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February 11, 20

Algosteel assisted through the Straits by the USCG Thunder Bay - Ken Hamilton
algosteel2-3-13-(3).jpg (127146 bytes) algosteel2-3-13-(9).jpg (104114 bytes) algosteel2-3-13-(4).jpg (104461 bytes) algosteel2-3-13-(5).jpg (147552 bytes) algosteel2-3-13-(6).jpg (139752 bytes)
algosteel2-3-13-(7).jpg (160871 bytes) algosteel2-3-13-(2).jpg (105120 bytes) algosteel2-3-13-(8).jpg (66460 bytes) algosteel2-3-13-(1).jpg (119547 bytes)  

Algoma Enterprise in St. Clair River -
Capt. John Rigney
 1-AlgomaEnterprise-2-8-13-jr.jpg.jpg (45008 bytes)
Enterprise downbound in St. Clair River for Shell Fuel Dock
2-AlgomaEnterprise-2-8-13-jr.jpg.jpg (82439 bytes)
bound for Goderich
3-AlgomaEnterprise-2-8-13-jr.jpg.jpg (89746 bytes) 4-AlgomaEnterprise-2-8-13-jr.jpg.jpg (78041 bytes)
passing Point Edward Casino

Kaye Barker and Viking laid up at the KK dock in Menominee Mich.
- Rick Stram
menominee232013.jpg (64780 bytes) menominee232013b.jpg (46332 bytes) menominee232013a.jpg (83808 bytes)    

Sarnia -
Richard Gebhart
DSCN3427.jpg (128130 bytes)
February 6
DSCN3439.jpg (203745 bytes)
Lime Island
DSCN3455.jpg (135580 bytes)
Diver checking ice before underwater welding on Cresswell
DSCN3458.jpg (89957 bytes)

Owen Sound lay-up -
John van der Doe
Winter-2013-Owen-Sound-Hwy-6-(8).jpg (86496 bytes) Winter-2013-Owen-Sound-Hwy-6-(9).jpg (80193 bytes) Winter-2013-Owen-Sound-Hwy-6-(24).jpg (56850 bytes) Winter-2013-Owen-Sound-Hwy-6-(23).jpg (98075 bytes) Winter-2013-Owen-Sound-Hwy-6-(10).jpg (68893 bytes)
Winter-2013-Owen-Sound-Hwy-6-(11).jpg (87458 bytes) Winter-2013-Owen-Sound-Hwy-6-(5).jpg (89716 bytes) Winter-2013-Owen-Sound-Hwy-6-(14).jpg (105271 bytes)    

Onboard the Algosteel -
Julie Fletcher
algosteel-012.jpg (180657 bytes) algosteel-016.jpg (107330 bytes)
algosteel-040.jpg (104639 bytes) algosteel-046.jpg (255902 bytes)
algosteel-047.jpg (156124 bytes)
algosteel-052.jpg (169786 bytes)
Weather pictures.
algosteel-053.jpg (187166 bytes) algosteel-054.jpg (238519 bytes) algosteel-057.jpg (310110 bytes) algosteel-056.jpg (212830 bytes)

John G. Munson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette Jan. 21
- Rod Burdick
1jgm1_21_13rb.jpg (137865 bytes)
Waiting to load her last ore cargo of the season on a frigid morning
2jgm1_21_13rb.jpg (138387 bytes)
Stern view, steam exhaust rising in the cold morning air

Hamilton last summer -
Julie Fletcher
julies-pictures-164.jpg (124447 bytes) julies-pictures-217.jpg (217067 bytes) julies-pictures-218.jpg (169121 bytes) julies-pictures-219.jpg (145790 bytes) julies-pictures-115.jpg (124825 bytes)
julies-pictures-113.jpg (106221 bytes) julies-pictures-117.jpg (46510 bytes) julies-pictures-118.jpg (99419 bytes) julies-pictures-111.jpg (126473 bytes)  

The new build Bella Desgagnes under construction in Yugoslavia -
Capt. H. Pieterse
DSCN0300.jpg (109216 bytes) DSCN0175.jpg (116361 bytes) DSCN0313.jpg (133703 bytes)    

Bramble decommissioning 2003 -
George Lee
Bramble.jpg (92431 bytes)
Bramble decommissioning ceremony in Port Huron
Bramble-bow.jpg (74629 bytes) Bramble-(2).jpg (131487 bytes) Bramble-deckhouse.jpg (104212 bytes)
Ship is pristine, hard to believe she is 69 years old
Bramble-deck.jpg (142461 bytes)
Bramble-wheelhouse.jpg (206353 bytes)
Bramble-engine.jpg (100882 bytes)
Starboard main engine 8-645E7 EMD
Bramble-generator.jpg (119095 bytes)
Detroit Diesel 6-71 generator

U.S.S. Guardian (MCM 5) under construction at Peterson Builder's, Inc. in Sturgeon Bay, Wis.  1987
- Wendell Wilke
guardianI0001.jpg (83268 bytes)
U.S.S. Guardian on launchways prior to launching
guardianII0001.jpg (94347 bytes)
launching 6/20/1987
guardianIII0001.jpg (111026 bytes)
dockside in yard
guardianIIII0001.jpg (104476 bytes)
Alongside sister ship U.S.S. Devastator (MCM 6)
guardianIIIII0001.jpg (114764 bytes)
With sister ship U.S.S. Sentry (MCM 3) dry docked for inspection prior to delivery.

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