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June 17, 20

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Federal-Kumano-(Hkg)-dbnd-above-L1-(2).jpg (101026 bytes)
Federal Kumano
Yulia-(Lbr)-upbnd-headed-to-L2.jpg (81008 bytes)
Yulia-(Lbr)-headed-for-L2-upbnd.jpg (57342 bytes) Lady-Doris-(Lbr)-dbnd-clear-of-L1.jpg (107479 bytes)
Lady Doris
Lady-Doris-(Lbr)-with-pilot-boat-standing-by.jpg (122435 bytes)
Fireboat-2-upbnd-on-maiden-trip.jpg (126162 bytes)
Fireboat 2 built at Metalcraft in Kingston maiden trip
Howard-W.-Fitzpatrick-former.jpg (196647 bytes)
Howard W. Fitzpatrick former Massport fireboat tied on wall
Howard-W.-Fitzpatrick-former1.jpg (181301 bytes)

Detroit Area -
Ken Borg
IMG_9487.jpg (90392 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson up-bound the Rouge River.  NS drawbridge in  background.  Sunday, June 09, 2013
IMG_9488.jpg (120706 bytes) IMG_9491.jpg (110546 bytes) IMG_9440.jpg (118664 bytes) IMG_9439.jpg (100125 bytes)
Ashtabula/Victory unloading stone at old Peerless Dock on the Rouge River in Detroit, Mi on June 04, 2013
IMG_9446.jpg (116062 bytes)        

Point Edward/Sarnia -
Marc Dease
1-hous-5-25-13-md.jpg (190955 bytes)
Port Of Houston, Texas,  Fireboat #2 upbound at Point Edward.
2-sam-5-25-13-md.jpg (68002 bytes)
Sam Laud downbound at 1 & 2.
3-wjm-5-25-13-md.jpg (58633 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. heads into Lake Huron.
4-chj-5-25-13-a-md.jpg (62200 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman follows.
5-chj-5-25-13-b-md.jpg (57462 bytes)
Traffic jam at 7 & 8.
6-great-5-25-13-a-md.jpg (53461 bytes)
Great Republic downbound at 1 & 2.
7-great-5-25-13-b-md.jpg (65755 bytes)
Making the turn.
8-miss-5-25-13-md.jpg (77336 bytes)
Mississagi downbound at 1 & 2.
9-nova-5-25-13-md.jpg (75187 bytes)
Algonova heads into Lake Huron.
10-baie-5-25-13-md.jpg (70337 bytes)
Baie St. Paul follows.
11-cuya-5-25-13-md.jpg (66051 bytes)
Cuyahoga downbound at 1 & 2.
12-erie-5-25-13-md.jpg (52147 bytes)
Atlantic Erie heads into Lake Huron.
13-aoly-5-25-13-a-md.jpg (78851 bytes)
 Meeting the Algoma Olympic. A spawning Sturgeon breaks the surface in the foreground.
14-aoly-5-25-13-b-md.jpg (71873 bytes)
Algoma Olympic above the buoys.
15-aoly-5-25-13-c-md.jpg (64410 bytes)
 Head on.
16-asoo-5-25-13-md.jpg (85673 bytes)
Algosoo upbound at Black river.
17-prc-5-25-13-md.jpg (86856 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke upbound at Black river.
18-tad-5-25-13-md.jpg (74327 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac in the north slip at Point Edward. The tires indicate she will soon have company.
19-cuya-5-26-13-a-md.jpg (87793 bytes)
Cuyahoga upbound at Point Edward.
20-cuya-5-26-13-b-md.jpg (59125 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
21-ljk-5-26-13-md.jpg (73741 bytes)
Tug Olive L. Moore and barge Lewis J. Kuber making the turn.
22-gard-5-26-13-md.jpg (78192 bytes)
Algoma Guardian downbound at 1 & 2.
23-away-5-26-13-md.jpg (75999 bytes)
Algoway downbound at 1 & 2.
24-mont-5-26-13-md.jpg (80142 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais heads into Lake Huron.

Recent Ships Hamilton
- John McCreery
1-OceanGolf-6-2-13-jm.jpg (108799 bytes)
Ocean Golf back in port
2-OceanGolf-6-2-13-jm.jpg (121624 bytes)
Ocean Golf arriving at her dock
3-FedNakagawa-NadroTugs-6-2-13-jm.jpg (140121 bytes)
Federal Nakagawa at P&H with Nadro tugs in the foreground
4-Laprairie-Nakagawa-6-2-13-jm.jpg (129551 bytes)
Tug Laprairie
5-Saginaw-FedNakagawa-6-2-13-jm.jpg (134994 bytes)
Saginaw backing out of her slip at Bunge
6-Saginaw-6-2-13-jm.jpg (129849 bytes)
Saginaw turns to head for Eastport
7-Saginaw-VDesgagnes-6-2-13-jm.jpg (99802 bytes)
Drawing near the Vega Desgagnes
8-Saginaw-6-2-13-jm.jpg (81897 bytes)
Backed into the Dofasco slip to take on cargo
9-JDLeitch-5-29-13-jm.jpg (104371 bytes)
John D Leitch entering the harbour
10-Algowood-6-2-13-jm.jpg (114970 bytes)
Crowd gathers for Algowood's arrival
11-Algowood-6-2-13-jm.jpg (94348 bytes)
12-Algowood-6-2-13-jm.jpg (221409 bytes)
Stern view
13-FedLeda-JerryG-6-4-13-jm.jpg (117232 bytes)
Jerry G and Federal Leda head for the raised bridge
14-JerryG-6-4-13-jm.jpg (155553 bytes)
Gerry G outbound
15-FedLeda-6-4-13-jm.jpg (147819 bytes)
Federal Leda under the bridges
16-FedLeda-6-4-13-jm.jpg (115386 bytes)
Stern view into Lake Ontario
17-AlgomaMontrealais-6-4-13-jm.jpg (96549 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais arriving from Superior Wisconsin
18-AlgomaMontrealais-6-4-13-jm.jpg (81265 bytes)
Algoma Monrealais entering the piers at Hamilton June 4 2013
19-AlgomaMontrealais-6-4-13-jm.jpg (96302 bytes)
 Bow closeup
20-VegaDesgagnes-6-4-13-jm.jpg (131329 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes outbound the Burlington Piers

South Chicago June 5
-  Lou Gerard
Stmarchall-6-5-13-lg-DSC-0298.jpg (120489 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger approaches 95th St.
Stmarchall-6-5-13-lg-DSC-0318.jpg (154468 bytes)
After clearing NS5 she approaches 100th St.
Stmarchall-6-5-13-lg-DSC-0328.jpg (105366 bytes)
Going through the bend at 106th St.
Mississagi-6-5-13-lg-DSC-0361.jpg (118890 bytes)
Mississagi coming under the EJ&E bridge with a load of salt for the Chicago Export Dock.
Mississagi-6-5-13-lg-DSC-0363.jpg (105265 bytes)
Mississagi coming through 92nd St.
Mississagi-6-5-13-lg-DSC-0398.jpg (120599 bytes)
Coming up to 100th St.

PJ Hull 264 passing Marine City -
William Beutell
PJ-built-212-yacht-(3).jpg (69578 bytes)
The 212' yacht sailed for its home port in Russia last this week.
PJ-built-212-yacht-(2).jpg (64054 bytes)
Special order hood ornament
PJ-built-212-yacht-(1).jpg (60859 bytes)    

American Steamship's St. Clair is busy unloading taconite pellets at Cleveland, Ohio, while fleetmate American Courage loads taconite pellets for the river shuttle
- Thomas Seiler
St.-Clair-06-03-13-ts.jpg (111277 bytes)        

Welland Canal views June 8
- Skip Gillham
Algomarine-L.7---June-8-13.jpg (95357 bytes)
Algomarine upbound in Lock 7
John-J.-Carrick-Bel.-L4---June-8-13-(1).jpg (123299 bytes)
 John J. Carrick, pushed by the tug Victorious - approaching Lock 4 upbound

Algosteel and Peter R. Cresswell in Marquette -
Rod Burdick
1asteel6_3_13arr3_rb.jpg (150689 bytes)
Algosteel arriving at the Upper Harbor ore dock
2prcrsw6813dkPI3_rb.jpg (141160 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell ready to load ore at the Upper Harbor

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-olmoore-6-10-13-ts.jpg (519748 bytes)
 Olive L. Moore - Lewis J. Kuber outbound at Cass Avenue
2-olmoore-6-10-13-ts.jpg (463705 bytes) 1-laud-6-9-13-ts.jpg (77427 bytes)
 Sam Laud backing into the Bay Aggregates dock
2-laud-6-9-13-ts.jpg (74080 bytes)
Another view
3-innovation-6-9-13-ts.jpg (79902 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain - Innovation at the Lafarge dock in Essexville.
Saginaw-06-04-13-ts.jpg (93057 bytes)        

Buffalo, N.Y. -
Brian W.
1-Cheraw-6-9-13-BW.jpg (115080 bytes)
Army Corps equipment moored at the Buffalo Sewer Authority dock on the Black rock Canal, just North of Ferry St. 
2-Cheraw-6-9-13-BW.jpg (162214 bytes)
Tug Cheraw tied up along the stretch that was once called "Black Rock Harbor" in the olden times before the Erie Canal was finished.
3-Cheraw-6-9-13-BW.jpg (151896 bytes)
Smaller tug and some barges moored at Black Rock Harbor.
4-Cheraw-6-9-13-BW.jpg (102356 bytes)
he Coast Guard takes some sort of ride-along group up the river.
5-Mariner-6-9-13-BW.jpg (134607 bytes)
The Mariner takes up all the good water of the Entrance Channel as she backs down from the Watson Basin to the Lake with downtown Buffalo and the USS Little Rock as a backdrop.
6-Mariner-6-9-13-BW.jpg (114906 bytes)
Close up of her massive superstructure as she backs through the piers.
7-Mariner-6-9-13-BW.jpg (58465 bytes)
A watchman lookout calls the closing distance (via radio to the bridge) between the ship's Starboard bow and the first "Red Nun" (off camera to the left) as she starts her swing out of the Buffalo River.
8-Mariner-6-9-13-BW.jpg (96796 bytes)
Clearing out to deeper water, she turns into the Outer Harbor and rounds the bend at Lighthouse Point (the old South Pier).

The new tug Aura passing Mariatown from her builders in Cleveland -
Ron Beaupre
1-aura-09-06-13-rfb.jpg (91599 bytes)
Tug Aura is heading for the East Coast.
2-aura-09-06-13-rfb.jpg (115891 bytes)      

Sam Laud entering Erie Harbor in a fog with a load of stone -
Gene Polaski
Ships-Sam-Laud-020A.jpg (74926 bytes)        

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