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August 28 - 26, 2005


8/28 Spirit of America in the Welland Canal - David Bull

Approaching Lock 7

"Bow" of vessel for delivery voyage

View of special modifications to allow vessel to slide the wall into the Seaway locks.

"Stern" of vessel for delivery voyage with temporary stern anchor.

Entering Lock 7

Vessel secured in Lock 7 waiting to be lowered.

8/28 - Welland Canal Traffic - Bill Bird

Spirit of America profile

above Lock 7 downbound

Entering the Lock

Federal Matane departing Lock 8 upbound

Canadian Navigator approaching Lock 8 upbound

Quebecois departing Lock 8 upbound

Quebecois approaching Bridge 21 heading towards Lake Erie.

Pomorze Zachodnie sliding along wall exiting Lock 7 upbound.

8/28 - Detroit River Traffic - Mike Nicholls

BBC Russia (Cyprus) upbound at Grassy Island.

Philip R Clarke downbound above Fighting Island North Light.

Algonova upbound at Grassy Island.




8/26 - St. Clair River Traffic - Dave Wobser

"Spirit of America"

Under the Blue Water Bridges

Pilot house crew


Special Seaway-required stern "Add-An-Anchor"

Headed for New York City

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder down bound at Marysville.

Algomarine up bound

Canadian Transfer down bound to Marysville Blue Water Aggregates

Armco up bound after unloading at Marysville

Montrealais up bound


Algorail down bound


The up bound tall ship Fair Jeanne crossing in front of the Blue Water Ferry enroute to the Sarnia Government Dock.

8/26 - Spirit of America - Port Huron - Dick Wicklund

8/26 Detroit River - Mike Nicholls

Spirit of America downbound just above Fighting Island North Light.

Pineglen upbound at Fighting Island North Light.

Federal Ems downbound off Nicholson's.

Spar Opal downbound off Belanger Park.

Ste Claire at Belanger Park.

Saginaw River 8/27 - Todd Shorkey

Research Vessel Laurentian upbound at USCG Station Saginaw River
Stern view nearing Essroc

Joyce L. Van Enkevort and Great Lakes Trader unloading at Bay City Wirt

Close up view

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