by Rockne Smith

Image of Book's Cover This book is dedicated to all the people who have ever lived around, visited, boated on, or just wondered about the history and heritage along the lower portion of the Detroit River. This publication is confined primarily to the nautical history of the communities located on the lower half of the river, the many Downriver islands, and the river itself. It begins in Wyandotte and continues down to the beginning of Lake Erie, including Trenton, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile, Amherstburg, Ontario, and all of the smaller islands, including Crystal Bay.

Did you realize there were between 200 and 300 ships build in Wyandotte prior to 1920, including the Boblo boat, Columbia? Did you know there were ships and cruisers built in Trenton, including 110 foot sub-chasers. Would you like to see pictures of Sugar Island when it was a booming amusement park, complete with a roller coaster and merry-go-round? How about the bridge that used to connect Stony Island with Grosse Ile, or the thirty some buildings that once stood on Stony Island? Has Crystal Bay and White Sands been there forever, or were they manmade? Have you ever seen pictures of the Livingstone Channel with no water in it? Have you noticed the shipwreck that still sticks above the water just south of the "Hole-in-the Wall"? Would you like to know the history of the many light houses in the Downriver area, including the ones that are no longer there?

If any of these items grab your interest, than you may want to consider buying a copy of OUR "DOWNRIVER" RIVER. There are over 80 pictures and descriptions of such topics, including a GUIDED BOAT TOUR of the Downriver area with 63 points of interest. Many of the locals and visiting boaters have considered this a MUST READ.

The book has recently been reprinted in a "Collector Edition" in hard cover.  The purchase price is $30 and they are available at many Downriver retailers, including Borders.  An autographed copy may be obtained by sending a check for $34 (includes shipping) to the author:

Rockne Smith
30777 Young Drive
Gibraltar, MI   48173

Questions and/or comments can be sent by email to smithrockne@aol.com

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