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March 4, 20

Lake Michigan Eastern Shore Monday - Tom Hynes
1-MaryEHannah-2-25-13-th.jpg (102473 bytes)
Calumet River Fleeting's Mary E. Hannah, Bonnie G. Selvick and deck barge Lake Trader arrived in Ferrysburg from Chicago Monday morning. 
The tugs had to deal with some minor ice in the river.
2-Bonnie-Barry-B14-2-25-13-th.jpg (130026 bytes)
The Bonnie G. Selvick and King Company's Barry J. moved the spud barge B-14 from the south bank of the river to the Construction Aggregates dock.  It appears the water alongside was too shallow for the Mary E. Hannah to tie up to.
3-MaryEHannah-2-25-13-th.jpg (106022 bytes)
The Mary E. Hannah waits alongside the deck barge Lake Trader as the spud barge is moved.
4-SuspectedCargo-2-25-13-th.jpg (131156 bytes)
It is suspected that the barge was brought to Ferrysburg to transport these silos. Six are completed while another is fabricated on the ground.
5-Barry-J-2-25-13-th.jpg (112666 bytes)
King Company's Barry J.
6-MEH-BarryJ-2-25-13-th.jpg (98550 bytes)
David and Goliath.  The Barry J. alongside the Mary E. Hannah. The old Army tug is big.
7-BonnieGSelvick-2-25-13-th.jpg (134635 bytes)
The Bonnie G. Selvick made good use of her push knees maneuvering the barges.
8-LakeTrader-2-25-13-th.jpg (71887 bytes)
Lake Trader at the dock after the ice was flushed downstream.
9-MeredithAshton-2-25-13-th.jpg (215604 bytes)
Andrie's Meredith Ashton at their relocated dock in Muskegon. This used to be the GTW car ferry dock.
10-JeanElizabeth-2-25-13-th.jpg (91002 bytes)
Gill netter Jean Elizabeth at Petersen Fisheries, Muskegon.
11-MaggieLynn-2-25-13-th.jpg (120608 bytes)
Petersen Fisheries' Maggie Lynn.
12-AndyMilne-2-25-13-th.jpg (94042 bytes)
Russel Brother's built tug Andy Milne, now registered as a recreational vessel.
13-Defiance-2-25-13-th.jpg (101686 bytes)
American Constructor's tug Defiance in Holland.
14-Wisconsin-2-25-13-th.jpg (115648 bytes)
American Constructor's dredge Wisconsin.
15-Wisconsin-2-25-13-th.jpg (113846 bytes)
Wisconsin's crane.

Sarnia Panoramics -
Matt Miner
CresSooRail-pano-2-24-13-MM.jpg (53287 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell, Algosoo, Algorail
Michi-pano-2-24-13-MM.jpg (32141 bytes)
MissMichi-pano-2-24-13-MM.jpg (80333 bytes)
Mississagi & Michipicoten
NSlip13-pano-2-24-13-MM.jpg (87027 bytes)
North Slip to Sidney Smith Dock
SagCal-pano-2-24-13-MM.jpg (79690 bytes)
Saginaw & Calumet
SeaEver-pano-2-24-13-MM.jpg (97680 bytes)
Algosea & Everlast / Norman McLeod

Buffalo, N.Y. Sunday -
Brian W.
1-Apalachee-3-3-13-BW.jpg (171321 bytes)
The Ice Breaking tug Apalachee sits waiting for her next mission at the Erie Basin Pier in Buffalo.
2-Apalachee-3-3-13-BW.jpg (172127 bytes)
The Buffalo North Entrance Channel with the 1833 Buffalo Main Light to the left & the newer Breakwater light to the right in the distance.
3-Apalachee-3-3-13-BW.jpg (125427 bytes)
You better be a hearty soul if you want to live in this town. After 5 months of cold weather so far, it's The Land of Ice & Snow.

Sailing history of Captain Edward Phil Fitch IV who recently passed away - Russ Plumb
Since his great grandfather, grandfather, and father were all Captains on the Great Lakes, when Phil retired, it was the first time in more than 100 years that a Captain Fitch was not sailing on the lakes
EPFitchIV.jpg (85099 bytes)        

Captain Phil Fitch aboard the Lewis Wilson Foy in September of 1990 - Marc Dease
scan0001.jpg (60619 bytes)
Alongside Captain Fitch is 1st Mate Lance Nelson. The Foy was taking on fuel at the Imperial Oil fuel dock.

Historical Perspectives - Manitoulin
- Ron Walker
manitoulin.jpg (71621 bytes)
 In the spring leaving Midland.
manitoulin2.jpg (63460 bytes) manitoulin4.jpg (56478 bytes) manitoulin3.jpg (61752 bytes)  

Historical Perspectives - Acacia downbound under the Blue Water Bridge in the late 1950's
- John G. Mackay
Acacia1950-jm.jpg (63981 bytes) Acacia1950-jmb.jpg (48423 bytes)      

Historical Perspective - Stephen B. Roman
Lake Ontario near Kingston - Peter Farrow
1-sbroman-4-1-93-pf.jpg (108020 bytes)        

Historical Perspective - New Sheryl-Dennis fishtug at dock in Ontonagon, Mich. 1946
- David Krause
2.SD-orig.-corr.jpg (83813 bytes)        

Historical Perspectives - On board the Columbia Transportation Co,. steamer Sierra, 1947
- Roger LeLievre Collection (courtesy Capt. Bill Cline)
SierraSnaps1.jpg (40029 bytes) SierraSnaps2.jpg (45774 bytes) SierraSnaps3.jpg (26644 bytes) SierraSnaps4.jpg (37724 bytes)  

Historical Perspectives - Life on the Henry C. Frick - 1950s
- Roger LeLievre Collection
FrickHenryC311.jpg (17713 bytes) FrickHenryC312.jpg (35295 bytes) FrickHenryC313.jpg (66434 bytes) FrickHenryC314.jpg (45190 bytes) FrickHenryC315.jpg (22424 bytes)
FrickHenryC321.jpg (46364 bytes) FrickHenryC323.jpg (54925 bytes) FrickHenryC324.jpg (74184 bytes)    

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