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June 4, 20

CSL's new Thunder Bay and Whitefish Bay in China departing for North America
Thunder-Bay.jpg (90514 bytes)
Thunder Bay in the East China Sea on her way to Canada.
Thunder-Bay1.jpg (82803 bytes) thunderbay-(3).jpg (74212 bytes) thunderbay-(4).jpg (72714 bytes) whitefishbay-5-13-china.jpg (94785 bytes)
Whitefish Bay departing for Canada.
whitefishbay-5-13-chinab.jpg (63278 bytes)        

Seaway Friday to Sunday, Mariatown & Iroquois Lock -
Murray Blancher
1-Federal-Leda-2013-05-31-mb.jpg (78953 bytes) 2-Federal-Leda-2013-05-31-mb.jpg (108922 bytes) 3-Manitoba-2013-06-01-mb.jpg (80788 bytes) 4-Manitoba-2013-06-01-mb.jpg (105988 bytes) 5-Kaministiqua-2013-06-01-mb.jpg (62900 bytes)
6-Kaministiqua-2013-06-01-mb.jpg (75159 bytes) 7-CCGC-Amundsen-2013-06-01-mb.jpg (82415 bytes) 8-Yulia-2013-06-01-mb.jpg (103822 bytes) 9-Yulia-2013-06-01-mb.jpg (84153 bytes) 10-Yulia-2013-06-01-mb.jpg (96950 bytes)
11-Baie-St-Paul-2013-06-01-mb.jpg (94778 bytes) 12-Baie-St-Paul-2013-06-01-mb.jpg (110337 bytes) 13-Assiniboine-2013-06-01-mb.jpg (99504 bytes) 14-John-B-Aird-2013-06-02-mb.jpg (95715 bytes) 15-Claudia-A-Desgagnes-2013-06-02-mb.jpg (87557 bytes)
16-Claudia-A-Desgagnes-2013-06-02-mb.jpg (96500 bytes) 17-Ocean-Traverse-Nord-2013-06-02-mb.jpg (126297 bytes) 18-Ocean-Traverse-Nord-2013-06-02-mb.jpg (130664 bytes)    

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-manitowoc-6-2-13-ts.jpg (97573 bytes)
Tugs Olive L. Moore and Manitou assist the Manitowoc in turning at the Bay City Wirt Dock
2-manitowoc-6-2-13-ts.jpg (65030 bytes)
Another view
3-olmoore-6-2-13-ts.jpg (83713 bytes)
Olive L Moore headed back up the Saginaw River to reconnect the the Lewis J. Kuber at the Burroughs dock in Zilwaukee
4-champion-6-2-13-ts.jpg (121658 bytes)
Tug Champion inbound for the Consumers Energy Dock
5-champion-6-2-13-ts.jpg (158335 bytes)
Champion close up
6-olmoore-6-2-13-ts.jpg (93376 bytes)
Olive L. Moore and Manitou at Burroughs
1-manitowoc-5-31-13-ts.jpg (72266 bytes)
Manitowoc tied up at the Bay City Wirt dock on May 31st
2-manitowoc-5-31-13-ts.jpg (58339 bytes)
Evening view
3-edson-5-31-13-ts.jpg (68145 bytes)
 USS Edson at her dock just below the Independence Bridge in Bay City
4-luedtke-5-31-13-ts.jpg (96738 bytes)
Tugs Kurt  & Karl Luedtke with the Derrick Boat 16 near the Saginaw River Front Range
5-luedtke-5-31-13-ts.jpg (152024 bytes)
Tug Kurt Luedtke close up
6-luedtke-5-31-13-ts.jpg (119142 bytes)
Suction dredge Lucille T at the disposal island emptying a mud scow
5-30-13-002.jpg (92753 bytes)
Manitowoc at the Bay City Wirt Dock on Thursday

Welland Canal
- Skip Gillham
Saginaw---L.3-June-1-13-(4).jpg (113669 bytes)
Saginaw entering Lock 3
Claude-A.-Desgagnes---Ab.-L.-1-June-1-13.jpg (123746 bytes)
Claude A. Desgagnes hiding in the bushes above Lock 1
Howard-W.-Fitzpatrick-P.Wr-June-1-13-(1).jpg (271152 bytes)
Tug Howard W. Fitzpatrick in Port Weller  harbor
Flevoborg---Bel.-L.-1-June-1-13.jpg (209321 bytes)
Flevoborg below Lock 1

Lee A. Tregurtha arriving at Two Harbors on Sunday afternoon -
Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-LATREGURTHA-6-2-13-GHB.jpg (111095 bytes)        

 Manistee unloading near the West 3rd St. Bridge in Cleveland
- Kate White
1-Manistee-6-1-13-kw.jpg (129064 bytes)        

John G. Munson at Fraser Shipyards in Superior
- Rod Burdick
1jgm5_24_13fraser_rb.jpg (116596 bytes)
Bow view
2jgm52513_fraser_rb.jpg (103603 bytes)
Stern view

Port Huron gathering -
Frank Frisk
phgather-ff-6-1-13-(5).jpg (136899 bytes) phgather-ff-6-1-13-(6).jpg (152425 bytes) phgather-ff-6-1-13-(7).jpg (109609 bytes) phgather-ff-6-1-13-(8).jpg (140654 bytes) phgather-ff-6-1-13-(1).jpg (133873 bytes)
IMG_1540.jpg (92024 bytes) phgather-ff-6-1-13-(4).jpg (106408 bytes) phgather-ff-6-1-13-(3).jpg (56827 bytes) phgather-ff-6-1-13-(2).jpg (106942 bytes)  

Port of Houston Fireboat 2 May 25 and Federal Yukon -
Lorraine Morrill
13342---Port-of-Houston-Fireboat-2---Sarnia-5-25-13.jpg (208231 bytes) 13347---Port-of-Houston-Fireboat-2---Sarnia-5-25-13.jpg (96756 bytes) 13349---Port-of-Houston-Fireboat-2---Sarnia-5-25-13.jpg (85568 bytes) 2280---Federal-Yukon---Black-River-5-20-13.jpg (71886 bytes)  

Ludington, Mich. -
Steve Grima
ludington5-24-13-(5).jpg (102136 bytes)
Wind towers shipped over the weekend
ludington5-24-13-(6).jpg (100837 bytes) ludington5-24-13-(4).jpg (73361 bytes)
ludington5-24-13-(2).jpg (61778 bytes) ludington5-24-13-(3).jpg (53738 bytes)
ludington5-24-13-(7).jpg (135831 bytes)
PM 41 leaving dock
ludington5-24-13-(1).jpg (133610 bytes)      

- Bob Vincent
1-FederalYukon-5-30-13-bv.jpg (110706 bytes)
 Federal Yukon at the Andersons Grain Dock.
2-FederalYukon-5-30-13-bv.jpg (125048 bytes) 3-FederalYukon-5-30-13-bv.jpg (114552 bytes) 1-Ojibway-5-28-13-bv.jpg (131903 bytes)
Ojibway loading at The Andersons
2-Ojibway-5-28-13-bv.jpg (157769 bytes)
3-Ojibway-5-28-13-bv.jpg (94186 bytes)        

Herbert C Jackson down bound at Mission Point -
Herm Klein
01-HCJ-5-23-13-HK.jpg (124934 bytes) 02-HCJN-5-23-13-HK.jpg (76498 bytes)
bridge-bloodied nose patched-up

Iroquois Lock and Seaway at Prescott
- Jim Scrimger
3-CCGS-Amundsen-6-1-13-JS-.jpg (120450 bytes)
CCGS Amundsen entering Iroquois Lock.
1-CCGS-Amundsen--6-1-13-JS-.jpg (141714 bytes) 2-CCGS-Amundsen--6-1-13-JS-.jpg (100560 bytes)
Amunsden leaving Iroquois Lock.
4-Yulia-6-1-13-JS-.jpg (123892 bytes)
Yulia entering Iroquois Lock.
5-CCGS-Amundsen-Yulia--6-1-13-JS-.jpg (73058 bytes)
Amunsden and Yulia passing.
6-Kaministiqua-6-1-13-JS-.jpg (104316 bytes)
Kaministiqua in Iroquois Lock.
7-Kaministiqua-6-1-13-JS-.jpg (262113 bytes) 9-CCGS-Caribou-Isle-Tracy-5-14-13-JS-.jpg (137644 bytes)
CCGS Caribou Isle and CCGS Tracy at Prescott base.
8-Kaministiqua-CCGS-Amundsen-6-1-13-JS-.jpg (176571 bytes)
Kaministiqua and Amunsden passing at Iroquois Lock.
10-Isa-5-20-13-JS-.jpg (84760 bytes)
Isa and cruiser at Prescott.
11-Isa-cruiser-5-20-13-JS-.jpg (76309 bytes)
Isa and bridge in background and cruiser at Prescott Marina.
12-Peter-R-Cresswell-5-29-13-JS-.jpg (102210 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell at Johnstown Port.

BoatNerd Post Cards -
We have been collecting series of post cards and pictures for a large and comprehensive future historical gallery, below are a few of the latest scans
MailboatDetroit-early.jpg (132794 bytes)
Returning to the P.O. U.S. Marine Postal Service, Detroit River
BrandonLaunchDetroit1910.jpg (111263 bytes)
 Brandon, launched at Detroit Ship Building Co., Wyandotte, MI, 1910 for the Rutland Transit Co.
TashmooDetroit.jpg (165610 bytes)
Tashmoo at the Star Line Dock in Detroit loading passengers for St. Clair and Port Huron in the early 1900s.
Lemoyne.jpg (215875 bytes)
Large steamer Lemoyne, built in 1926, passes Windsor, Ont.

Final Bells -
Long time friends of the site who recently passed.
Kent-Malo-RL.jpg (75577 bytes)
Kent Malo at his favorite photo spot
Jim-thinker-JT.jpg (35468 bytes)
James (Jim) R. Koglin - "Kog"

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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