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December 31, 20

Baie St. Paul first loaded trip - David Bull
December 26 downbound in the Welland Canal on her first paying trip from Duluth to Quebec City with taconite pellets.
1-Baie-St-Paul-12-26-12-db.jpg (91977 bytes)
Appoaching Homer Bridge
2-Baie-St-Paul-12-26-12-db.jpg (120078 bytes)
Ice build up on deck.
3-Baie-St-Paul-12-26-12-db.jpg (115470 bytes)
Passing under the Garden City Skyway.
5-Baie-St-Paul-12-26-12-db.jpg (73445 bytes)
Sliding the wall above Lock 2
6-Baie-St-Paul-12-26-12-db.jpg (66795 bytes)
Crew on the bow.

Draft marks
7-Baie-St-Paul-12-26-12-db.jpg (53970 bytes)
8-Baie-St-Paul-12-26-12-db.jpg (98647 bytes)
Accommodation block and pilot house.  Notice captain sighting along the wall from the comfort of the enclosed bridge wing and deck to deck window.
4-Baie-St-Paul-12-26-12-db.jpg (82846 bytes)
Meeting the upbound Sea Eagle II with barge St. Marys Cement II.

Duluth and Two Harbors - Nick Stenstrup
100-GR-12-26-12-ns.jpg.jpg (59660 bytes)
Great Republic inbound Duluth
110-GR-12-26-12-ns.jpg.jpg (69976 bytes)
arriving with a nice reflection
142-GR-12-26-12-ns.jpg.jpg (70761 bytes)
Stern, with the sun setting
180-MM-12-26-12-ns.jpg.jpg (66967 bytes)
Mesabi Miner inbound Duluth with a colorful sunset
27-IH-12-26-12-ns.jpg.jpg (134679 bytes)
Indiana Harbor loading iron ore in Two Harbors
220-GR-12-26-12-ns.jpg.jpg (76041 bytes)
Great Republic departing Duluth
225-HLW-12-27-12-ns.jpg.jpg (75792 bytes)
H. Lee White arriving Two Harbors
256-HLWEBS-12-27-12-ns.jpg.jpg (92929 bytes)
H. Lee White and Edgar B. Speer
280-EBS-12-27-12-ns.jpg.jpg (87648 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer with steam coming out of her cargo holds
310-NC-12-27-12-ns.jpg.jpg (135722 bytes)
G-tug North Carolina breaking ice
312-AC-12-27-12-ns.jpg.jpg (88474 bytes)
American Century arriving Duluth
320-AC-12-27-12-ns.jpg.jpg (73667 bytes)
Passing under the bridge with ice on the bow
325-AC-12-27-12-ns.jpg.jpg (141475 bytes)
333-ACNC-12-27-12-ns.jpg.jpg (85114 bytes)
 American Century alongside the North Carolina
380-SC-12-27-12-ns.jpg.jpg (85525 bytes)
St. Clair arriving with a nice reflection
399-SC-12-27-12-ns.jpg.jpg (152518 bytes)
Passing under the world-famous Duluth lift bridge
410-SC-12-26-12-ns.jpg.jpg (68898 bytes)
 St. Clair entering the harbor

Welland Canal - Barry Andersen
Federal-Sakura-(Pan)-clear-of-L2-headed-for-L1.jpg (79076 bytes)
Federal Sakura (Hkg) - dbnd headed to L1
Federal-Sakura-crew-member-and-snowman.jpg (68639 bytes)
crew member poses with snowman
Federal-Sakura-(Pan)-entering-L1.jpg (97960 bytes) Federal-Fuji-(Bhs)-headed-dbnd-for-L1-(3).jpg (115675 bytes)
Federal Fuji (Pan) clear of L2 headed for L1
Federal-Nakagawa-(Hkg)-dbnd-clear-of-L2.jpg (112330 bytes)
Winter-(Mhl)-in-Port-Weller-harbour-upbnd.jpg (106746 bytes)
Winter (Hkg) Port Weller harbour
Intrepid-Canada-(Mhl)-dbnd-above-Port-Robinson-(6).jpg (121300 bytes)
Intrepid Canada (Mlt) - dbnd nearing Port Robinson
Intrepid-Canada-(Mhl)-dbnd-above-Port-Robinson-(8).jpg (92734 bytes) Federal-Ems-(Cyp)-entering-L3-dbnd-at-night-(2).jpg (81520 bytes)
Federal Ems (Cyp) - entering L3 dbnd
Cuyahoga-upbnd-headed-toward-L3.jpg (111569 bytes)
Cuyahoga - upbnd headed toward L2
CSL-Niagara-upbnd-to-L2-...-note-no-Christmas-lights-this-year.jpg (84672 bytes)
CSL Niagara - headed upbnd toward L2 no Christmas lights this year
CSL-Niagara-upbnd-to-L2-...-note.jpg (115451 bytes) 135.jpg (83493 bytes)
Cornelia (Lbr) dbnd at Homer bridge

Algoma Spirit inbound Hamilton and Algoma Olympic outbound Hamilton - Eric Holmes
1-Algoma-Spirit---12-27-12-eh.jpg (46949 bytes) 2-Algoma-Spirit---12-27-12-eh.jpg (70440 bytes)      

Soo Locks U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Michelle Hill
1-Risley-12-25-12-usace.jpg (87592 bytes)
The Canadian Coast Guard Cutter Samuel Risley enters the Poe Lock around noon on Christmas Day on her way to Thunder Bay.
2-Republic-12-25-12-usace.jpg (94906 bytes)
The lower gate closes behind the Great Republic on Christmas Day.  Though far from home, the crew had a feast of snow crab, beef tenderloin, ham, cheese cake, raspberry torte and plenty of other goodies to celebrate the day.  Galley staff spent two and a half days preparing the holiday meal.
3-Miner-12-25-12-usace.jpg (77264 bytes)
The Mesabi Miner waits for the Great Republic and Samuel Risley to clear the Poe Lock on Christmas Day.
4-Miner-12-25-12-usace.jpg (85936 bytes)
Bow thrusters help the Mesabi Miner hold its position as it enters the Poe Lock.
5-Miner-12-25-12-usace.jpg (92412 bytes)
A close up view of the ice covered rails on the deck of the Mesabi Miner.
6-Richelieu-12-21-12.jpg (76635 bytes)
The Richelieu heads out of the Poe Lock as the sun sets on Friday, December 21, 2012.

Baie St Paul on Dec. 25 passing Marysville, Mich. - Frank Frisk
1-BaieStPaul-12-25-12-ff-jpg.jpg (99060 bytes) 2-BaieStPaul-12-25-12-ff-jpg.jpg (83634 bytes)      

St. Clair River - George Lee
kailary12-28-12-gl1359.jpg (92013 bytes)
Kailary based in Port Dover in the North Slip
kailary12-28-12-gl1330.jpg (66510 bytes)
 Paul R. Tregurtha turning off Recors Edison plant
kailary12-28-12-gl1332.jpg (89051 bytes) kailary12-28-12-gl-1342.jpg (96692 bytes)
Everlast and Norman McLeod loading asphalt at Suncor
kailary12-28-12-gl1345.jpg (105122 bytes)
ex-U.S.C.G buoy tender Bramble owned by Port Huron Museum
kailary12-28-12-gl1344.jpg (88356 bytes)
Manitou at Malcolm Marine dock
kailary12-28-12-gl1347.jpg (89177 bytes)
 Training vessel Grayfox (former Navy torpedo recovery ship)
kailary12-28-12-gl1350.jpg (85613 bytes)
Algorail and Algosoo laid up in Sarnia
kailary12-28-12-gl1352.jpg (76442 bytes)
Algosoo and Algorail
kailary12-28-12-gl1355.jpg (106372 bytes)

St. Clair River- Aidan Kemp
DSC_6066.jpg (41791 bytes)
American Century coming off Lake Huron at Point Edward.
DSC_6083.jpg (70977 bytes) DSC_6090.jpg (68845 bytes) DSC_6153.jpg (103015 bytes) DSC_6317.jpg (40910 bytes)
DSC_6235_2.jpg (139951 bytes)
 CSL Assiniboine under Blue Water Bridges.
DSC_6258.jpg (69575 bytes) DSC_5994.jpg (125302 bytes)
H. Lee White on St. Clair River from Mooretown Ontario.
DSC_6189.jpg (120694 bytes)
Algorail- Sarnia winter layup
DSC_6187.jpg (76890 bytes)

Recent Activity at the Upper Harbor in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1olmljk12_18_12_rb.jpg (115365 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber loading ore
2mant12_19_12rb.jpg (164360 bytes)
Manitowoc, stern view at the ore dock
3buff12_19_12rb.jpg (126156 bytes)
Buffalo, morning ore load
4jgm12_24_12rb.jpg (144279 bytes)
John G. Munson arriving to load ore

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