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May 27, 20

Cuyahoga in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain
Cuyah-5-25-10-BCM-01.jpg (99493 bytes)
Unloading salt
Cuyah-5-25-10-BCM-02.jpg (141154 bytes) Cuyah-5-25-10-BCM-03.jpg (56033 bytes)
Salt pile
Cuyah-5-25-10-BCM-04.jpg (83308 bytes)
Bringing in the boom
Cuyah-5-25-10-BCM-05.jpg (94074 bytes)
Backing out of the river
Cuyah-5-25-10-BCM-06.jpg (101980 bytes) Cuyah-5-25-10-BCM-07.jpg (77525 bytes)      

Menominee, Mich. and Marinette, Wisc.  - Dick Lund
1-Vlst-05-19-10-dl.jpg (81592 bytes)
Vlistborg turns around in the Menominee River on May 19 before heading to KK Integrated Logistics
2-Vlst-05-19-10-dl.jpg (50257 bytes)
Broadside view of the ship, which is here to load pulp
3-Vlst-05-19-10-dl.jpg (64515 bytes)
Stern view tied up at the dock
4-Vlst-05-20-10-dl.jpg (84703 bytes)
Vlistborg heads through the Ogden Street Bridge as they depart on May 20
5-Vlst-05-20-10-dl.jpg (75386 bytes)
The ship is through the bridge and into the inner harbor on their way out to the lake
6-SFB-05-24-10-dl.jpg (68782 bytes)
Spencer F. Baird arrived on May 24 to pick up a load of Lake Trout fingerlings
7-SFB-05-24-10-dl.jpg (76411 bytes)
Note the truck with the long tube at the right of the photo
8-CD-05-24-10-dl.jpg (58682 bytes)
Later that same day, the Catherine Desgagnes arrived at Marinette Fuel & Dock with more pig iron
9-RG-05-26-10-dl.jpg (55761 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande arrived at dusk on May 25, and entered port early the next morning with more wind turbine towers

Undaunted and barge PM41 in Ludington
GEDC0060.jpg (55150 bytes)
The pair visited their home port early Wednesday morning to deliver a load of agricultural lime to the Carey dock near the Washington Street Bridge.  She unloaded quickly and was outbound before 9 a.m. on a beautiful, calm morning.
GEDC0063.jpg (44986 bytes) GEDC0064.jpg (49030 bytes)    

Sarnia and Goderich
- John McCreery  
1-FederalMiramichi-5-23-10-jm.jpg (78389 bytes)
Federal Miramichi upbound at Sarnia
2-FedMiramichi-5-23-10-jm.jpg (85202 bytes)
Another view
3-FedMiramichi-5-23-10-jm.jpg (97550 bytes)
Stern view
4-Metsaborg-5-23-10-jm.jpg (89577 bytes)
Metsaborg and pilot boat headed for the river
5-Metsaborg-5-23-10-jm.jpg (79004 bytes)
6-Metsaborg-5-23-10-jm.jpg (117357 bytes)
Metsaborg  stern view approaching the bridges
7-Leandra-5-24-10-jm.jpg (125005 bytes)
Leandra waiting to load at Goderich
8-Leandra-5-23-10-jm.jpg (140493 bytes)
View from across the harbour
9-Leandra-5-24-10-jm.jpg (119028 bytes)  

Manistee in Buffalo -
Rob Wolcott
Saturday the Manistee arrived in Buffalo to unload sand at the Sand Supply Dock on the City Ship Canal. She unloaded all night and started her departure around 6:30 a.m.
1-Manistee-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (91340 bytes)
Manistee backing down the City Ship canal and into the Buffalo River.
2-Manistee-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (65068 bytes)
Wide shot showing Manistee on her way to the lake.
3-Manistee-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (73388 bytes)
Making the turn in the river past the Naval Park.
4-Manistee-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (126234 bytes)
Close up of Manistee
5-Manistee-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (92397 bytes)
Bow shot
6-Manistee-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (52509 bytes)
Manistee done with the turn, now lining up to finish backing into the turning area.
7-Manistee-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (71960 bytes)
Passing the Buffalo light house.
8-Manistee-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (46600 bytes)
Starting to turn around in the North entrance turning basin.
9-Manistee-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (41097 bytes)
Head on shot as she turns
10-Maniste-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (66888 bytes)
Working her bow thruster to get her around.
11-Maniste-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (36435 bytes)
Another shot with the Buffalo light house. Half way around her turn to depart into Lake Erie.
12-Maniste-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (50325 bytes)
Rudder still turned to port and finally almost around.
13-Maniste-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (62556 bytes)
Lined up with the North entrance and ready to depart.
14-Maniste-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (48054 bytes)
Powering up and moving on to her next cargo.
15-Maniste-5-23-10-RW.jpg.jpg (18838 bytes)
Manistee headed out into the open lake.

Victoria Day holiday at Welland Canal -
Bill Bird
1-JWShelley-05-24-10-a-bb.jpg (81819 bytes)
Mirror image of JW Shelley as she passes Allanburg
2-JWShelley-05-24-10-b-bb.jpg (86552 bytes)
Stern shot
3-Iryda-05-24-10-a-bb.jpg (79926 bytes)
Iryda upbound at Thorold-notice blue unloading buckets on deck
4-Irydacrew-05-24-10-bb.jpg (64850 bytes)
Crew moving cables for starboard side tie-up
5-Iryda-05-24-10-b-bb.jpg (91635 bytes)
Stern shot
6-Algolake-05-24-10-a-bb.jpg (70632 bytes)
Algolake clear of Lock 3
7-Algolakeflag-05-24-10-bb.jpg (64997 bytes)
flying flag of Les Habitants
8-Algolake-05-24-10-b-bb.jpg (63750 bytes)
Stern shot heading to the flight locks

Cleveland -
Paul Magyar
1-WALTERJMCCARTHY-5-25-10-PM.jpg (66517 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. approaching the CBT dock to with a load of taconite.
2-MANISTEE-5-25-10-PM.jpg (103399 bytes)
Manistee departing Cleveland with a load of salt from the Cargill Mine.
1-MISSISSAGI-5-24-10-PM.jpg (95931 bytes)
Mississagi outbound Cleveland with a load of salt from the Cargill mine.
2-AMERICAN-REPUBLIC-5-24-10-PM.jpg (106380 bytes)
American Republic heads up the Cuyahoga River to Mittal Steel with another load of taconite from the Cleveland Bulk Terminal.

Sugar Island Ferry -
Herm Klein
Tuesday morning the the Sugar Islander II experienced a reported electronic failure of the engine and transmission control system. A fix was not readily available, so the Drummond Islander III was dispatched from Detour Village to make the trips between the Soo mainland and Sugar Island. After 2 p.m. the crippled Sugar Islander II made her way up river to MCM Marine to be repaired.
1-DRIS-5-25-10-HK.jpg (111083 bytes)
Drummond Islander III up bound in the Little Rapids Cut
2-DIS-5-25-10-HK.jpg (103393 bytes)
Drummond Islander II arrives at the Sugar Island dock
3-SI-5-25-10-HK.jpg (84729 bytes)
Sugar Islander II heads up river to MCM Marine for repair
4-DISS-5-25-10-HK.jpg (84572 bytes)
Drummond Islander III ready to load at the shore side Dock

Quebecois arrives at Hamilton with iron ore for Dofasco from Port Cartier - Rodney Aitchison
1-Quebecois--5-24-10-ra.jpg (79054 bytes)
Approaching the piers
2-Quebecois-5-24-10-ra.jpg (56965 bytes)
Close up of bridge
3-Quebecois-5-24-10-ra.jpg (71628 bytes)
At the piers
4-Quebecois-5-24-10-ra.jpg (78508 bytes)
5-Quebecois-5-24-10-ra.jpg (130567 bytes)
Lots of pleasure craft were out on the long weekend

Green Bay -
Scott Best
1-Calumet-05-23-10-sb.jpg (101549 bytes)
Calumet close up at the Georgia Pacific slip.
2-Calumet-05-23-10-sb.jpg (98711 bytes)
Wide view unloading coal.

Mariatown and Iroquois Lock
- Ron Beaupre
3-fedleda-23-05-10-rb.jpg (62133 bytes)
Federal Leda passing Mariatown.
4-fedleda-23-05-10-rb.jpg (90232 bytes)
She is headed for Sorel to load.
1-quebecois-23-05-10-rb.jpg (62120 bytes)
Quebecois passing Loyalist Park below Iroquois Lock.
2-quebecois-23-05-10-rb.jpg (51875 bytes)
She has a load of ore for Hamilton.
1-ladydover-22-05-10-rb.jpg (88516 bytes)
Lady of Dover passing Mariatown. Built at Port Dover as John D. by George Gamble. Her second name was Sharilyn II.
2-ladydover-22-05-10-rb.jpg (133948 bytes)
She was owned in Quebec but is now heading back into the Lakes.

Mariatown and Iroquois Lock
- Ron Beaupre
1-Federal-Leda-05-23-10-mb-.jpg (96453 bytes) 2-Federal-Leda-05-23-10-mb-.jpg (84036 bytes)

State of Michigan at the Algonac State Park on Sunday afternoon -
Don Detloff
SOM-23may10-djd-1.jpg (50317 bytes) SOM-23may10-djd-2.jpg (64582 bytes) SOM-23may10-djd-3.jpg (50078 bytes) SOM-23may10-djd-4.jpg (53353 bytes)  

Marquette and Escanaba -
Rod Burdick
1_da_path_5_20_10_rb.jpg (72786 bytes)
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
2_da_path_5_20_10_rb.jpg (108274 bytes)
Loading ore
1_esky_5_22_10_rb.jpg (87076 bytes)
Spruceglen in Escanaba at the CN ore dock with Joseph L. Block

Federal Weser downbound at Blockhouse Island, Brockville on Saturday - Dave Bessant
1-FederalWeser-05-22-10-WDB.jpg (78417 bytes)
Federal Weser approaching Brockville
2-FederalWeser-05-22-10-WDB.jpg (66782 bytes)
3-FederalWeser-05-22-10-WDB.jpg (80685 bytes)
4-FederalWeser-05-22-10-WDB.jpg (92834 bytes)
5-FederalWeser-05-22-10-WDB.jpg (78331 bytes)
Navigating through the Dive boats over one of the wrecks, perhaps the Lillie Parsons
6-FederalWeser-05-22-10-WDB.jpg (67752 bytes)
Turning on the power, looking tippy a bit

Maumee at South Chicago on Monday
- Lou Gerard
IMG_5572.jpg (63584 bytes)
Maumee in Calumet Harbor just before turning around.
IMG_5576.jpg (100110 bytes)
Backing under EJ&E bridge
IMG_5578.jpg (72927 bytes)
Crew on stern radioing instructions to the pilot house
IMG_5586.jpg (76903 bytes)
Backing through 95th st. bridge
IMG_5593.jpg (104935 bytes)
About to go through the five bridges
IMG_5603.jpg (60505 bytes)
Backing around bend at KCBX

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