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March 25, 20

Paul R. Tregurtha enters the Poe Lock at 12:01 -  USACE
PRTopenssoo.jpg (78737 bytes)
Opening the 2013 season for the Soo Locks.
Stewart J. Cort departs lay-up in Milwaukee -  Keith Schmidt
stewartjcort3-23-13-ks-(2).jpg (82847 bytes)
Backing from port to Lake Michigan.
stewartjcort3-23-13-ks-(1).jpg (76147 bytes) stewartjcort3-23-13-ks-(3).jpg (73956 bytes) stewartjcort3-23-13-ks-(4).jpg (56800 bytes)  

Mackinaw breaking ice in west Neebish channel
- Pat and Linda Whitehead
Mackinaw-3-23-neebish.jpg (39432 bytes) Mackinaw3-23-neebish-p-(2).jpg (102407 bytes) Mackinaw3-23-neebish-p-(3).jpg (140068 bytes) Mackinaw3-23-neebish-p-(4).jpg (91167 bytes) Mackinaw3-23-neebish-p-(1).jpg (86457 bytes)

Algosoo transiting the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal with Jimmy L. escorting - Wendell Wilke
algosoo3-24-13-ww-(2).jpg (53556 bytes) algosoo3-24-13-ww-(1).jpg (61198 bytes)
In the inner harbor approaching the Maple St. Bridge.

CSL Niagara departing Owen Sound, Ontario Sunday
- Dave Martin
CSL-Niagara3-24-13-d-(4).jpg (107305 bytes) CSL-Niagara3-24-13-d-(1).jpg (101237 bytes) CSL-Niagara3-24-13-d-(2).jpg (98013 bytes) CSL-Niagara3-24-13-d-(3).jpg (83992 bytes)  

Doran Bay, St. Lawrence River, just east of Iroquois Locks -
Phillip Blancher
2013-03-23-ocean-gulf.jpg (79547 bytes)
Ocean Golf heading upbound towards Iroquois Locks.
2013-03-23-performance.jpg (119356 bytes)
St. Lawrence Seaway's tug, Performance. Upbound towards Iroquois Locks.
2013-03-23-robinson-bay.jpg (104738 bytes)
Tug, Robinson Bay, with a barge on marker installation duty.
2013-03-23-robinson-bay-ocean-golf.jpg (104704 bytes)
Ocean Golf passing Robinson Bay

Toledo lay-up departures -
Sam Buchanan
greatrepublicdeparts313.jpg (56624 bytes) Andersondeparts313.jpg (141103 bytes)      

Cleveland, Ohio -
Kate White
1-Nancy-Ann-3-23-13-kw.jpg (90646 bytes)
Dorothy Ann Pathfinder Saturday at the Cleveland Bulk Terminal.
1-Thunder-Bay-3-21-13-kw.jpg (107003 bytes)
Thunder Bay, taken at the Coast Guard Station March 21.

Seaway -
Murray Blancher
1-Baie-St-Paul-03-23-13-mb.jpg (75099 bytes)
Baie St Paul up at Brockville On.
2-Baie-St-Paul-03-23-13-mb.jpg (85175 bytes) 3-USCGC-Thunder-Bay-03-23-13-bm.jpg (93121 bytes)
USCGC Thunder Bay down at Brockville
4-USCGC-Thuder-Bay-03-23-13-mb.jpg (95138 bytes) 5-Clipper-Mari-03-23-13.jpg (90295 bytes)
Clipper Mari up at Brockville
6-Clipper-Mari-03-23-13-mb.jpg (118335 bytes) 7-Algoeast-03-23-13-mb.jpg (97569 bytes)
Algoeast down at Brockville
8-Algoeast-03-23-13-mb.jpg (91507 bytes) 9_MCT-Arcturus-03-23-13-mb.jpg (98794 bytes)
MCT Arcturus up at Brockville
10-MCT-Arcturus-03-23-13-mb.jpg (95879 bytes)

Welland Canal/Port Weller Drydock Friday -
John van der Doe
Port-Weller-March-22-2013-(1).jpg (118264 bytes) Port-Weller-March-22-2013-(4).jpg (103130 bytes) Port-Weller-March-22-2013-(3).jpg (107849 bytes)    

CSL Baie St Paul Saturday John Beniston and Peter Quigley
baiestpaul3-23-13.jpg (53952 bytes) baiestpaul-3-23-13-iro-Peter-Quigley.jpg (34742 bytes)      

Opening Day of Welland Canal -
Philip Nash
1-AlgoMont-22-03-13-pn.jpg (72029 bytes)
Algoma Montrealais raising in Lock 1 in ballast for Thunder Bay, Ontario.
2-AlgoMont-22-03-13-pn.jpg (64064 bytes)
passing by Port Weller Shipyard and fleet mate Algowood.
3-AlgoMont-22-03-13-pn.jpg (78289 bytes)
heading for Lock 2.
4-EvansMcKeil-22-03-13-pn.jpg (92367 bytes)
Tug Evans McKeil at Port Weller Shipyard.
5-EcosseLacM-22-03-13-pn.jpg (100056 bytes)
Tugs Ecosse and Lac Manitoba waiting to assist Algowood out of the dry dock at Port Weller Shipyard.
6-Algowood-22-03-13-pn.jpg (78430 bytes)
Algowood in dry-dock as they start filling the dock for departure. CCGS Amundsen also in dry dock at
Port Weller.
7-Cuyahoga-22-03-13-pn.jpg (89604 bytes)
Cuyahoga  first vessel upbound for the season clears from Lock 8 heading for Lake Erie.
8-Cuyahoga-22-03-13-pn.jpg (66201 bytes)
Flags on the Cuyahoga as part of opening day ceremonies.
9-Cuyahoga-22-03-13-pn.jpg (76778 bytes)
Cuyahoga entering ice as they approach Bridge 21 in Port Colborne, Ontario.
10-Cuyahoga-22-03-13-pn.jpg (43222 bytes)
Cuyahoga Port of Registry.
11-Maumee-22-03-13-pn.jpg (59002 bytes)
Maumee and Condarrell at International Marine Salvage in Port Colborne waiting to be scrapped.
12-PortCol-22-03-13-pn.jpg (75638 bytes)
Salt piles at Wharf 18 in Port Colborne.
13-AlgoEnt-22-03-13-pn.jpg (76754 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise in lay-up at Wharf 17 in Port Colborne.
14-AlgoProg-22-03-13-pn.jpg (68804 bytes)
Algoma Progress in lay-up at Wharf 16 in Port Colborne.
15-CharlieE-22-03-13-pn.jpg (84109 bytes)
Charlie E at Port Colborne.
16-Vac-22-03-13-pn.jpg (99462 bytes)
Tug Vac tied up in Port Colborne.
17-JWCooper-22-03-13-pn.jpg (89109 bytes)
Pilot Boat J.W. Cooper in Port Colborne.
18-AlgoOlyp-22-03-13-pn.jpg (105960 bytes)
Algoma Olympic in lay-up at Wharf 12 in Port Colborne.
19-CaptHJack-22-03-13-pn.jpg (91443 bytes)
Captain Henry Jackman also in lay-up at Wharf 12 in Port Colborne.
20-EverlastNR-22-03-13-pn.jpg (186746 bytes)
Tug Everlast and Barge Norman McLeod depart Lock 3 downbound with liquid asphalt for Montreal, Quebec.
21-WisonTCoop-22-03-13-pn.jpg (89892 bytes)
Deck Barge Wilson T. Cooper at Port Weller small boat dock.
22-WisonTCoop-22-03-13-pn.jpg (76500 bytes)
Stern of Wilson T. Cooper.
23-CCGSAmund-22-03-13-pn.jpg (56309 bytes)
Night view of CCGS Amundsen in Port Weller Shipyard dry dock.

Seaway opening, Saturday and Sunday from Iroquois to west of Brockville - Dave Bessant
01-Baiestpaul-03-23-13-WDB.jpg (71214 bytes)
 Baie St Paul head on approaching Brockville
02-Baiestpaul-03-23-13-WDB.jpg (114931 bytes)
across from Morristown
03-Baiestpaul-03-23-13-WDB.jpg (148554 bytes)
Saluting the Boatnerds all taking photos at Blockhouse Island
04-Baiestpaul-03-23-13-WDB.jpg (86702 bytes)
Accommodations and wheelhouse
05-Baiestpaul-03-23-13-WDB.jpg (121171 bytes)
Meeting the USCG Thunder Bay
06-Thunderbay-03-23-13-WDB.jpg (87276 bytes)
Thunderbay passing Brockville
07-Clippermari-03-23-13-WDB.jpg (93744 bytes)
Clipper Mari approaching Brockville
09-Thunderbay-03-23-13-WDB.jpg (167343 bytes)
Thunder Bay at Iroquois lock
10-Thunderbay-03-23-13-WDB.jpg (95496 bytes) 11-Thunderbay-03-23-13-WDB.jpg (247062 bytes)
12-Algoeast-03-23-13-WDB.jpg (52959 bytes)
Algoeast approaching Iroquois in the Galop canal
13-Federalelbe-03-24-13-WDB.jpg (85509 bytes)
Federal Elbe westbound at Hudson Point on Sunday morning
16-Thalassadesgagnes-03-24-13-WDB.jpg (99114 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes approaching Brockville
19-Thalassadesgagnes-03-24-13-WDB.jpg (93262 bytes)
passing Blockhouse Island
20-Isadora-03-24-13-WDB.jpg (92359 bytes)
Isadora approaching Brockville

Port Burwell -
George Lee
portburwell3-23-13-gl-(4).jpg (112340 bytes)
Ojibwa in place, not yet open to the public
portburwell3-23-13-gl-(1).jpg (111006 bytes) portburwell3-23-13-gl-(7).jpg (102331 bytes) portburwell3-23-13-gl-(8).jpg (144131 bytes) portburwell3-23-13-gl-(10).jpg (82469 bytes)
Kahlenberg 120 hp diesel with slip clutch
portburwell3-23-13-gl-(9).jpg (125032 bytes)
portburwell3-23-13-gl-(11).jpg (142393 bytes) portburwell3-23-13-gl-(12).jpg (51432 bytes)
Port Burwell Lighthouse

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