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March 27 & 28, 20

Toledo - Bob Vincent
1-AtlanticHuron,3-27-13-bv.jpg (166428 bytes)
Atlantic Huron, Torco's first ore boat of the season
2-AtlanticHuron-3-27-13-bv.jpg (107799 bytes)
Forward end view
3-AtlanticHuron-3-27-13-bv.jpg (120278 bytes)
Unloading boom
4-AtlanticHuron-3-27-13-bv.jpg (29215 bytes)
Aft Deck housing
5-AmerMariner-3-27-13-bv.jpg (96992 bytes)
American Mariner-winter lay-up
6-AmerMariner-3-27-13-bv.jpg (114315 bytes)
Another view
7-Manistee-3-27-13-bv.jpg (92779 bytes)
Manistee in winter lay-up
8-Manistee-3-27-13-bv.jpg (133816 bytes)
Another view
9-AmericanFortitude-3-27-13-bv.jpg (128343 bytes)
American Fortitude in long term Lay-up
10-StClair-3-27-13-bv.jpg (113508 bytes)
St. Clair in winter lay-up
11-StClair-3-27-13-bv.jpg (135552 bytes)
Another view
12-AmerValor,AmerFortitude-3-27-13-bv.jpg (97460 bytes)
Stern view of the American Valor and American Fortitude 

Soo Locks Opening Day 2013 - David Kaye
1-PRT-3-25-13-DK.jpg (64195 bytes) Paul R Tregurtha Opens the 2013 Season 2-McL-3-25-13-DK.jpg (230702 bytes)
MacArthur Lock Maintenance
3-AI-3-25-13-DK.jpg (79206 bytes)
American Integrity at Mission Point
4-AM-3-25-13-DK.jpg (65280 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais at Mission Point
5-IH-3-26-13-DK.jpg (123459 bytes)
Indiana Harbor downbound at locks passing Kaye E. Barker
6-SJC-3-25-13-DK.jpg (47198 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort upbound in the ice

First new ship of the Season - Rene Beauchamp
slomanherakles3-27-13-rb-(3).jpg (95166 bytes)
Entering the Seaway on March 27 was the first new ship of the year in the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Sloman Herakles.
slomanherakles3-27-13-rb-(2).jpg (104801 bytes)
Seen above Cote Ste. Catherine lock.
slomanherakles3-27-13-rb-(1).jpg (93782 bytes)    

Erie, Pa. -  Gene Polaski
New-York-tugging-Tecumseh.jpg (117594 bytes)
Tug New York assisting Tecumseh around in her slip.
Tecumseh-turnaround.jpg (126577 bytes) Life-boat-test-Gott.jpg (43308 bytes)
Life boat test a few hours before leaving Erie
Gott-passing-Presque-Isle.jpg (115761 bytes)
Gott leaving Erie passing the Presque Isle who was getting ready for departure.

Tug Erika Kobasic - Brian Wagoner
IMGP1747.jpg (148952 bytes)        

Soo opening day - Brian Wagoner
DSCF6636.jpg (97725 bytes) DSCF6639.jpg (84112 bytes) DSCF6635.jpg (156978 bytes)    
March 27

Sam Laud departing Toledo Tuesday
- Ron Bialecki
samlaud3-26-13-rb-(7).jpg (62122 bytes) samlaud3-26-13-rb-(6).jpg (62309 bytes) samlaud3-26-13-rb-(8).jpg (68078 bytes) samlaud3-26-13-rb-(4).jpg (62405 bytes) samlaud3-26-13-rb-(5).jpg (83918 bytes)
samlaud3-26-13-rb-(3).jpg (79116 bytes) samlaud3-26-13-rb-(2).jpg (51764 bytes) samlaud3-26-13-rb-(1).jpg (73023 bytes)    

Seaway at
Prescott, Ont. Tuesday - Dave Bessant
01-RadcliffeRLatimer-03-26-13-WDB.jpg (135536 bytes)
Radcliffe R. Latimer under the Prescott Ogdensburg International Bridge
02-RadcliffeRLatimer-03-26-13-WDB.jpg (99539 bytes) 03-RadcliffeRLatimer-03-26-13-WDB.jpg (83702 bytes)
Radcliffe R. Latimer past the Prescott Elevators with the tiny ( in relation ) tug Steel Head
04-EstaDesgagnes-03-26-13-WDB.jpg (70544 bytes)
Esta Desgagnes not far behind.
05-SteelHead-03-26-13-WDB.jpg (160648 bytes)
Tug Steel Head

Whitefish Bay Tuesday -
Mark Hudson
soo3-26-13-(6).jpg (47013 bytes) soo3-26-13-(5).jpg (57915 bytes) soo3-26-13-(4).jpg (33182 bytes)
soo3-26-13-(3).jpg (22803 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley, Manitowoc and the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin from left to right.
soo3-26-13-(2).jpg (41171 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley, Manitowoc.
soo3-26-13-(1).jpg (33227 bytes)
USCG Alder, Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin.

Phillip R. Clarke departing Sturgeon Bay Monday
- Sandie Custer
Clark-and-Lighthouse-to-the-right.jpg (89623 bytes) Clark-thru-bridge-2.jpg (54925 bytes)      

Roger Blough assisted from Fraser Shipyard in Superior, Wis. -
Peg Hom (113213 bytes)
Heritage Marine tug Helen H pulling the Blough from the shipyard. (115245 bytes)
Helen H pulling the Blough (138006 bytes)
Nels J pulling the Blough under the Blatnik Bridge. (141121 bytes)
Helen H pushing the Blough in the East Gate Basin

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