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July 15, 2007


7/15 - The Aquarama Tow departs Buffalo - Day Three - Rob Wolcott










7/15 - Aquarama Tow Preparations - Day Two - Rob Wolcott
(See the News page for details of the move.)

Radium Yellowknife coming up front to get a "push" in.

Turning around. Radium Yellowknife is incredibly maneuverable in tight quarters.

Getting ready to line up with the bow of Aquarama.

Starting the push.

Starting to make some progress, as Aquarama is finally moving!!

One last shove.

Moving around to the stern to get a shot at a "pull".

Getting hooked up for the pull.

Workers use the winches on Aquarama to pull her in towards the dock for the night.

After finishing up, Radium Yellowknife gets back to tie up with the Commodore Straits.

7/15 - Canadian Transfer loading salt in Goderich - Wayne Brown

Loading almost complete; just trimming hatch 11.

Stern view

Close-up of loading spout

7/15 - Marquette visitors - Rod Burdick

Saginaw loading

Joyce L. VanEnkevort/Great Lakes Trader leaving in the background

7/15 - Ships at Mariatown - Ron Beaupre

In early evening, the storm clouds opened to light up the river with Voyageur Pioneer passing up in ballast on her way to Duluth and another load of taconite.

Algosea passed downbound for Tracy.

7/15 - More Aquarama Tow Preparations - Dan




7/14 - Aquarama Tow Preparations - Day One - Rob Wolcott

Aquarama's last days in Buffalo. A nice shot of our old friend.

A close up of Aquarama's name board

Radium Yellowknife parked next to Commodore Straits awaiting Saturday's task

Commodore Straits Close-up shot

Radium Yellowknife strait on. Notice the shallow draft markings.

The size difference between the two.

A worker finds an 50 year old glass jar of Vaseline.

7/14 - Detroit River Traffic - Mike Nicholls

Algonorth upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.

Stern view

Federal Yukon (Hong Kong) upbound at Fighting Island South Light.

Stern view

Detroit Fireboat Curtis Randolph preparing to enter Nicholson's Drydock.

Curtis Randolph in the Drydock.

7/14 - Marinette Marine action - Dick Lund

Bridget McAllister & Atlantic Trader partially loaded with INLS craft at Marinette Marine

Another view of the tug and barge

The new Vane Bros. tug, Christiana, in the yard at Marinette Marine.

7/14 - Historical Perspective - Rudi Rabe

Algowood up bound at Valleyfield 1986

Stern view

AS Glossbrenner 1982 in the Welland Canal

Point Vigour seen here at Halifax 1983 now the tug Molly M I

Yankcanuck down bound the Detroit River 1983

7/14 - Port Huron/Marysville Traffic - Bruce Hurd

BBC Australia passing Port Huron


Jane Ann IV and Sarah Spencer off Port Huron

BBC Mississippi passing Marysville

Stern view

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