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25th Annual Winter Lay-up List: 2018 - 2019

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Vessel Name Lay-up Port Dock Lay-up

Algoma Algoma Central Corp.

 Algoma Buffalo Hamilton, ON Pier 26 M 31 Dec 2018  
 Algoma Compass Hamilton, ON Pier 26 22 Dec 2018  
 Algoma Conveyor        
 Algoma Discovery Toronto, ON Ontarion Redy Mix dock 28 Dec 2018  
 Algoma Endurance Croatia Expected in service in 2018    
 Algoma Enterprise Port Colborne, ON Wharf 16 27 Dec 2018  
 Algoma Equinox Hamilton, ON Pier 25 N (Agrico dock) 30 Dec 2018  
 Algoma Guardian Port Colborne, On Wharf12 29 Dec 2018  
 Algoma Harvester Owen Sound, ON East Harbor Wall 27 Dec 2018  
 Algoma Integrity        
 Algoma Innovator Croatia Expected in service in 2018    
 Algoma Transport Hamilton, ON LaFarge Canada dock 27 Dec 2018  
 Algowood Montreal, QC Section 56 South 27 Dec 2018  
 Algoma Mariner        
 Algoma Niagara        
 Algoma Sault        
 Algoma Spirit Port Colborne, ON South of Lock 8 31 Dec 2018  
 Algoma Strongfield Thunder Bay, ON Keefer Terminal 29 Dec 2018  
 American Valor Toledo, OH Torco Ore Dock - 13 Nov 2008
Moved to former Interlake Iron dock - Aug 2018
 Capt. Henry Jackman Montreal, QC Section 56 South 27 Dec 2018  
 John D. Leitch Port Weller, ON Port Weller Dry Dock 28 Dec 2018  
 Radcliffe R. Latimer Montreal, QC Section 34 31 Dec 2018  
 Tim S. Dool Superior, WI Fraser Shipyard 1 Jan 2019  

Algoma Algoma Tankers

 Algoma Tankers LTD operate six (6) vessels on the Great Lakes as weather permits year around. They are Algocanada, Algoma Hansa, Algoscotia (2), Algonova (2),  Algosea (2) and Algonorth (2). They also operate Algoma Dartmouth as a refueling ship in St. John, NB

ASC American Steamship Co.

 American Century        
 American Courage Sturgeon Bay, WI BayShip 15 Dec 2018  
 American Integrity Toledo, OH CSX #2 12 Jan 2019  
 American Mariner        
 American Spirit        
 Burns Harbor        
 H. Lee White (2) Superior, WI Elevator M 13 Jan 2019  
 Indiana Harbor        
 John J. Boland (4) Toledo, OH TORCO Dock 8 Jan 2019  
 Sam Laud        
 St. Clair Toledo, OH TORCO Dock 14 jan 2019  
 Walter J. McCarthy, Jr.        

CSL Canada Steamship Lines

 Atlantic Huron Quebec City, QC Section 29 12 Jan 2019  
 Baie Comeau Midland, ON ADM Elevator 2 Jan 2019  
 Baie St. Paul Les Mechins, QC   12 Jan 2019  
 Cedarglen (2) Toledo, OH Ironhead Marine 6 Jan 2019  
 CSL Assiniboine Port Colborne, ON Wharf 16 12 Jan 2019  
 CSL Laurentien Montreal, QC Section 27 24 Dec 2018  
 CSL Niagara Thunder Bay, ON Keefer Terminal 5 Jan 2019  
 CSL Tadoussac Sarnia, ON North Slip 6 Jan 2019  
 CSL St-Laurent Montreal, QC Section 25 25 Dec 2018  
 CSL Welland Montreal, QC Section 56 North 6 Jan 2019  
 Frontenac (5)        
 Oakglen (3) Toronto, ON Cruise ship terminal 24 Dec 2018  
 Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin Montreal, QC Section 29 28 Dec 2018  
 Spruceglen (2) Montreal, QC Section 56 North Dec 23 2018  
 Thunder Bay Port Colborne, ON Lock 8, SE Wall 7 Jan 2019  
 Whitefish Bay        

CML Central Marine Logistics

 Edward L. Ryerson Superior, WI Moved to Barko Dock - 5 Sep 2013 18 May 2009  
 Joseph L Block Sturgeon Bay, WI Berth 10 1 Jan 2019  
 Wilfred Sykes        

G3 Canada Ltd.

 G3 Marquis Hamilton, ON Pier 21 AMD dock 30 Dec 2018  

Great Lakes Fleet (Key Lakes - Manager)

 Arthur M. Anderson Duluth, MN CN Dock, East Side of 6 15 Jan 2017  
 Cason J. Callaway        
 Edgar B. Speer        
 Edwin H. Gott        
Great Republic Toledo, OH TORCO dock 5 Jan 2019  
 John G. Munson (2) Sturgeon Bay, WI BayShip - Berth 9 27 Dec 2018  
 Philip R. Clarke        
 Presque Isle (2) tug / barge Erie, PA Mountfort Terminal 11 Jan 2019  
 Roger Blough Sturgeon Bay, WI BayShip 13 Jan 2019  

Inland Lakes Management

 Alpena (2) Cleveland, OH LaFarge Terminal 4 Jan 2019  
 J.A.W. Iglehart Superior, WI Lafarge Dock (storage barge) 5 Nov 2006 Storage Vessel
 S.T. Crapo Green Bay, WI Lafarge Dock (storage barge) 4 Sep 1996 Storage Vessel

Interlake Steamship Company

 Hon. James L. Oberstar        
 Herbert C. Jackson        
 James R. Barker Sturgeon Bay, WI Bay Shipbuilding 14 Jan 2019  
 John Sherwin Superior, WI
DeTour, MI
Howard's Pocket - 16 Nov 1981
Interlake Dock - 17 Oct 2009
  Long Term
 Kaye E. Barker Superior, WI Fraser Shipyard 15 Jan 2019  
 Lee A. Tregurtha Superior, WI Fraser Shipyard 14 Jan 2019  
 Mesabi Miner Superior, WI Midwest Energy 12 Jan 2019  
 Pathfinder (3)
tug / barge
 Paul R. Tregurtha        
 Stewart J. Cort        

Lafarge North America Inc., Operated by Andrie Inc.

 G. L. Ostrander
tug / barge
 Samuel de Champlain
tug / barge

Lake Express LLC

 Lake Express        

Lake Michigan Car Ferry

 Spartan Ludington, MI LMC Slip #3 7 Nov 1979 Long Term

Lake Service Shipping Co.

 McKee Sons Muskegon, MI Mart Dock 20 Dec 2014  

Lower Lakes Towing
 Lower Lakes Transportation
 Grand River Navigation

 CTC No. 1        
tug / barge
 Invincible tug        
 Manistee Toledo, OH Toroc Dock-22 Dec 2015
Moved to Hocking Valley Dock
13 Dec 2017 Long Term
 Manitoulin (6)        
 Manitowoc Point Edward, ON North Slip 12 Jan 2019  
 Michipicoten (2) Erie, PA Donjon Shipbuilding 15 Jan 2019  
 Mississagi Ashtabula, OH   13 Jan 2019  
 Ojibway Windsor, ON   11 Jan 2019  
 Olive L. Moore
tug / barge
 Robert S. Pierson Point Edward North Slip 12 Jan 2019  
 Saginaw (3) Ashtabula, OH Pinney #4 14 Jan 2019  
 Tecumseh Windsor, ON Morterm Terminal 11 Jan 2019  
 James L. Kuber
tug / barge
Erie, PA DonJon Shipyard 2 Jan 2019  

McAsphalt Marine Transportation Ltd., Toronto, Ont.

Tug Everlast / barge Norman McLeod        
John J. Carrick        
Tug Leo A. McArthur / barge John J. Carrick Port Colborne, ON Wharf 16, North end 3 Jan 2019  
Norman McLeod        

McKeil Marine Ltd.

 Evans Spirit        
 Florence Spirit Hamilton, ON Pier 12 N 28 Dec 2018  
 McKeil Spirit Toronto, ON Lehigh Cement dock 28 Dec 2018  
 Metis barge        

 Novaalgoma Cement Carriers, LTD

 NACC Argonaut        
 NACC Quebec        

Owen Sound Transportation Co.

 Chi-Cheemaun Owen Sound Inner Harbor West Wall 3 Nov 2018  

Pere Marquette Shipping

 Pere Marquette 41
tug / barge

Port City Marine Services

 Bradshaw McKee
 St. Marys Challenger
tug / barge
South Chicago, IL The Sheds    
 Commander barge Sturgeon Bay, WI Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding
Conversion to cement carrier
 Colleen McAllister tug Muskegon, MI Mart Dock    
 Katie G. McAllister tug Muskegon, MI Mart Dock    
 Prentiss Brown
 St. Marys Conquest
tug / barge
Milwaukee, WI St. Marys Dock    

St. Marys Cement

 Petite Forte
 St. Marys Cement
tug / barge
Hamilton, ON Pier 14 West (FMT dock) 30 Dec 2018  
 Sea Eagle II
 St. Marys Cement II
tug / barge
Hamilton, ON Pier 12 East (FMT dock) 30 Dec 2018  

TGL Marine Holdings

  Sarah Spencer tug / barge Toledo, OH Toledo Frog Pond - 2009 Oct. 2015 For Sale

Van Enkevort Tug & Barge Inc.

 Clyde S. VanEnkevort
 Erie Trader
tug / barge
 Joseph H. Thompson Jr.
 Joseph H. Thompson
tug / barge
 Joyce L. VanEnkevort
 Great Lakes Trader
tug / barge
Toledo, OH TORCO Dock 14 Jan 2019  

Scrapped or Sold Off-Lakes


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Last Update: January 15, 2019

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