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Boatnerd Badger Gathering
May 29-30 , 2009


Roger LeLievre photos

S.S. Badger arriving in Ludington on Friday evening

Passing up the channel

Turning to dock

Friday evening pilothouse tours

Lee Murdock entertaining during the crossings

Jr. Chief Engineer Bill Kulka talks about the history and operation of the S.S. Badger

Chief Kulka shows the top cylinder piston that needed new rings.

Getting a good photo.

Model of Wilfred Sykes in the Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Dave Wobser photos

S. S. Badger arriving from Manitowoc on Friday evening

Backing her in

Arriving passengers

Inside Badger's pilothouse

Friday evening Boatnerd tours

Another group

More Boatnerds

"I could do this".

Checking out the instruments

Antique radio direction finder

Wheelsman's position

Modern electronic

Captain's view out the front window

More touring Boatnerds

Jr. Chief Engineer Bill Kulka explains the operations of the engine room

Leaving Ludington on Saturday morning

Ludington Light

Waiting for the engine room tours to begin

Chief Kulka explains to Skinner Uniflow engines

Gauges above the engineer's position

Top piston which was replaced over night

Boiler condensing system

Pressure gauges

Starboard engine controls

Starboard engine telegraphs. Upper one for the forward pilothouse and the lower for the stern pilothouse.

Top valves on the port side Skinner.

Top of the starboard side engine.

Electrical panel

Lee Murdoch entertained on the trip to Manitowoc and back to Ludington

Passing the Manitowoc Light inbound

Restored front triple expansion out of the Chief Wawatam at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum

End view

Upper section end view

Looking inside the open works

Badger returning from the Wisconsin Shoreline cruise.

Dropping the anchor to assist in docking

Backing in

Capt. Kevin Fitch ready to take us back to Ludington

Manitowoc Light

Almost home

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