Kuber.
3-michipcoten-12-9-13-dk.jpg (106059 bytes)
Michipicoten upbound at the west Pier.
4-Alder-12-9-13-dk.jpg (95802 bytes)
USCG Alder
5-HCJackson-12-9-13-dk.jpg (145263 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson downbound for the MacArthur Lock.

Duluth -
 Ed Labernik
1-IHarbor-11-27-13-el.jpg (101480 bytes)
Outbound Indiana Harbor turning to starboard, lining itself up with the Duluth Ship Canal.
2-IHarbor-11-27-13-el.jpg (147603 bytes)
Indiana Harbor approaches the Duluth Ship Canal and about to pass under the Aerial Lift Bridge.
3--JRBarker-11-28-13-el.jpg (73635 bytes)
 Inbound James R. Barker approaches the North Pier Light on the Duluth Ship Canal.
4-JRBarker-11-28-13-el.jpg (82103 bytes)
In the Duluth Ship Canal, the Barker passes the South Pier Lighthouse.
5-JRBarker-11-28-13-el.jpg (133718 bytes)
James R. Barker passes under the Aerial Lift Bridge on its way to Midwest Energy terminal in Superior, WI to load coal.
6-PIsle-12-7-13-el.jpg (123429 bytes)
 Inbound Presque Isle passes the North Pier Light in the Duluth Ship Canal,  temperature was -9 F
7-PIsle-12-7-13-el.jpg (91776 bytes)
Presque Isle in the Duluth Ship Canal.
8-PIsle-12-7-13-el.jpg (62332 bytes)
Presque Isle turns to port in the Duluth Harbor and heads over to CN Dock to load iron ore pellets.

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