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January 28, 20

Erie, Pennsylvania Lay-up - Brian W.
1-Erie,-PA-layup-1-27-13-BW.jpg (87469 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott & the tug Olive L Moore in the Old Ore Dock slip.
2-Erie,-PA-layup-1-27-13-BW.jpg (83266 bytes)
McKee Sons and the Tecumseh with the tug Victory in the background.
3-Erie,-PA-layup-1-27-13-BW.jpg (110597 bytes)
Bow thruster of the barge McKee Sons.
4-Erie,-PA-layup-1-27-13--BW.jpg (103114 bytes)
McKee Son's hull section to the right is the cargo hold built in the 1950's, the center w/ portholes is from the WW II C-4 freighter Marine Angle, & left is the newer steel fabricated for the tug notch in the stern.
5-Erie,-PA-layup-1-27-13-BW.jpg (86739 bytes)
The tug Victory sits nestled into her barge James L. Kuber, formerly the powered freighter Reserve.
6-Erie,-PA-layup-1-27-13-BW.jpg (132621 bytes)
An overall view of the Tecumseh, Victory-Kuber, & the Gott.

Duluth/Superior Lay-up
- Brad Krekelberg
duluth1-22-12-gg-(1).jpg (89512 bytes)
John G. Munson makes a late arrival for lay-up
duluth1-22-12-gg-(7).jpg (94558 bytes)
 Edward L. Ryerson in Fraser Shipyard
duluth1-22-12-gg-(6).jpg (121502 bytes)
Roger Blough in Fraser Shipyard
duluth1-22-12-gg-(8).jpg (106216 bytes)
American Spirit at Elevator M
duluth1-22-12-gg-(4).jpg (101668 bytes)
American Victory at Fraser Shipyard
duluth1-22-12-gg-(3).jpg (92841 bytes)
American Century at Port Terminal
duluth1-22-12-gg-(5).jpg (97174 bytes)
John J. Boland at Fraser Shipyard
duluth1-22-12-gg-(2).jpg (51852 bytes)
Mesabi Miner at Midwest Energy

John G. Munson making Duluth entry for winter layup 2013 -
Robert Learmont
1-JGMunson_1-25-13-rl.jpg (67462 bytes)        

Algosteel arriving in Goderich
- Julie Fletcher
algosteel-034.jpg (106961 bytes) algosteel-043.jpg (131709 bytes) algosteel-039.jpg (138687 bytes)    

Port of Goderich, Ontario Thursday -
Philip Nash
1-CSLAssinAlTran-25-01-13-pn.jpg (47702 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine and Algoma Transfer in lay-up.
2-CSL-Assinib-25-01-13-pn.jpg (51099 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine
3-CSLAssinib-25-01-13-pn.jpg (89084 bytes)
Bow of CSL Assiniboine
4-AlgoTrans-25-01-13-pn.jpg (69404 bytes)
Algoma Transfer
5-AlgoTrans-25-01-13-pn.jpg (98253 bytes)
Algoma Transfer and CSL Assiniboine in background. To the right are trucks lined up to load salt at Sifto Salt mine.
6-Goderich-25-01-13-pn.jpg (71702 bytes)
The new loading rig at Sifto Salt dock, previous one was destroyed by a tornado in 2011.
7-MistyJPride-25-01-13-pn.jpg (139895 bytes)
Tug Misty Jean and Tug Pride
8-MikeJ-25-01-13-pn.jpg (114423 bytes)
Fish Tug Mike J returning from Lake Huron.
9-MikeJ-25-01-13-pn.jpg (119846 bytes)
Mike J passing Sifto Salt dock.
10-MikeJ-25-01-13-pn.jpg (106166 bytes)
Stern of the Mike J
11-NoskaJ-25-01-13-pn.jpg (90144 bytes)
A few minutes later the Fish Tug Noskca-J arrived.
12-NoskaJ-25-01-13-pn.jpg (75967 bytes)
Noskca-J's bow cutting through the ice.
13-NoskaJ-25-01-13-pn.jpg (77570 bytes)
Stern of the Noskca-J.
14-MikeJ-25-01-13-pn.jpg (104093 bytes)
 Ice build up on the Mike J
15-LastTime-25-01-13-pn.jpg (91121 bytes)
Fish Tug Last Time.
16-LastTime-25-01-13-pn.jpg (73171 bytes)
Ice on the windows on Last Time's pilot house
17-CGGoderich-25-01-13-pn.jpg (82969 bytes)
New Canadian Coast Guard Station in Goderich.
18-CGGoderich-25-01-13-pn.jpg (82815 bytes)
Coast Guard Station was opened in September of 2012.
19-DonaldB-25-01-13-pn.jpg (100799 bytes)
MacDonald Marine's Tug Donald Bert.
20-DebbieL-25-01-13-pn.jpg (99739 bytes)
MacDonald Marine's Tug Debbie Lyn.
21-IanMac-25-01-13-pn.jpg (119465 bytes)
MacDonald Marine's Tug Ian Mac.
22-Dover-25-01-13-pn.jpg (106915 bytes)
MacDonald Marine's Tug Dover.
23-Pride-25-01-13-pn.jpg (74928 bytes)
Sign on the Tug Pride.
24-MacDonald-25-01-13-pn.jpg (79891 bytes)
The stacks on the MacDonald Marine Tugs.
25-AlgoEnt-25-01-13-pn.jpg (41061 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise being assisted to Sifto Salt dock by the Tugs Donald Bert, Ian Mac and Debbie Lynn. The Tug Pride also assisted.
26-AlgoEnt-25-01-13-pn.jpg (49482 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise finally docked and waiting to load salt for Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They arrived off Goderich Piers just before 9:00 p.m. and secured at the dock by 11:15 p.m.

Sarnia Lay-up Sunday
 - Kevin Majewski
1.PAC-1-27-13-KM.jpg (126095 bytes)
Algoma Central's Peter R. Cresswell and Algosoo laid-up at the Government dock in  Sarnia, behind the moored ice breaker CCGS Samuel Risley.
2.MI-1-27-13-KM.jpg (121398 bytes)
Lower Lakes' Mississagi and Michipicoten in the North Slip in Sarnia.
4.SC-1-27-13-KM.jpg (95231 bytes)
Saginaw and Calumet laid-up at the North Slip in Sarnia.
3.RAIL-1-27-13-KM.jpg (115134 bytes)
Algorail in lay-up at the Sidney E. Smith dock in Sarnia.
5.SaCa-1-27-13-KM.jpg (135124 bytes)
Stern view close-up.

Late Season Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1ljkgr1_12_13_rb.jpg (100759 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber and Great Republic at anchor waiting to load ore
2grtrep1_14_13rb.jpg (119954 bytes)
Great Republic departing
3jgm1_14_13rb.jpg (109240 bytes)
 John G. Munson arriving to load ore
4mant1_16_13rb.jpg (135793 bytes)
Manitowoc loading ore (vessel loaded the last ore cargo of the season on January 21)

St. Marys River January 22 -
Graham Grattan
1-jgmun-1-22-13-gg.jpg.jpg (105621 bytes)
 John G. Munson downbound at Pointe Louise. Temperature was -14F.
2-deer-1-22-13-gg.jpg.jpg (75251 bytes)
Two deer circled out on the ice watching her go past. After inspecting Munson's freshly broken track, the two deer head back to shore.
3-deer-1-22-13-gg.jpg.jpg (43075 bytes)
The deer just had to take the most difficult way back to shore.
4-alder-1-22-13-gg.jpg.jpg (111156 bytes)
Alder downbound.
5-alder-1-22-13-gg.jpg.jpg (103351 bytes)
at Pointe Louise.
6-alder-1-22-13-gg.jpg.jpg (101711 bytes)
passing the winter spar buoy P20.
7-alder-1-22-13-gg.jpg.jpg (98550 bytes)      

Duluth/ Superior -
Jason Fyten
IMG_20130122_155703.jpg (68902 bytes) IMG_20121227_160015.jpg (66627 bytes) IMG_20130122_153336.jpg (97964 bytes)    

g tug MaryJean at Port Washington, Wis. - Beverly Randall
MaryJean-1-25-13-br-jpg.jpg (399457 bytes)
Now rests on land near the Port Washington, Wis. marina. 

Lyubov Orlova which was adrift off Newfoundland on way to scrapyard -
Paul Beesley
11-0820-Lyubov-Orlova.jpg (133612 bytes)
Shown in 2011 when she was still in St John's.

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