Shipwrecked: Reflections of the Sole Survivor
An Autobiography by Dennis Hale

By now, many folks who follow the Great Lakes know that Dennis Hale was the only survivor of the steamer Daniel J. Morrell, which sank on Lake Huron in late November 1966. This book serves as his autobiography, not only relating the sad story of the shipwreck and its aftermath, but also delving into Hale’s troubled childhood and his life as reckless young man in search of a sense of family.

Although he’s written about the shipwreck before, this self-published volume delves deeper into the emotional side of the story. Hale goes into great detail about what he saw, heard and felt during his near-death experience and also shares details about a mysterious visitor aboard the raft who warned him to stop eating the ice to quench his thirst.

One thing that’s clear – Hale is a survivor in more ways than one. He’s led quite a life and, lucky for readers, he decided to write it all down.

Shipwrecked: Reflections of the Sole Survivor; Dennis Hale, 2010. 312 pages, with photos. 

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