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Weekly News Photo Gallery
December 20, 2004

Compiled by George Wharton

Current Perspectives

Atlantic Patroller waiting on the weather 12/04/04 after loading at the elevator.  Philip Nash

Atlantic Patroller stern view.  Philip

CCGS Cape Hurd on standby in Goderich 12/04/04.  Philip

Willowglen and Teakglen waiting at the Goderich elevators for new owners.  Philip

Algorail inbound Marinette, WI passing the lighthouse 12/10/04.  Scott Best

Close up inside the piers.  Scott

Algorail finished unloading and starting to bring in the boom.  Scott

Algorail's boom back on board and ready to depart.  Scott

Armco unloading in Duluth 12/10/04.  Chris Mazzella

Another view.  Chris

Paul R. Tregurtha in Duluth 12/10/04.  Chris

Staten Island Ferry Sen. John J. Marchi passes Fawn Island in the St. Clair River, mid-afternoon Dec. 8.  Gord Bowes/Wallaceburg Courier Press

Third Staten Island Ferry, the Spirit of America on the ways at Marinette Marine.  Dick Lund

Close up of the name.  Dick

Lee A. Tregurtha loading ore 12/17/04.  Lee Rowe

Another view.  Lee

Spruceglen lined up for breakwall entrance & Algocape at the elevators at Thunder Bay, ON 12/15/04.  Next 12 photos by Rob Farrow.

Met by tugs Robert John (stern) and George N. Carleton.  Rob

Lined up for Pascol fitout dock.  Rob

Filling dry dock.  Rob

Arriving at the fitout dock.  Rob

Robert John works hard to pull the Spruceglen.  Rob

Spruceglen.  Rob

Closeup of bow riding high.  Rob

Almost hitting the wall.

Way out of shape after the save.  Rob

Going into the dry dock.  Rob

Next day in the dry dock (12/16).  Rob

Armco unloading at Superior, WI  12/02/04.  Dick Wicklund

J.B. Ford profiled by the sun at Superior 12/02.  Dick

Canadian Leader unloading at Duluth, MN 12/03.  Dick

American Mariner leaving Duluth 12/03.  Dick

Federal Agno at Superior 12/03.  Dick

Yarmouth & tug Kentucky at Duluth 12/04.  Dick

J.B. Ford in new paint at Superior 12/07.  Dick

James R. Barker from the Canal Park, Duluth 12/08.  Dick

Gaelic tugs Patricia Hoey and Carolyn Hoey turned and placed the totally cocooned Columbia at her winter berth on the north side of Nicholson's Slip, Detroit on 12/17/04.  Mike Nicholls

Carolyn Hoey with str. Columbia.  Mike

Another view.  Mike

Capt. Henry Jackman at the Blue Circle Cement dock on the Rouge River 12/17.  Mike

Burns Harbor entering Burns International Harbor/Port of Indiana 12/13/04.  These next 7 photos by P. Zagorac

Head on.



Stern with Santa.

Power up.

Almost docked.

Great Lakes Trader with tug Joyce L VanEnkevort preparing to load at Marquette, MI 12/04/04.  Shawn B-K

Wolverine loading at Marquette, MI 12/15/04.  Lee Rowe

Wolverine & Saginaw bows.  Lee

Saginaw at the dock 12/15.  Lee

Michipicoten at the dock 12/15.  Lee

Algorail loading at Ojibway Salt, Windsor, ON 12/15/04.  Wade P. Streeter

Stern view.  Wade

Catherine Desgagnes loading at ADM, Windsor 12/15.  Wade

Stern view.  Wade

From the Roger Blough, summer 2003; inside the pilot house.  Brian Ferguson

Looking towards the bow in the fog.  Brian

Typical unlicensed crew room.  With the crew cuts, 1 person has this room.  Brian

Early summer morning downbound in the Poe Lock.  Brian
Historical Perspectives

Henry Steinbrenner in 1938.  These 7 photos from the Sid B. Ferriss collection, courtesy of Wade P. Streeter.

The Alpena (1) and others at winter lay-up at Nicholson's/GLEW slip in River Rouge.

Tanker Meteor inbound the old Rouge Riverbed.

Meteor stern view.

Ralph W. Watson just prior to launching/christening at GLEW River Rouge 1938.

Richard Reiss when new in the mid 1940's.

S.T. Crapo in GLEW Drydock in River Rouge.

Robert W.E. Bunsen passing Detroit 1952.  John R. Decator Jr.

Enders M. Voorhees unloading at Gary, IN 1946.  John


Princeton unloading at Conneaut 1946.

Kinsman Enterprise departing the Poe Lock 1990.  Rod Burdick


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