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10th Annual Winter Lay-up List - 2003 - 2004

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Vessel Name

Lay-Up Port



Algoma Algoma Central

Agawa Canyon Sarnia Government Dock Jan. 4
John B. Aird Sorel - Tracy Section 17 Jan. 9
Algobay Toronto Section 412 Dec. 25, 2002
Algocape Thunder Bay Keefer Terminal Dec. 28
Algocen Montreal Sec. 56 Dec. 28
Algoisle Hamilton Pier 26
Moved from Toronto Dec. 19, 2003
Dec. 21, 2000
Algomarine Owen Sound East Wall Inner Harbor Jan. 10
Algonorth Thunder Bay Pascol Engineering Dec. 24
Algontario Thunder Bay Pascol Engineering. first arrived after grounding in the St. Marys River on 4/5/99 April 13, 1999
Algoport Les Mechine, Quebec Feb. 6
Algorail Sarnia Sidney E. Smith Dock Jan. 6
Algolake St. Catharines Port Weller Dry Docks Dec. 28
Algosoo Hamilton Pier 10 Dec. 26
Algosound Montreal Section 56 Sold for scrapping Dec. 26, 2003
Algosteel Sarnia North Slip rafted to Nanticoke Jan. 24
Algoville Toronto Redpath Sugar Dec. 20
Algoway Sarnia Government Dock Jan. 23
Peter R. Cresswell Hamilton Pier 8 Dec. 24
Algowood Port Colborne South Wall Lock 8 Jan. 4
Capt. Henry Jackman Hamilton Pier 8 Dec. 26
Sauniere Sorel Feb. 17

ASCAmerican Steamship

Indiana Harbor Duluth Seaway (Garfield) C dock Jan. 20
W. J. McCarthy, Jr Superior Lakehead Pipeline Co. dock Jan. 17
George A. Stinson Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Jan. 19
St. Clair Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Jan. 19
American Mariner Duluth Hallet Jan. 20
H. Lee White Toledo CSX #4 Jan. 19
John J. Boland Superior Fraser Shipyards Jan. 16
American Republic Cleveland Former G&W Dock Jan. 24
Buffalo Toledo CSX #2 Jan. 12
Adam E. Cornelius Toledo CSX #2 Jan. 14
Sam Laud Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Jan. 13
Integrity and tug Jacklyn M. Milwaukee Lafarge Jan. 19
Bethlehem Steel
Burns Harbor Milwaukee Advance Boiler Jan. 21
Stewart J Cort Milwaukee Heavy Lift Dock Jan. 24
CSLCanada Steamship Lines
Atlantic Huron Goderich North Inner Harbor Wall Jan. 18
Atlantic Erie Thunder Bay Pascol Engineering Jan. 19
Atlantic Superior Trading on East Coast departing lay-up on Feb. 8. (Entered lay-up on Jan. 9 in Halifax.)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin Hamilton Dock 12N Dec. 28
CSL Niagara Port Colborne East Wharf Jan. 1
CSL Laurentien Port Colborne Wharf 16 Jan. 27
English River Toronto Lafarge Jan. 5
Ferbec Montreal Shed 4 Jan. 4
Frontenac Thunder Bay Keefer Terminal Jan. 12
Halifax Montreal Sec 36 Jan. 2
Nanticoke Sarnia North Slip Jan. 17
Jean Parisien St. Catharines Port Weller Dry Dock Dec. 14
CSL Tadoussac Hamilton Pier 12 E Dec. 27
Sarah Spencer (barge)
Jane Anne IV (tug)
Midland ADM Jan. 7
Cedarglen Windsor ADM Jan. 9
Pineglen Thunder Bay Keefer Terminal Jan. 11
Birchglen Operating on the east coast, due Montreal in March
Spruceglen Operating on the east coast, due Halifax in March
Teakglen Goderich Storage Hull Oct. 5, 2002
M.A.C. Gagne Former Saguenay (No longer owned by CSL) - Thunder Bay, P. Gagne dock Moved Nov. 10,1997
Had been in Toronto since 11/30/92.
CMLCentral Marine Logistics
Edward L. Ryerson Sturgeon Bay, WI Bay Shipbuilding move to the old PBI\City dock on 12/7/00 Dec. 12, 1998
Joseph L Block Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Feb. 11
Wilfred Sykes Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Feb. 10
Cleveland Tankers
Gemini Operating as demand requires
Keystone Lakes Shipping
Michigan/Great Lakes operates year-round

Desgagnes Transport
Amelia Desgagnes Quebec City Section 104  Jan. 2
Catherine Desgagnes Quebec City Section 102 Dec 18
Cecilia Desgagnes Montreal Section 56E Nov. 30
Jacques Desgagnes St-Joseph -de-la Rive Oct. 1
Mathilda Desgagnes St-Joseph-de-la-Rive Nov. 25
Melissa Desgagnes Quebec City Section 104 Dec. 23
Nordik Passeur Quebec City Section 30 Sept. 5, 1996
Nova D. Montreal Section 56 Dec. 3
Great Lakes Associates, Inc.
Kinsman Independent Buffalo Buffalo Port Terminal
Moved to Port terminal May, 2003
Dec. 16, 2002
Joseph H Frantz Toledo Old Interlake Iron Company Dock Jan. 3
Inland Lakes Management
J.A.W. Iglehart Detroit Lafarge Dec. 30
Paul H Townsend Muskegon West Michigan Market Dock Oct. 10
Alpena Cleveland Lafarge Jan. 9
S.T. Crapo Green Bay, Lafarge Dock - Last sailed Sept. 1996 towed to Green Bay in 1997, used for storage.
E.M. Ford Saginaw, Lafarge - Sept. 1996 long term used for storage
J.B. Ford Superior, WI, Lafarge - Out of service since 15 Nov. 1985 Milwaukee long term used for storage.
Interlake Steamship Company
Paul R. Tregurtha Superior Midwest Energy Terminal Jan. 21
James R. Barker Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Jan. 29
Mesabi Miner Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Jan. 24
Charles M. Beeghly Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Jan. 28
Herbert C. Jackson Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Jan. 22
Barge Pathfinder and tug Dorothy Ann Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Jan. 11
Lakes Shipping Company 
Lee A. Tregurtha Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Jan. 24
Kaye E. Barker Superior Fraser Shipyards Jan. 23
John Sherwin Superior municipal dock long term lay-up since Nov. 16,1981.
llt.gif (2348 bytes)Lower Lakes Towing and Grand River Navigation
Cuyahoga Sarnia Cargill Jan. 25
Saginaw Sarnia Cargill Jan. 31
Mississagi Cleveland Cargill Salt Dock Jan. 22
Michipicoten Soo Algoma Steel Jan. 24
McKee Sons (barge) Hamilton Pier 11 East Dec. 26
Invincible (tug) Hamilton Pier 11 East Dec. 26
Calumet Sarnia North Slip Jan. 15
Maumee Sarnia North Slip Jan. 10
Richard Reiss Erie, PA West Slip Dec. 18, 2001
LMCLake Michigan CarFerry
Badger Ludington LMC Slip 2 Oct.
Spartan Ludington LMC Slip 3 Long term Jan.20,1979
Oglebay Norton
Columbia Star Toledo T.W.I. Dock Jan 16
Armco Toledo old Interlake Iron Dock June 5, 2003
Reserve Toledo T.W.I. Dock Jan. 10
Middletown Toledo T.W.I. Dock Jan. 20
Courtney Burton Toledo Lake Front #3 Dec. 30, 2002
Fred R. White Toledo Toledo Shiprepair Dry Dock Jan. 12
Wolverine Toledo CSX #3 Jan. 12
Buckeye Toledo Torco Dock Jan. 13, 2003
Oglebay Norton Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Jan. 11
David Z. Norton Cleveland Ontario #4 Jan. 19
Earl W. Oglebay Cleveland Ontario #4 Jan. 13
Ontario Northland Transportation Commission
Chi-Cheemaun Owen Sound West Wall, Inner Harbor Oct.
Pere Marquette Shipping
Barge Pere Marquette 41/tug Undaunted Ludington Great Lakes Materials Dock Jan. 23
Purvis Marine
Yankcanuck Sault Ste. Marie Algoma Dec. 24
medusa2.gif (1876 bytes)Southdown
Southdown Conquest South Chicago Illinois international Terminal in Lake Calumet Jan. 22
Southdown Challenger Milwaukee Southdown Jan. 14
stmary.gif (719 bytes)St. Mary's Cement
Tug Petite Forte Hamilton Pier 12 West Dec. 28
Barge St. Mary's Cement Cleveland Blue Circle Dock Dec. ?
Tug Sea Eagle II and barge St. Mary's Cement II Hamilton Pier 12 West Dec. 28
Upper Lakes Group Inc.
John D. Leitch Port Colborne Wharf 18-1 Feb. 5
Canadian Enterprise St. Catharines Port Weller Dry Docks Dec. 24
Canadian Transfer Thorold Abitibi plant Dec. 26
Canadian Leader Hamilton Pier 26 Dec. 26
Canadian Mariner Toronto Terminal 35-4 rafted outboard of the Mariner is Barge Laviolette, both with sugar storage cargoes. Dec. 24
Canadian Miner Hamilton Dofasco Dec. 28
Canadian Navigator Hamilton Dofasco Coal Dock Dec. 25
Canadian Olympic Nanticoke Power Station Feb. 3
Canadian Progress Port Colborne Wharf 17 the old furnace dock Jan. 24 or 25
Canadian Prospector Port Colborne Wharf 12 stone doc Dec. 26
Canadian Provider Hamilton Pier 11 Dec. 28
Canadian Ranger Toronto Terminal 27-3 Nov. 27
Canadian Trader Trois-Rivières Section 1 Sept. 26, 2001
Canadian Transport Port Colborne Wharf 18-3 Feb. 6
Canadian Venture Toronto Terminal 35-2 Dec. 13, 2001
Gordon C. Leitch Toronto Terminal 36-7 Dec. 21
James Norris Hamilton Pier 25 Dec. 23
Montrealais Toronto Terminal 51-3 Dec. 24
Quebecois Hamilton Pier 11 Dec. 22
Stephen B. Roman Toronto Essroc Dock Dec. 28
VanEnkevort Tug and Barge
Barge Great Lakes Trader and Tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort Escanaba Ore Dock Feb. 15?
Upper Lakes Towing
Joseph H. Thompson & Jr. Escanaba Ore Dock Jan. 24?
Great Lakes Fleet
Edgar B. Speer Milwaukee Advance Boiler Jan. 24
Edwin H. Gott Duluth Port Terminal Jan. 23
Roger Blough Duluth Port Terminal Jan 20
Presque Isle (tug & barge) Erie, PA Monfort Terminal Jan. 25
John G. Munson Superior Fraser Shipyards Jan. 20
Arthur M. Anderson Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Jan. 24
Cason J. Callaway Superior Fraser Shipyards Jan. 24
Philip R. Clarke Sturgeon Bay Bay Ship Jan. 24

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Updated February 22, 2004

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