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With the influx of illegally dumped foreign steel into America, the market has weakened to the extent that 16 American steel companies have filed for bankruptcy in the last three years. The United Steel Workers of America (USWA) and LTV Steel are asking for your support in the fight against the unfair trade that has softened our economy.

Buckeye remains in lay-upEvery ton of dumped foreign steel that enters the U.S. takes away two tons of cargos for U.S.-flag lakers. The production of one ton of raw steel requires 1.3 tons of iron ore, 1/2 ton of fluxstone (a type of limestone), plus some coal. The crisis in steel caused several vessels to fit out later than usual.

If LTV were to shut down, millions of dollars would be lost in state and local taxes, charitable contributions and billions of dollars in purchases from over 3,000 U.S. businesses. Also, the impact would reach far beyond LTV’s 18,000 employees and customers to encompass 70,000 retirees and their families. Every integrated steel company in America carries an enormous burden for our country by providing healthcare and benefits programs for millions of Americans and their families

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