Corrections and additions to previous editions

Corrections and additions to previous editions

Seaway Ships 1999

p. 2 Flags: add GIB Gibraltar
p. 6 FORTE was actually owned by Bylock & Nordsjofrakt, not chartered.
p. 12 Port of registry and flag of ALEXIS was Gibraltar, GIB . She had been reflagged from BHS shortly before entering the Seaway in August.
p. 28 ENERCHEM TRADER was sold in April 2000 and renamed SILVERHEAD in Montreal on April 18, Panama-flag. Add previous names: ex LE CHENE No.1-97, EDOUARD SIMARD-82, J. EDOUARD SIMARD-67
p. 28 The new name for H.M.GRIFFITH is RT. HON. PAUL J. MARTIN
p. 30 AMBASSADOR was sold to Algoma Central Corp. during the Winter 99-00 and renamed ALGOSEA in April at Halifax. Operated by Marbulk Shipping Inc., partly owned by CSL (50%) and Algoma (50%)
p. 32 Add the following for ALISON LAKE: Port of registry: Toronto......Length: 32.61 m. .......Built by Ira S.Bushey & Son at Brooklyn, N.Y. ......
p. 35 Add GEORGE R. PEARKES icebreaker 1986 3 809 t. 14-3 Lake St.Francois from Quebec City to break the ice in the lower St.Lawrence Seaway.
p. 38 Miscellaneous ships by type: Coast Guard, add GEORGES R. PEARKES
p. 41 Renamings since 1959. In 1978, SACHSENHAUSEN was renamed at Thorold.

Seaway Ships 1998

p. 14 NIKAIA, one of the former names of ARTAKI should have been underlined.

Seaway Ships 1995 to 1998

Canadian Great Lakes fleets, Algoma Central Corp. : CAPT. HENRY JACKMAN, add ex LAKE WABUSH-87

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