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January 14, 20

Lee A. Tregurtha on its last trip of the shipping season Saturday - Ron Piskor
1-lat-1-12-2013-rjp.jpg (158721 bytes)
The Tregurtha negotiates a turn above the old New York Central Drawbridge on its way to Severstal Steel.
2-lat-1-12-2013-rjp.jpg (86470 bytes)
With the lower cabins already battened down for winter lay-up, the Tregurtha approaches the Dix Hwy. Drawbridge.
3-lat-1-12-2013-rjp.jpg (138546 bytes)
Tregurtha passing through the Dix Hwy. Drawbridge.
4-lat-1-12-2013-rjp.jpg (158489 bytes)
The crew begins to swing the unloading boom to starboard as the Tregurtha’s bow swings to port in preparation to drop its last load of the shipping season and enter winter lay-up.

Lee A's trip up the Rouge -
Ken Borg
lat-1-12-2013-kb.jpg (112011 bytes)
Upbound the Rouge River just coming through the Norfolk Southern draw.
lat-1-12-2013-kb2.jpg (125659 bytes)
Passing a sleeping  Gaelic tug Shannon.
lat-1-12-2013-kb3.jpg (99554 bytes)
In the Rouge River turning basin turning into the Serverstal Steel slip.

Tug Victory with her barge the James L. Kuber at the CN Dock in Duluth Saturday morning -
Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-VictoryKuber-1-12-12-GHB.jpg (148298 bytes)        

Paul R. Tregurtha coming into Sturgeon Bay, Wis. for winter lay-up -
Keli Groenfeldt
PRT1-12-13-kg.jpg (80055 bytes)        

Victory rejoins with barge James L. Kuber -
Graham Grattan
1-08-13-vict-gg.jpg.jpg (83250 bytes)
At Pointe Louise Tuesday on her way to rejoin the barge James L. Kuber.
1-08-13-vickub-gg.jpg.jpg (104519 bytes)
 Victory and James L. Kuber - together again, downbound at Pointe Louise
1-08-13-adan-gg.jpg.jpg (104556 bytes)
 Adanac III downbound - what's known locally as the "Clay Banks" in the background

James L. Kuber under tow
 - Aaron Putdy
image.jpg (105710 bytes)        

Mesabi Miner from the Mackinac Bridge
- Mike Sappington
mesabiminer1-4-13ms.jpg (85288 bytes) mesabiminer1-4-13ms2.jpg (89131 bytes) mesabiminer1-4-13ms3.jpg (88309 bytes) mesabiminer1-4-13ms4.jpg (83936 bytes) mesabiminer1-4-13ms5.jpg (108620 bytes)

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1cjc12_31_12rb.jpg (165086 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway waiting to load ore on New Year's Eve
2jrb1_2_13rb.jpg (150593 bytes)
James R. Barker unloading coal into the hopper
3sag1_4_13rb.jpg (131375 bytes)
Saginaw at the ore dock, viewed from Presque Isle Park
4prc1_4_13rb.jpg (148807 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke loaded with ore and waiting on winds before departing

Soo Locks -
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers by Michelle Hill
soolock1-13-(2).jpg (105996 bytes)
The nearly empty lock from the West, from here you can see the debris pits and sills on the lock floor.
soolock1-13-(3).jpg (210183 bytes)
A nearly empty lock. The rectangular openings are where water flows in and out of the lock depending on if the lock is being lowered or raised.
soolock1-13-(4).jpg (156940 bytes)
Two workers use a special wrench to open a valve that will allow water to flow from the debris pit on the other side of the lock gate into the lower end of the lock where it can be pumped out.
soolock1-13-(5).jpg (284124 bytes)
A view of the lower gates from the lock wall.
soolock1-13-(6).jpg (217226 bytes)
The lock nearly empty, the Harvey comes to rest on the lock floor.
soolock1-13-(7).jpg (175147 bytes)
The culverts towards the right, each approximately 12 feet high and 8 feet wide carry water out of the MacArthur Lock when boats are being lowered. With the lock nearly empty only a small amount of water was moving through them when the photo was taken.
.soolock1-13-(8).jpg (187488 bytes)
Special cribbing is secured to the deck of the crane barge Harvey, she will eventually come to rest on the lock floor on this cribbing. The dewatered lock will serve as a dry dock so crews can inspect and work on her hull.
soolock1-13-(9).jpg (88102 bytes)
The Davis and Administration Building each have a designated electrical switchboard that provides power to the pumps. This switchboard provides 4160 volts of AC (the standard house takes 120-240 volts)
soolock1-13-(10).jpg (118952 bytes)
Standing between two 350 hp 30 inch pumps, two workers look into the deep well. There are "deep wells" below the Administration and Davis Buildings. Extending 100 feet below ground level, these wells are deeper than the locks. Gravity causes the water to drain into the wells when the valves are open and the pumps remove it, much like a sump pump in a home - only on a much larger scale.
soolock1-13-(11).jpg (114709 bytes)
The lift supervisor watches to ensure that the log remains balanced and lines up correctly with the slots in the wall.
soolock1-13-(12).jpg (136232 bytes)
A man at each end holds a rope and is able to help swing the 29 ton log to ease it into the slot in the lock wall.
soolock1-13-(13).jpg (206189 bytes)
Stop logs form a temporary dam at the upper end of the MacArthur Lock so it can be dewatered and its gates inspected. Here one of the first of the 29 ton logs is swung over the canal into position.
soolock1-13-(14).jpg (102867 bytes)
On the lock wall an operator controls the ROV as it records video footage from the lock floor.
soolock1-13-(15).jpg (150284 bytes)
The Soo Area Office's remotely operated vehicle camera is prepared to be lowered into the water. The ROV can get into spaces too small for divers to enter.
soolock1-13-(16).jpg (267278 bytes)
A diver uses a ladder to climb into the 37 degree water to reach the lock floor where he will inspect the areas around the gates and valves and assist with debris removal.
soolock1-13-(17).jpg (97134 bytes)
Dive tenders assist a diver with his gear in preparation for dewatering the MacArthur Lock Dec. 17, 2012. The Buffalo District provided this U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dive team.
soolock1-13-(19).jpg (141282 bytes)
The tug Owen M. Fredick will be lifted and placed on the barge to the left where she will spend the winter having parts of her hull replaced.
soolock1-13-(18).jpg (139208 bytes)
Before removing the chain slings from her bow and stern crews will secure the tug to the deck with cables and braces at the bow and stern on both sides of the tug.
soolock1-13-(1).jpg (54429 bytes)
Buffalo appears to be sailing on a cloud as it approaches the MacArthur Lock Dec. 11.
soolock1-13-(20).jpg (119703 bytes)
Linehandler signals as the Atlantic Huron, upbound for Superior, Wisconsin heads into the Poe Lock Dec. 12

Ojibwa tow Nov. 18
- Al & Wendy Howard
Ojibwa-11-18-2012-ah-a.jpg (90407 bytes) Ojibwa-11-18-2012-ah-b.jpg (115664 bytes) Ojibwa-11-18-2012-ah-c.jpg (124851 bytes) Ojibwa-11-18-2012-ah-d.jpg (87319 bytes) Ojibwa-11-18-2012-ah-e.jpg (83444 bytes)
Ojibwa-11-18-2012-ah-f.jpg (131183 bytes) Lac-Manatoba-11-18-2012-ah-a.jpg (90300 bytes)      

Welland Canal Nov. 17
- Skip Gillham
Molly-M.-1-Ab.-L.7.jpg (177007 bytes)
Tug Molly M. 1 above Lock 7 with the barge Witte 4004
BBC-Wisconsin-L.7.jpg (119222 bytes)
BBC Wisconsin in Lock 7

Historical Perspective -
USS Wolverine - Ron Beaupre
1-uss-wolverine-rb.jpg (246760 bytes)
Passenger steamer Seeandbee in the process of getting cut down to her main deck.
2-uss-wolverine-rb.jpg (257196 bytes)
Looking along the upper deck as crews work on chopping away the cabins.
3-uss-wolverine-rb.jpg (179733 bytes)
 Inside the former gallery area of Seeandbee.
4-uss-wolverine-rb.jpg (407279 bytes)
USS Wolverine underway.

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