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January 21, 20

Final freighter for the season at the Soo Locks Jan 15. - Michelle Hill / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
1-callaway-1-15-13-usace.jpg (64782 bytes)
The downbound Cason J. Callaway, arrived just after 6 p.m.
2-callaway-1-15-13-usace.jpg (157588 bytes)
Bound for Indiana Harbor the 767-foot long Cason J. Callaway was carrying 25,000 net tons of taconite pellets.
3-callaway-1-15-13-usace.jpg (99539 bytes)
After unloading her cargo, the boat will head for lay-up and her crew will head home for a well deserved rest.
4-callaway-1-15-13-usace.jpg (52322 bytes) 5-callaway-1-15-13-usace.jpg (59008 bytes)
With the final lockage of the season complete the Callaway makes her way out of the Poe Lock past the Administration Building.
8386157087_6efafc6524_o.jpg (145250 bytes)
The barge PML 9000 and tug Wilfred M. Cohen make up the final upbound passage thru the Soo Locks for the 2012 season.

Roger Blough working her way through the Duluth/Superior harbor on her way to Fraser Shipyard Wednesday - Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-Blough-1-16-13-GHB.jpg (86705 bytes)        

Algoma Enterprise at Toledo Jan. 13 -
Jim Hoffman
1-13-2013-algoma-enterprise-ub-crg-brg-tow-1.jpg (94174 bytes)
Algoma Enterprise upbound Maumee River under tow of the tugs Mississippi  on the bow and the Nebraska on the stern from the Craig Bridge.
algoma-enterprise-ub-crg-brg-1c.jpg (99704 bytes)
Closeup view of the Algoma Enterprise.
algoma-enterprise-nebraska.jpg (93548 bytes)
Tug Nebraska detached from the tow. The Enterprise is getting ready to make her turn to the Kulhman Dock and is starting to encounter the strong current.
algoma-enterprise-stern-nebraska-1a.jpg (92178 bytes)
Tug Nebraska moving to the port side of the vessel to assist the Enterprise to the Kuhlman Dock.
Algoma-enterprise-stern.jpg (70878 bytes)
Nebraska alongside the Enterprise and assisting as necessary.

St. Marys River -
Graham Grattan
1-Neah-1-12-13-gg.jpg.jpg (79632 bytes)
USCG Neah Bay upbound at Pointe Louise on a windy day.
2-Roger-1-14-13-gg.jpg.jpg (133127 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound at Pointe Louise.
3-Sag-1-15-13-gg.jpg.jpg (186506 bytes)
Saginaw will be the 2nd last ship to lock downbound.
4-Cason-1-15-13-gg.jpg.jpg (134310 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway will be the last ship to lock downbound.
5-Johng-1-17-13-gg.jpg.jpg (87379 bytes)
After unloading at Essar Steel John G. Munson is upbound at Pointe Louise.

Owen Sound - Torben Hawksbridge
P1040608.jpg (81147 bytes)
Saginaw loading corn at the Great Lakes Elevator, Owen Sound
P1040618.jpg (108711 bytes)
Saginaw loading corn at the Great Lakes Elevator, Owen Sound
P1040614.jpg (103897 bytes)
CSL Niagara preparing for winter lay-up.
IMG_1446.jpg (70907 bytes)
 Chi-Cheemaun, Saginaw, Algomarine.
IMG_1451.jpg (87731 bytes)
Owen Sound's Great Lakes Elevator with the Saginaw unloading, Jan. 16
IMG_1442.jpg (87020 bytes)        

Owen Sound
- David Martin
IMG_1972.jpg (76182 bytes)
Saginaw unloading on the 16th
IMG_1981.jpg (30235 bytes) IMG_1986.jpg (52524 bytes)
Reloading on the 17.
IMG_1988.jpg (53032 bytes)
Chi Cheemaun, Algomarine, and CSL Niagara in Owen Sound for winter lay up.

Detroit Jan. 15 -
Ken Borg
IMG_1256.jpg (122741 bytes)
USCG Mackinaw tied- up at the Port of Detroit.
IMG_1260.jpg (96269 bytes)
USCG Bristol Bay on the hook in the Detroit River off the Port of Detroit.

Cason J. Callaway downbound on White Fish Bay heading to close the Soo Locks
- Mark Hudson
SAM_0163[2].jpg (79339 bytes)        

Federal Sable in IJmuiden, The Netherlands -
Peter Beentjes
Federal-Sable-(1).jpg (104234 bytes) Federal-Sable-(2).jpg (96939 bytes)      

James R. Barker inbound Sturgeon Bay, Wis. -
Tom Groenfeldt
IMG_6522.jpg (127824 bytes) IMG_6534.jpg (100007 bytes)
Well-positioned bar in Sturgeon Bay
IMG_6544.jpg (89854 bytes)    

Duluth -
Jason Fyten
IMG_20121107_112339.jpg (54151 bytes)
Roger Blough
IMG_20121107_112803.jpg (81344 bytes) IMG_20121227_140315.jpg (100131 bytes)
American Century inbound
IMG_20121227_140644.jpg (77613 bytes)  

Upper Harbor Ore Dock Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1calum1_7_13rb.jpg (165196 bytes)
Calumet waiting to load
2ama1_10_13rb.jpg (150568 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson arriving
3latmant1_10_13rb.jpg (147302 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha loading with Manitowoc at anchor
4jlvglt1_11_13rb.jpg (141746 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader loading

November Photos from the Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-slohera-11-9-12-pb.jpg (70107 bytes)
Sloman Hera downbound below Lock 2.
2-slohera-11-9-12-pb.jpg (63346 bytes)
On her stack it appears there was a logo welded on at one time.  Small logo now located below the lifering under the bridge wing.
3-slohera-11-9-12-pb.jpg (71128 bytes)
On her way to Lock 1.
4-wiscon-11-17-12-pb.jpg (59541 bytes)
BBC Wisconsin upbound with More windmills.
5-rhpjmjr-11-17-12-pb.jpg (72429 bytes)
Paul J Martin slowly approaching Lock 7 downbound.
6-vliebor-11-17-12-pb.jpg (76441 bytes)
Vlieborg, maiden voyage took her to the Lakes.
7-vliebor-11-17-12-pb.jpg (53362 bytes)
Newish-style bow.
8-vliebor-11-17-12-pb.jpg (85053 bytes)
Downbound toward Lock 7.
9-marine-11-19-12-pb.jpg (70909 bytes)
Algomarine kicks astern to approach Lock 1.
10-spruce-11-19-12-pb.jpg (70213 bytes)
Spruceglen above Lock 1.

USS Chiwawa at the Norfolk Navy Yard January 31, 1943 - collection
USS-Chiwawa-AO-68.jpg (126804 bytes)
Sails today as the Lee A. Tregurtha

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