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May 30, 20

South Chicago Saturday - Steve Bauer
1-Chmpln-5-29-10-sb.jpg (76047 bytes)
The Samuel de Champlain/Innovation outbound on the Calumet River  north of 100th St. on Saturday, shortly after sunrise at 5:45am
2-Chmpln-5-29-10-sb.jpg (107569 bytes)
Clear of the NS bridge and approaching 95th St. bridge under calm water and great early morning sun.
3-Chmpln-5-29-10-sb.jpg (90058 bytes)
Lined up to pass under the 92nd St. Bridge.
4-Chmpln-5-29-10-sb.jpg (115016 bytes)
Passing under the CN (EJE) bridge 710.
5-Chmpln-5-29-10-sb.jpg (77849 bytes)
Out in Calumet Harbor where she will shortly turn and head up Lake Michigan.
6-Barker-5-29-10-sb.jpg (123836 bytes)
The Samuel de Champlain passing the Kaye E. Barker just outside of the Calumet River around 6:15 a.m. Saturday.
7-Barker-5-29-10-sb.jpg (129599 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker on her first trip out of long term lay-up passing under under CN bridge
8-Barker-5-29-10-sb.jpg (67343 bytes)
Looking great at 95th St. 
9-Barker-5-29-10-sb.jpg (103144 bytes)
Making the turn just past 100th St and KCBX.
10-Barker-5-29-10-sb.jpg (75356 bytes)
Kaye Barker as she approaches 106th St.
11-Barker-5-29-10-sb.jpg (68061 bytes)
Closeup of pilot house as she approached 95th St.
12-Barker-5-29-10-sb.jpg (104275 bytes)
No doubt as to who the crane operator's favorite football team is.
13-Barker-5-29-10-sb.jpg (115887 bytes)
Crew member watching the clearance and probably thinking "Who are these people?"
14-Barker-5-29-10-sb.jpg (107138 bytes)
The prop doing nicely at 95th, with a 20ft draft at the stern.
15-Barker-5-29-10-sb.jpg (133548 bytes)
Life ring and steps to the pilot house.

Kaye E. Barker Saturday -
Lou Gerard
kayeebarker5-29-10.jpg (243581 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker clearing Skyway and 5 bridges
kayeebarker5-29-10-(7).jpg (91573 bytes)
Kaye approaching 100th St. Bridge
kayeebarker5-29-10-(5).jpg (58403 bytes)
Barker south of KCBX passing Beemsterboer
kayeebarker5-29-10-(6).jpg (72125 bytes)
Approaching 106th St bridge
kayeebarker5-29-10-(4).jpg (65040 bytes)
Wheelhouse detail
kayeebarker5-29-10-(3).jpg (81239 bytes)
Hatch crane moving along deck
kayeebarker5-29-10-(1).jpg (189918 bytes)
Stern clearing 106th St.bridge
kayeebarker5-29-10-(2).jpg (73724 bytes)
 Heading for Wisconsin Steel Bend

Algobay at Little Narrows, Cape Breton Saturday -
Dave Yager
CIMG0585.jpg (67893 bytes) CIMG0586.jpg (57407 bytes) CIMG0587.jpg (72424 bytes) CIMG0589.jpg (78453 bytes) CIMG0568.jpg (85748 bytes)
Tug Atlantic Beech

St. Clair River
- John McCreery
1-Algosar-5-24-10-jm.jpg (102358 bytes)
Algosar at the Shell dock with Montrealais passing downbound
2-Montrealais-5-24-10-jm.jpg (76432 bytes)
3-Montrealais-5-24-10-jm.jpg (100795 bytes)
Montrealais bow close up
4-RSPierson-5-24-10-jm.jpg (58847 bytes)
Robert S Pierson upbound
5-RSPierson-5-24-10-jm.jpg (65694 bytes)
Pierson complemented in the silvery morning light
6-RSPierson-5-24-10-jm.jpg (104012 bytes)
Passing the power plant at Recors
7-Frontenac-5-24-10-jm.jpg (68372 bytes)
Frontenac unloading stone on the Canadian shore below Fawn Island
8-Frontenac-5-24-10-jm.jpg (65177 bytes)
Another view
9-Frontenac-5-24-10-jm.jpg (81369 bytes)
Close up
10-StateOfMichigan-5-24-10-jm.jpg (76831 bytes)
State Of Michigan cruising downbound
11-StateOfMichigan-5-24-10-jm.jpg (71070 bytes)
School afloat
12-CityOfAlgonac-5-24-10-jm.jpg (44691 bytes)
City Of Algonac departing Walpole island
13-WalpoleIslander-CityOfA-5-24-10-jm.jpg (75116 bytes)
Walpole Islander and City Of Algonac meet and pass mid river
14-Front-LeeA-5-24-10-jm.jpg (94430 bytes)
Frontenac backing away from her dock with Lee A upbound
15-ThalassaDesg-5-24-10-jm.jpg (108254 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes departed and downbound after loading at Imperial Oil

Good Time III on Cuyahoga River Cruise -
Rich Nicholls
1-GoodTIII-5-29-10-RTN.jpg (110462 bytes)
From the Hope Memorial Bridge.
2-GoodTIII-5-29-10-RTN.jpg (116653 bytes)      

Maumee departs from Cleveland Friday -
Thomas Seiler
Maumee-05-28-10-TS.jpg (96807 bytes)

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