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March 11, 20

Alpena Saturday upbound passing Marysville on her way to Alpena - Frank Frisk
1-alpena-3-9-13-ff.jpg (86920 bytes)
First Robin of the 2013 Great Lakes Shipping Season

Algowood and CCG Amunsden in Seaway Marine Drydock at Port Weller Saturday -
Eric Holmes
Seaway-Marine-Port-Weller-03-09-13-eh.jpg (92861 bytes)        

South Chicago Wednesday
- Lou Gerard
DSC_0740_58135.jpg (136295 bytes)
Coming from Kinder Morgan in Lake Calumet the Algoma Central Tanker Algocanada comes through NS5 assisted by G tug Massachusetts.
DSC_0811_58206.jpg (47465 bytes)
In Calumet Harbor the outbound Algocanada meets the inbound Algoeast, also bound for Kinder Morgan.
DSC_0888_58283.jpg (171210 bytes)
The Massachusetts and the Algoeast are through NS5 approaching 100th St. The G tug Arizona was working the stern for both moves.

Duluth / Superior lay-up 2013 -
Mike Sipper
1-ELR-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (84396 bytes) 2-RB-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (83764 bytes) 3-AVRB-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (77408 bytes) 4-AV-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (40927 bytes) 5-JJB-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (62726 bytes)
6-RBELR-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (72520 bytes) 7-ELRBOW-3-5-13.MS.jpg.jpg (40015 bytes) 8-AC-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (41748 bytes) 9-ACSTERN-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (48097 bytes) 10-ACSTERN2-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (87037 bytes)
11-MN-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (102764 bytes) 12-JGM-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (78394 bytes) 13-ACSTACK-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (46923 bytes) 14-ACDECK-3-5-13-MS.jpg.jpg (92244 bytes)  

Erie Canal Harbor -
Brian W.
1-Erie-Canal-Harbor-3-10-13-BW.jpg (231457 bytes)
Here is a shot of the Erie Canal Harbor redevelopment in downtown Buffalo. The original confluence of the Erie Canal, Main - Hamburg Canal, & Commercial Slip has been dug up and is being recreated at this time.
2-Erie-Canal-Harbor-3-10-13-BW.jpg (171417 bytes)
The junction of the 3 waterways was located on this site near the Buffalo River. A waterborne journey back in the old Erie Canal days from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic started inland at this very spot. 

Tug Dorothy Ann at the Cleveland Ship Yard
DRN-2373.jpg (108304 bytes)        

Former bumboat docked on the Grand River near Nunica, Mich.
- Tom Hynes
1-KranerI-3-3-2013-th.jpg (105533 bytes)
Believed to be the former Kraner I, later called Marine Supplier
2-KranerI-3-3-2013-th.jpg (105204 bytes) 3-KranerI-3-3-2013-th.jpg (126248 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives -
Roger LeLievre
BreakingIceUSS.jpg (65388 bytes) DeckView1940s.jpg (22542 bytes) DeckViewUSS.jpg (29490 bytes) Assinaboia1940sSailors.jpg (63729 bytes) DeckViewUSSboats.jpg (31199 bytes)
PresqueIsle1940s.jpg (64531 bytes) PresqueIsle-bumboat40s.jpg (71273 bytes) ShipLoading1940s.jpg (135943 bytes) Reserve1952-1.jpg (28523 bytes) Britt,Thomas-1942Officers.jpg (65590 bytes)
Spartan-drydock301.jpg (110440 bytes) Spartan-drydock302.jpg (70767 bytes)      

Historical Perspectives -
Robert Klamerus
tuglogfloat.jpg (86253 bytes)
Tug's  working logs at Ashland Wisconsin
bfaffleckduluth.jpg (341266 bytes)
B.F. Affleck April 3, 1970

Caribbean Ships -
Photos taken during a recent Caribbean Cruise - Scott McLellan     
1-Destin-02-04-13-SM.jpg (100084 bytes)
Carnival Destiny at Miami on February 4. This was her last trip as the Destiny and she will resume service in April as Carnival Sunshine.
1-NSky-02-04-13-SM.jpg (126969 bytes)
Norwegian Sky departing Miami on February 4.
3-Jade-02-04-13-SM.jpg (210479 bytes)
Caiibbean Jade at the Miami.
4-Caly-02-04-13-SM.jpg (145154 bytes)
Bernuth Calypso.
5-Yered-02-04-13-SM.jpg (161856 bytes)
USCG - Robert Yered at Miami.
6-Mail-02-05-13-SM.jpg (144499 bytes)
Mailboat - Fiesta Mail - Nassau, Bahamas, February 5.
7-tugs-02-05-13-SM.jpg (107581 bytes)
-tugs Amber Jack and Snapper at Nassau, February 5.
8-Sun-02-05-13-SM.jpg (79017 bytes)
Sun Tropic arriving at Nassau
9-Fac-02-05-13-SM.jpg (131752 bytes)
Carnival Fascination
10-Nass-02-05-13-SM.jpg (113357 bytes)
Departing Nassau (l to r) Carnival  Fascination, Majesty of the Seas and Carnival Sensation.
11-Vict-02-06-13-SM.jpg (118054 bytes)
Carnival Victory anchored at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas
12-GTurk-02-07-13-SM.jpg (106986 bytes)
Carnival Victory and Carnival Liberty at Grand Turk.
13-Exp-02-08-13-SM.jpg (94568 bytes)
Unidentified Hapag-Lloyd container ship.
14-Bagh-02-08-13-SM.jpg (99811 bytes)
15-Iver-02-08-13-SM.jpg (74620 bytes)
Iver Experience
16-Uni-02-08-13-SM.jpg (88293 bytes)
Unidentified Container ship
17-Refl-02-09-13-SM.jpg (122972 bytes)
Celebrity Reflection departing Miami on February 9
18-CLib-02-09-13-SM.jpg (104314 bytes)
Carnival Liberty at Miami on February 9
19-Miam-02-09-13-SM.jpg (81097 bytes)
The Celebrity Reflection and Norwegian Epic departing Miami, February 9.
20-Uni-02-11-13-SM.jpg (117095 bytes)
Uni Wealth loading at Ochos Rios, Jamaica on February 11.
21-Aida-02-12-13-SM.jpg (92694 bytes)
AIDAAura anchored at Grand Cayman, February 12.
22-Magi-02-12-13-SM.jpg (86103 bytes)
Disney Magic at Grand Cayman.
23-Indy-02-12-13-SM.jpg (99204 bytes)
Independence of the Seas.
24-Cons-02-14-13-SM.jpg (84008 bytes)
Celebrity Constellation arriving at Miami on February 14.

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