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"Salty: The Colorful Adventures of a Well-Seasoned Seadog"

By Lon Calloway

When you’re out "on the salt," the work is rough and the storms have no mercy. Yet the sun never fails to reemerge from behind the clouds, and if you look hard, a chuckle can be found. Through this remarkable collection of stories-built from over 40 years working on the water including on the Great Lakes-Lon Calloway captures the thrill of the action, the pain of the struggle, and the power of a good laugh. Because whether working as mate, quartermaster or captain, humor was always close by when Lon was on deck. Salty takes you into this world filled with terror and triumph, and delivers a taste of an unfathomable life, working at sea.

Available from:
Apple Books
Barnes & Noble

"The Trial of the Edmund Fitzgerald: Eyewitness Accounts from the U.S. Coast Guard Hearings"

By Michael Schumacher

The sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald is one of the most famous and mysterious shipwreck stories in Great Lakes history. In "The Trial of the Edmund Fitzgerald" – a book that’s completely unlike anything else you previously have read on the subject – Michael Schumacher mines the controversial final report that came from the investigation into the wreck, producing a companion to his earlier book "Mighty Fitz: The Sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald." In the words of search and rescue personnel, ship designers and inspectors, scientists and naval engineers, former crewmen of the Fitz and the Arthur M. Anderson, the book recreates the doomed ore boat’s final minutes, the suspense of the search and rescue operations, and the drama of the subsequent Coast Guard inquiry. From the Anderson’s captain and first mate, in their own words, are the reports of the Fitzgerald taking on water in the fierce storm, losing its radar, and stating, finally, famously, "We are holding our own." The book follows the investigation, the speculation, and expert testimony to a problematic conclusion – countered by an alternate theory that the Anderson's captain maintained to his dying day. If you think you have read everything there is that's worth reading on the Fitzgerald, think again.

328 pages, paperback.

$19.95; Available from University of Minnesota Press

"Boats Built on Lake Erie from Euclid, Ohio, to Erie, Pennsylvania"

By Matthew J. Weisman and Paul Schorf

A comprehensive and impeccably-researched listing of the vessels built at Erie, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. Researched and gathered from many sources, this book shows the overall picture of the activity of area ship builders on Lake Erie from its beginning to the last vessels. Details the boats type, builder, size, history and more, along with articles of the day. Biographies on all the prominent ship builders of the area are all new.

262 pages, illustrated, softbound.

$25.00; Available from the author at or by writing him at 176 Buckingham Drive, Elyria, Ohio 44035. Call 440-365-4523.

"Shipwrecks of Lake Ontario: A Journey of Discovery"

By Jim Kennard, Roland Stevens and Roger Pawlowski

This book chronicles their discovery of more than two dozen shipwrecks in Lake Ontario. Many of the sunken ships were connected to other parts of the Great Lakes region, including Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. The team's most significant discovery came in 2008, when it found the wreck of HMS Ontario, a British warship that sank in 1780 during the Revolutionary War.

$15.95; Available from the National Museum of the Great Lakes or call 419-214-5000 extension 200 to order.. Proceeds go to support the organization.

"Sport: Ship Dog of the Great Lakes"

By Pamela Cameron

The Historical Society of Michigan has bestowed its 2019 State History Award in the Books: Children & Youth category on "Sport: Ship Dog of the Great Lakes," a children’s book about a Wisconsin dog. Retired Michigan children’s librarian Pamela Cameron researched and wrote the work, which award-winning Wisconsin artist Renée Graef illustrated and the Wisconsin Historical Society Press published this spring. Sport tells the real-life story of a Newfoundland-retriever puppy who was rescued from the Milwaukee River in 1914 by the crew of the Lake Michigan lighthouse tender ship the USS Hyacinth. Sport became a crew member and helped serve lighthouses throughout Wisconsin and Michigan until his death. The author includes educational details about lighthouse and marine procedures, ship terminology and life on the Great Lakes. The book is beautifully written and illustrated and deserves the awards that have come its way.

Published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press, (608) 264-6582,

"World Travel & Adventures of a Ship's Marine Surveyor"

By Bob Ojala

The author worked as a naval architect, designing small passenger vessels, tugs and barges after graduation from the University of Michigan. However, he found he enjoyed working in the shipyard, with the workers, more than sitting in the design office. When the opportunity came to join the American Bureau of Shipping, working as a field surveyor, inspecting ships, and equipment going into ship building, he decided that was what he was looking for. Eventually, he started his own marine surveying and consulting business. He began traveling the world, surveying (inspecting) cruise ships, tankers, drydocks and even some warships. He also performed investigations of accidents, pollution incidents and several accidental deaths.

Available on Amazon.

"See the Ships Volume 4"

By Plets Express

Volume 4 of the "See The Ships" series contains 50 classic lakers including a variety of self-unloaders, straight-deck bulk freighters, tankers, articulated tug/barge combos and huge 1,000-footers. The DVD shows the vessels up close and in action as they pass through various ports, rivers, locks and lakes. Running approximately 75 minutes and contains natural sound and information with narration on/off options.

$24.95 each plus S&H available from Plets Express or by calling 715-833-8899.

"Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay"

By Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

The diving duo of Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg has released another book of shipwreck stories. "Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay" is geared to a general audience who may have any interest in the area’s history, with no intricate underwater knowledge required to appreciate the content. Shipwrecks covered include the Asia and La Salle’s Le Griffon, both of which have yet to be discovered. The other ships described in this book are the Nancy, Mary Ward, Wabuno, Jane Miller, Arabia, Sweepstakes, J.H. Jones, Mapledawn and Manasoo.

To order, contact Seawolf Communications.

"Know Your Ships 2019"

By Roger LeLievre

"Know Your Ships 2019", the 60th edition of the annual field guide to boats and boatwatching on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway, is now available. Besides the informative vessel listings, there are dozens of superb photos of lakers present and past, as well as a features section spotlighting ships and sailors.

$18.95 perfect bound

Marine Publishing Co., 317 S. Division St. #8, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Michigan customers add 6 percent sales tax. Postage is $4.50 to the U.S. and $7.00 to Canada.

"A Lot More To Do: The Remarkable Life of Frank Mays"

By Roger P. Hulett

We meet people every day. Occasionally, we run across one that captures our imaginations. When that individual is also a survivor of a ship that sank, taking 33 lives, it makes us pause as we consider that person's life, but also our own. Are we really living life or just existing day to day? Frank Mays' survival in freezing water after his ship, the CARL D. BRADLEY sank in 1958, is detailed in this book, along with his approach to living. There are examples of Mays' activities from decades of world travel as he gains more by living in the moment than most of us get out of our own trips. This book looks into the soul of a man who enjoys life. You'll meet the survivor, as well as the every day Frank Mays, from growing up in a port town in Michigan to his days as a world traveler.

Paperback, $14.95, available by contacting the author at

"Boats Built at Buffalo, New York, and Surrounding Areas Including Tonawanda, Cattaraugus Creek, Silver Creek, Irving and Dunkirk"

By Matthew Weisman, Paula Shorf and Jack Messmer

This is the fifth in a series of books about the boats built on Lake Erie covering the New York shoreline. Matthew Weisman, Paula Shorf aand Buffalo boat historian Jack Messmer have compiled a massive, 550-page volume on all the vessels built in the Buffalo area. Thousands of boats are listed, with details about the boat's type, builder, size, history and more, along with articles of the day. Canal boats are also included, as are biographies on all the prominent ship builders of the area.

Softbound, 8.5" x 11" format.

$30.00; For on line purchases go to Buffalo Harbor Museum or Ebay by typing Boats Built at Buffalo, New York, or contact author at

"World War II & The Great Lakes: Submarines, Bombers & Ore Boats"

By Wes Oleszewski

While it is not well known, the Great Lakes region played a major role as the United States was embroiled in World War II. This is the compelling story of the efforts made to keep the Arsenal of Democracy churning out much-needed supplies for the war effort. Chapters include "Fortress Soo" (keeping the Soo Locks safe), "Flattops on Fresh Water" (the story of Great Lakes passenger ships converted to aircraft carriers for pilot training), "Lakeboats of War" (the Maritime-class vessels constructed on the Great Lakes to aid in the transport of war materials and more. As usual with a "Wes" book, the research is exhaustively researched, and the author's ability to tell a compelling story never falters.

Softbound, 288 pages, historical photos and maps.

$17.95; Available in many shops, or from Avery Color Studios or 906-346-3908.

"Lakers: The Evolution of the Great Lakes Freighter"

By Ryan Gale

This exceptional new book takes readers on a 300-year journey following the evolution of freight-carrying vessels on the Great Lakes, from the wooden tall ships of the 17th and 18th centuries to the steel giants of today. Learn how geography, weather and technology caused lakers to evolve, and discover how they contributed to the rise of nations and help fuel the global economy. It's a compelling story and interestingly told, but what sets this volume apart from others is how it is illustrated. In addition to using photos, Gale has rendered original, mostly in color profile drawing of each type of vessels listed. This book is a must-have for ship enthusiasts.

Hardcover. 128 pages. Illustrated with more than 90 original color profile drawings and numerous photos.

$24.95 from Nordeast Press

"The Adventures of Kitty Smoke and Her Friends"

By Great Lakes Historical Society

Kitty Smoke was once the most powerful tugboat on the Great Lakes. But after years of hard work, she is replaced by newer tugboats and left to rot. Everything changes when a boy named Mark, his grandfather Captain Inch and the captain's cat Cookie, find Kitty Smoke in a shipyard. Can they fix her up and help her become the greatest tugboat on the Great Lakes once again? That's the story behind the children's book "The Adventures of Kitty Smoke and Her Friends", produced by Alexander Burns Cook.

$15.95; Available only from the National Museum of the Great Lakes or call 419-214-5000 extension 200 to order. Proceeds go to support the organization.

"Weather Bomb 1913 – Life and Death on the Great Lakes"

By Bruce Kemp

Most Great Lakes enthusiasts are familiar with the Great Storm of 1913 and the resulting horrific loss of ships and men. There have been many other excellent volumes written on the subject over the years, and now comes another, by Canadian journalist Bruce Kemp. Kemp's research included interviewing the last surviving witnesses and combing through courtroom testimony and newspaper reports, adding insights from contemporary ship captains and weather scientists about what caused that momentous event. Forty years in the making, this worthy 283-page volume is a detailed, engaging and highly personal account of a disaster that still resonates with those who love the lakes.

$24.95; Pick one up at Nautical Mind in Toronto and other locations or from Amazon.

"Lake Carriers' Association History 1880-2015"

By George J. Ryan

This book tells the story of the Lake Carriers' Association (LCA) and its contributions to Great Lakes shipping, the region and the national economy since its founding days in 1880 to the present. It describes the objectives of LCA in all the periods of history in chapters focused on the leadership and important concerns of that time.

$25.55; Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

"Purvis Marine Limited 50th Anniversary"

By G.I. "Buck" Longhurst

This generously illustrated book tells the story of the founding and 50-year history of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario's Purvis Marine Limited. The company has come a long way since it was created in 1967 by high school teacher Jack Purvis, establishing itself as one of the premier marine companies on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes.

William Purvis Marine Centre, PO Box 222, Gore Bay, ON P0P 1H0 Canada

"The Salvager: The Life of Captain John Reid on the Great Lakes"

By Mary Francis Doner

This long-out-of-print book has been revived for a new generation. First published in 1958, "The Salvager" is both a narrative history of Great Lakes shipping disasters of 1880–1950 and the life story of Captain Thomas Reid, who operated one of the region's largest salvage companies of that era. Climb aboard as the master salvager works the wrecks of the William C. Moreland, Manitoulin, Francis Widlar, the fire-ravaged Noronic and more. However this is not just a story of ships and sailors. Included are the thoughts of those left behind on shore waiting for their loved ones. Highly recommended.

$21.95; Available from University of Minnesota Press

"Sailing into History: Great Lakes Bulk Carriers of the Twentieth Century and the Crews Who Sailed Them"

By Frank Boles

The Great Lakes enjoy a vast transportation network that supports a massive shipping industry. In this volume, seamanship, cargo, competition, cooperation, technology, engineering, business, unions, government decisions and international agreements all come together to create a story of unrivaled interest about Great Lakes ships and the crews that sailed them in the 20th century. The story begins in iron and coal mines with the movement of the raw ingredients of industrial America across docks into ever larger ships using increasingly complicated tools and technology. The shipping industry was an expensive challenge, as it required huge investments, caused bitter labor disputes, and needed direct government intervention to remake the lakes to accommodate the ships. It also demanded one of the most integrated international systems of regulation and navigation in the world to sail a ship from Duluth to upstate New York.

$39.95; Available from Michigan State University Press

"Boats Built At Toledo, Ohio"

By Matthew Weisman

Historian Matthew Weisman has released this latest in a series of volumes exploring Ohio's historic ship building scene. This 150-page, exhaustively researched, illustrated book, which encompasses schooners and steamers, includes vessels built at Monroe, Michigan. $25 (includes postage).

Available from the author at

"Torn In Two: The Sinking of the Daniel J. Morrell and One Man's Survival on the Open Sea"

By Michael Schumacher

Hale, the sole survivor of the 1966 sinking of the Daniel J. Morrell, has written two excellent accounts of his horrific experience, so you might think there'd be no improving on his first-person story. However Schumacher's book is compelling, an essential companion piece to Hale's works. It tells a bigger story, going beyond the shipwreck itself by detailing the fight to find survivors, the search for and discovery of the wreckage and the U.S. Coast Guard hearings into what happened. Hale's story is woven throughout, as it should be, with his books cited as essential source material.

200 pages

$25.95; University of Minnesota Press

"The Inland Steel Fleet 1911-1998"

By Raymond A. Bawal, Jr.

For nearly 90 years, lake freighters belonging to the Inland Steel fleet transported the raw materials necessary for the manufacture of steel at their owner's industrial complex at Indiana Harbor, Indiana. This volume traces the history of the fleet from formation, through an era of expansion that included the construction of two groundbreaking vessels and the rebuilding of its older units, to its demise following the sale of the Inland Steel Company in 1998. The book chronicles the careers of each of the 10 vessels that served in this fleet over its history.

103 pages

$19.95; Order from Inland Expressions

"The Legend Lives On: S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald"

By Bruce Lynn and Christopher Winters

"The Legend Lives On: S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald" is a full-color, 270-page hardcover book honoring the life and legacy of the "Pride of the American Side" by Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society Executive Director Bruce Lynn and award-winning Great Lakes photojournalist Christopher Winters.

$50 U.S. (+ $10 S&H). The book is available from The Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society or by calling 1-800-635-1742.

"Classic Ships of the Great Lakes"

By Robert B. Campbell

A hard-cover, coffee table-style book laid out as a photo gallery of current and historic Great Lakes vessels. Chapters are divided by ship type, and a brief historical account introduces each section.

$24.95; Available at retailers as well as Amazon

"Tug Avenger IV"

By G.I. "Buck" Longhurst

A profusely illustrated soft-bound volume, "Tug Avenger IV" recounts the proud history of this veteran Canadian-flagged tug, now in service for Purvis Marine.

$20.00 (includes postage), Available from the Gore Bay & Western Manitoulin Museum, P.O. Box 222, 18 Dawson Street, Gore Bay, ON P0P 1H0, Canada.

"Mine to Mill: History of the Great Lakes Iron Trade: From the Iron Ranges to Sault Ste. Marie"


"Mine to Mill: History of the Great Lakes Iron Trade: From Sault Ste. Marie to the Lower Lake Ports"

By Phillip J. Stager

These two volumes tell history of the iron ore trade on the Great Lakes in visual form. Historians and enthusiasts alike can now learn about this important part of our country's industrial heritage in hundreds of postcard views of the mines, railroads, loading docks, and ships of the Great Lakes. Discover the underground and huge open-pit mines on the iron ranges in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota, and ride the rails as the iron is moved from the mines to the giant loading docks at the Upper Lake ports. In calm seas and stormy weather, travel from these ports to the international locks at Sault Ste. Marie, and to the lower lake ports on Lakes Erie and Michigan. Postcard collectors, rail and nautical enthusiasts, industrial archaeologists, and lovers of Great Lakes history will relish the 300+ views of the Soo Locks, ore boats, and ports, as well as accurate and comprehensive deltiological information.

$29.99; Available at Amazon or Schiffer Books

"The Interlake Steamship Company: In Service to America Since 1913"

By Ned Whalen

In 1913, the Interlake Steamship Co. was organized in what the New York Times called the largest merger of Great Lake vessels since the formation of Pittsburgh Steamship Company a few years earlier. This 132-page volume is a large-format, soft-cover, coffee table-style book that tells the company's history using historical, personal and topical vignettes, as well as hundreds of images of people, boats and events.

$44.95 plus shipping. The book is available at National Museum of the Great Lakes' museum store and can be ordered by phone at 419-214-5000 or in person at the museum, 1701 Front St., Toledo, Ohio 43605.

"The Last Laker: Finding a Wreck Lost in the Great Lakes' Deadliest Storm"

By Frederick Stonehouse

In 1913, a mighty storm ripped through the Great Lakes and inflicted the greatest loss of life and vessels from a single storm to date. For a century, one wreck in particular, that of the steamer Henry B. Smith, eluded divers and confounded maritime experts, making it a holy grail for those who were searching. Maritime historian and author Frederick Stonehouse tells the tale of the deadly storm and illuminates the search for, and eventual discovery of, the lost Smith, unwrapping the mystery of why some boats made it while others did not.

$19.95; Available from Lake Superior Magazine

"The Wreck of the Griffon: The Greatest Mystery of the Great Lakes"

Cris Kohl & Joan Forsberg

In 1679, the first ship to sail on the upper Great Lakes disappeared with its entire crew and valuable cargo of furs. Built by the explorer La Salle near Niagara Falls, its loss nearly ruined him. To this day, the wreck of the Griffon has not definitively been found. It has become the most hunted – and the most "found" – shipwreck in Great Lakes history. This book relates the fascinating story of the Griffon – its background, information about the many (22) claims of discovery made in the past 200 years (none yet proven), the excitement of possible recent discoveries (including the most recent one) – and where the wreck likely is.

$19.95; Available from Seawolf Communications

"The S.S. Milwaukee Clipper: An Illustrated History"

By Steven S. Demos, MD. & Marylouise Plant

This handsome hard-cover book that not only details the long history of this former passenger steamer and car ferry, but also outlines the hours countless volunteers have put into establishing her as first-rate Great Lakes marine museum.

$50.00 plus $6.00 shipping. Available from the S.S. Milwaukee Clipper Preservation Inc. or at P.O. Box 1370, Muskegon, MI 49443. Proceeds go to the preservation and restoration of the ship.

"Julius Roth and the Kitty Reeves"

By Neal R. Miller

Some claim she never existed, and that the story of her sinking in Lake Huron waters off Tawas Point with a fortune of copper ingots in her holds was just another sea story. After all, there is no sailing vessel called the Kitty Reeves in any of the annual Lists of Merchant Vessels of the United States published from 1868 through 1885. Nonetheless, Julius Roth, a retired Port Clinton, Ohio, grocer, was a believer. He knew the wreck lay just off Tawas Point. He had a letter to prove it. He had the location. He had two copper ingots found next to the wreck. More importantly, he had the faith. What he apparently didn't have was either the money or the luck necessary to turn his nearly two-decade long search for the wraithlike ship and her cargo into the treasure trove he knew was there. This is Roth's story of his ill-fated treasure hunt and of his five-year battle with the Michigan Conservation Department over the fate of a vessel that, in the course of that hunt, he sunk at the old Michigan State Dock in Tawas Bay.

$16.99 plus tax if applicable and $2.50 postage, Available from the author at

"Arrived on This Ship: Great Lakes Postcards from the Early Twentieth Century"

By Hudson Keenan

Like the title says, "Arrived" is a book of ship post cards from the first two decades of the last century. More than just an album, author Hudson Keenan has written about historical events, technology of the day and lifestyles as each individual card suggests. Ship views are divided by the types of vessels and travel locations on the lakes. All five Great Lakes are represented, with postcards from Canada and the U.S. Original standard 3½ by 5½-inch postcards from the author's collection were used for the reproductions.

Hardcover, 128 pages

$19.95; In bookstores or from Thunder Bay Press.

"Braving the Wartime Seas: A Tribute to the Cadets and Graduates of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and Cadet Corps Who Died During World War II" 2014

George J. Ryan

Edited by George J. Ryan, known around the Great Lakes as a past president of the Lake Carriers' Association, and perhaps less known as a member of the King's Point Academy Class of 1957, this long-overdue book fills a huge gap in the annals of maritime warfare. The authoritative work, a publication of the American Maritime History Project, Inc., pays lasting tribute to each of the cadets and graduates of the U.S. Merchant Marine Cadet Corps who died in World War II. As such, it briefly chronicles the life and tragic death of 212 individuals, with a picture of each and a photo of the ship on which they went down. It's compelling, and sometimes heart-rending reading that reminds readers of what was sacrificed for freedom's sake in World War II.

$23.99; The book is available from the publisher in hard copy, paperback and electronic form, as well as from Amazon and Barnes and Noble

"Know Your Ships 2016"

By Roger LeLievre

"Know Your Ships 2016, the 57th edition of the annual guide to boats and boatwatching on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway, is now available. Besides vessel listings, there are many superb photos of lakers present and past.

$18.95 for regular binding ($20.95 for spiral)

Marine Publishing Co., 317 S. Division St. #8, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Michigan customers add 6 percent sales tax. Postage is $4.50 to the U.S. and $7.00 to Canada.

"Sky Pilot of the Great Lakes"

By John Kotzian

Have you ever dreamed of visiting every lighthouse and life-saving station on the Great Lakes? The Rev. William H. Law did just that and more in the early days of the 20th century. Rescued by a U.S. Life-Saving Service crew on Lake Huron in 1900, Law dedicated his life's work to serving the men and women stationed at light and life-saving stations throughout the United States. Whether it was bringing his floating library to stations located on the Great Lakes, regular correspondence with the crews of stations far too remote for a personal visit, or his relentless pursuit of Congress to approve a bill to provide better pay and pensions, Rev. Law became a fast friend to those serving in the lighthouse and life-saving services. A tale of boundless optimism, the story of W. H. Law's life is as much the account of the brave men and women of the lighthouse and life-saving service as it is the saga of a long and rewarding life in the service of others.

$17.95; Available at Avery Color Studios

"Real, Honest Sailing With a Great Lakes Captain"

By Captain Gary W. Schmidt & Warren Gerds

Those who would like to view life through the eyes of a Great Lakes captain may be interested in a new book co-authored by Captain Gary W. Schmidt and Warren Gerds, longtime critic at the Green Bay Press Gazette and current critic at large for WFRV-TV in Green Bay. "Real, Honest Sailing" chronicles Schmidt's experiences piloting vessels on the Great Lakes for 40 years, including his most recent stint as captain of the tug-barge combination Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder. The book has many color and black and white photos.

321 pages, soft cover

$25.00 from Warren Gerds, 407 E. Mission Road, Green Bay, WI 54301 or

"Fatal Crossing: The Mysterious Disappearance of NWA Flight 2501 and the Quest for Answers"

By Valerie van Heest

Most of the time we think of ships gone missing on the Great Lakes, but airplanes have gone down too. This book is about the 1950 disappearance of Northwest Airlines Flight 2501 in Lake Michigan. The accident prompted the largest Coast Guard and Navy search-and-rescue operation the lakes have ever seen, but despite the efforts of hundreds of people and several dozens of vessels, none of the 58 people on board was found alive and the wreckage went undiscovered. A half century later, author/explorer Clive Cussler set out to solve the mystery of the plane's disappearance and teamed up with fellow author/explorer Valerie van Heest and her organization, the Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates. After a decade of research and searching, they realized the answers were not lying on the bottom of the lake, but in dusty archives and individual minds.

$19.95; Available from In-Depth Editions

"The War of 1812: The Struggle That Forged Two Nations"

By Lee Murdock - music CD

Great Lakes balladeer and historian Lee Murdock has uncovered an impressive body of music in the Great Lakes. With his newest CD, he marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, a struggle between the young United States and Great Britain for the riches of North America. Significant ballads tell the story of the British, Canadian and American people during this time.

$15.00, Available from

"Storms & Sand"

By Stephen Truman, Grace Truman & Joel Truman

Great Lakes maritime history encompasses epic stories of heroic rescues, tragic losses, and changing times. "Storms and Sand" is a glimpse into the world of the brave men of the Big Sable Point, Michigan, U.S. Life-Saving Service/ U.S. Coast Guard Station. The station was located on land that is now part of Ludington State Park. The book tells the history of the station; including the sacrifices by the life-savers and Coast Guardsmen, and their struggles to rescue Lake Michigan shipwreck victims. "Storms and Sand" also chronicles lesser-known events in the lives of the men, their families, and the Big Sable Point lighthouse keepers.

Hardcover, 208 pages, with 69 photos and illustrations.

$29.95; Available from Pine Woods Press

"On the Waterfront: Maritime Life in Oswego and Lake Ontario, Vol. II"

By Richard F. Palmer

This is Volume II of the author's best columns that have appeared in The Palladium-Times, Oswego, New York's local newspaper. Using the newspaper's archives and other sources, Palmer provides a continuing and colorful exposé of Oswego's maritime heritage.

$12.95; Available from River's End Bookstore

"Witnessing the Badger: An Adventure Story for Young Boaters"

By Steven Duff

Say ahoy to a fictional boating adventure story in the spirit of Arthur Ransome or The Hardy Boys novels that offers appeal for young readers and nostalgic adults. The story covers territory from Ontario's Georgian Bay to Lake Michigan, with all points in between, and culminates in a scary encounter with the Russian Mafia that also involves the carferry Badger. This story should have appeal to anyone who has spent time around the water.

$14.95; Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble

"Maritime Tales of Lake Ontario"

By Susan Gateley

Shipwrecks are a part of Lake Ontario's history. But so are innovation, wealth-building, heroism and bungling on a grand scale. You'll find examples of each in this collection of historic incidents and personalities who once worked on and by the waters of this Great Lake between 1728 and the present. The book includes information on the lake's critical role during several 1812 War naval engagements, some shipwrecks from the era of sail, information on the lake's most storied island and a brief history of the Seaway's economic and ecological impacts.

$19.99; Available through Arcadia Publishing and Amazon, or from various chain bookstores in the Lake Ontario region.

"Lost & Found: Legendary Lake Michigan Shipwrecks"

By V.O. VanHeest

Just as the Titanic continues to fascinate, so have the shipwrecks presented here became even more famous after their discoveries, gaining notoriety as historic attractions, archaeological sites, bold salvage attempts or legal battles. VanHeest takes the readers back in time to experience the careers and sinkings of these ships – among them Carl D. Bradley, Francisco Morazan, Lady Elgin, Hennepin and more – and then goes beneath the lake to participate in the discovery and exploration of their remains and the circumstances that led to their status as legendary shipwrecks. The vessels in this well-researched publication span the age of sail, steam, and diesel on the Great Lakes from schooners to side-wheel steamers, propellers, carferries, self-unloaders and yachts. They include ships discovered by some of the lake's most prolific wreck hunters, including the author's own organization – Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates – in partnerships with wreck hunters David Trotter, Ralph Wilbanks, and acclaimed author Clive Cussler. Clearly the sagas of these vessels did not end when the waves of Lake Michigan washed over them.

$19.95; Order from In-Depth Editions

"Yankcanuck: A Dream Turns Fifty"

By G.I. "Buck" Longhurst

This volume, by Marine Historical Society of Detroit Historian of the Year honoree and former Yankcanuck crew member Buck Longhurst, details the career of this familiar Canadian crane ship on the occasion of her 50th anniversary. The book, illustrated with many black and white photos and other illustrations from the author's collection, includes her years with "Skipper" Frank Manzzutti's Yankcanuck Steamship Co., her time under Algoma Steel's Flaming 'A', and her more recent service with Purvis Marine.

$25.00 (includes S&H), from Gore Bay and Western Manitoulin Museum, P.O. Box 222,12 Dawson St., Gore Bay, ON P0P 1H0, Canada.

"Images of America: Marine City"

By Gene & Scott Buel

The story of Marine City, Michigan, nestled on the bank of the St. Clair River, is told through rare photographs from the 1870s-1930s. The book, by Gene Buel and his grandson Scott, shows a tradition of shipbuilding and sailing, as well as life around town, documenting the important role Marine City played in the early development of the Great Lakes shipping industry. An extra plus for shipfans is a section devoted to the photographer Louis Pesha, who was responsible for documenting shipping traffic a century ago.

$21.95; Arcadia Publishing and Amazon

"Shaping Chicago: James S. Dunham's Crusade for the River"

By Thomas J. Lutz

It's clear from this detailed account that Chicago would not be the world-class city that it is today without the efforts of ship captain, business owner and politician James S. Dunham. His life during the 1800s was the embodiment of everything that is and was Chicago maritime, and his life story reveals how the maritime community in Chicago shaped the city's waterfront and the image the city presents to the world today. Dunham died in 1901, but his contributions live on thanks to the work of author and historian Thomas J. Lutz. Ship fans will find the appendix of vessels owned/operated by Dunham and his associates an added bonus.

216 pages, 100 illustrations

$21.95 plus S&H at In-Depth Editions

"Last Ark of the Railroad: The Steam Ship City of Milwaukee"

By Dominic R. Sondy

The S/S City of Milwaukee is currently a National Historic Landmark as well as a member of the Historic Naval Ship Association. Built at the beginning of the Great Depression, the City of Milwaukee shuttled railcars across Lake Michigan for over 50 years. She is now moored in Manistee, Mich., and is open to the public as a floating museum. This is her story, told in words and pictures.

Softcover, 72 pages, many photographs

$17.50; Available from Amazon

"Lost Legends of the Lakes"

By Robert McGreevy

This handsome, coffee table-style book is subtitled "A Unique Study of the Maritime Heritage of the Great Lakes From an Artist's Viewpoint," and that sums things up nicely. McGreevy, considered one of the finest maritime artists anywhere, offers a book that juxtaposes his superb renditions with the stories of the vessel or situation depicted. An accomplished scuba diver, a number of his works offer a unique underwater perspective of shipwrecks. With his well-trained eye for detail, McGreevy brings Great Lakes maritime history alive in this high quality volume that touches on the ages of sail and steam as well a modern shipwreck disasters and the Great Storm of 1913.

128 pages, hardcover, illustrated

$42.50; Available at

"Steamers of the Turkey Trail"

By G.I. "Buck" Longhurst

The "Turkey Trail" was the route along a narrow and twisting course in the North Channel followed by steamers servicing settlers on the north shore of Lake Huron. This book, by Canadian historian Longhurst, looks at the passenger and package freight vessels that plied this route. The vessels are mostly but memories (the final sailing on this route was in 1963), but it is important to remember the role these staunch craft played in the lives of families living in the northern Lake Huron area of Canada who depended on vessels such as the Waubuno, Chicora, Manitou and Manitoulin for their very existence.

2011, 136 pages, softcover, many black and white photos

$25.00; Available from Gore Bay & Western Manitoulin Museum, P.O. Box 222, Gore Bay, ON P0P 1H0

"SS City of Milwaukee"

By Art Chavez & Bob Strauss

After the Grand Trunk car ferry Milwaukee was lost with a crew of 52 men in an October 1929 storm, it was replaced by the City of Milwaukee. Built in 1931, the ferry operated for half a century, hauling railcars across Lake Michigan. She survives today as the last unaltered example of a Great Lakes railroad car ferry designed with twin stacks, a classic profile and triple-expansion engines. Now a museum ship, the vessel serves as a living memorial to the car ferries and the dedicated crews that sailed them. With access to the City of Milwaukee's archives and numerous private collections, car ferry historians Art Chavez and Bob Strauss have gathered a variety of vintage and contemporary photos and documents. Along with detailed captions, they reveal the pictorial history of this enduring car ferry that now resides in Manistee, Mich.

2011, 128 pages

$21.95; Order from Arcadia Publishing

"Ships of the Great Lakes: An Inside Look at the World's Largest Inland Fleet"

By Patrick D. Lapinski

This profusely-illustrated, full-color volume examines the activity that occurs on board lake boats throughout the Great Lakes shipping season. It looks not only on the outside, but the inside too, starting with the engine room and continuing into the pilothouse, out on deck and in the galley. Plenty of "people" pictures help give the book additional depth. Author Patrick Lapinski is clearly an expert on his subject and it shows in this well-researched and informative effort.

2011, 126 pages, softcover

$34.95; Available from a variety of booksellers, including Amazon

"Unsolved Mysteries: The Shipwreck Thomas Hume"

By Valerie van Heest & William Lafferty

On May 21, 1891, the lumber schooner Thomas Hume and its crew of seven sailed out of Chicago into a spring storm, and was never seen again. The disappearance has lingered as one of the great unsolved mysteries of the Great Lakes. More than a century after its disappearance, the discovery of the wreck of the Thomas Hume solved the mystery. However, the collection of shoes, clothing, jewellery, coins and tools found inside generated even more questions. An archaeological investigation by Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates and the Lakeshore Museum Center has attempted to solve the riddles posed by the shipwreck. After survey dives, historical research, and detective-like reasoning, the team pieced together not only the vessel's career, but how its crew lived, worked, and died on the lake.

2011, 128 pages, softcover

$19.95; Available from In-Depth Editions

"Superships of the Great Lakes: Thousand-Foot Ships of the Great Lakes"

By Raymond A. Bawal, Jr.

Since the beginning of commerce on the Great Lakes, there has been a desire to build larger and more efficient ships culminating in 1972 with the commissioning of the first 1,000-foot vessel to sail on the inland seas, the Stewart J. Cort. This book tells the story of each of the 13 1,000-foot ships, including their unique operational histories and the purposes for which they were built. Included are numerous never-before-published photographs portraying these vessels in their previous and current operations.

2011, softcover with photos, 104 pages.

$19.95; Order from: Inland Expressions

"M/V Algoport"

By Chris & Andy Torrence

This small booklet is a remembrance of the Torrence family's relationship with the Algoma Central fleet and its self-unloader Algoport, which sank on saltwater Sept. 9, 2009 while being towed to China for a new forebody. The book contains over 30 photographs, a reproduction of the launch invitation and souvenir launch booklet, the fleet booklet for the Algoport, as well as other ship diagrams and maps.

2010. Softcover, 72 pages, with photos and diagrams.

$34.95; Available from Lulu

"Lost on the Lady Elgin"

By Valerie van Heest

Author and diver Valerie van Heest recounts the worst disaster on the open waters of the Great Lakes, when the sidewheel steamer Lady Elgin sank in Lake Michigan on September 8, 1860, taking with it over 300 passenger, mostly Irish from Milwaukee's Third Ward. This well-researched historical narrative tells the story of the Lady Elgin set against the backdrop of a pivotal presidential election during the golden age of passenger travel on the Great Lakes. The book describes in detail the loss of the steamer, and recounts the discovery of the vessel's remains more than a century after the disaster. No dry recounting of history, this vividly written volume is difficult to put down.

2010. Hardcover, 168 pages.

$26.95; Available from In-Depth Editions

"Trillium and Toronto Island: The Centennial Edition"

By Mike Filey

In June 1910, a new steam ferry for the Toronto Island Company was launched and christened Trillium. Now, 100 years after its debut, Toronto columnist Mike Filey revisits the history of this notable landmark with the centennial edition of Trillium and Toronto Island. Updated with new photographs and introductory commentary, this anniversary edition of the book details the remarkable journey of one of Toronto's most interesting treasures.

2010, Softcover, 120 pages with photos.

$24.99; Available from Dundurn Press Dundurn

"Shipwrecked: Reflections of the Sole Survivor"

By Dennis Hale

By now, many folks who follow the Great Lakes know that Dennis Hale was the only survivor of the steamer Daniel J. Morrell, which sank on Lake Huron in late November 1966. This book serves as his autobiography, not only relating the sad story of the shipwreck and its aftermath, but also delving into Hale's troubled childhood and his life as reckless young man in search of a sense of family.

Although he's written about the shipwreck before, this self-published volume delves deeper into the emotional side of the story. Hale goes into great detail about what he saw, heard and felt during his near-death experience and also shares details about a mysterious visitor aboard the raft who warned him to stop eating the ice to quench his thirst. One thing that's clear – Hale is a survivor in more ways than one. He's led quite a life and, lucky for readers, he decided to write it all down.

2010, 312 pages, with photos.

$25.00; Available at Amazon

"The Wexford: Elusive Shipwreck of the Great Storm, 1913"

By Paul Carroll

The Canadian steamer Wexford's fateful final voyage was full of opportunities to be saved from destruction, but 24-year-old captain Bruce Cameron's persistence in trying to make port at Goderich led to tragedy – she was a victim of the storm of 1913. Over a period of 87 years, Wexford eluded many efforts to locate her remains, but was finally discovered in 2000. This story traces her history from her British origins in 1883, through the transition to become a laker, the eventful storm, the search, her ultimate discovery in southern Lake Huron and the controversy over how she should be protected. The author recently, and deservedly, received the Save Ontario Shipwrecks Marine Heritage Award.

2010, 328 pages, illustrated.

$30.00 from Dundurn

"Above the Lighthouses: Lake Michigan"

By Marge Beaver

This stunning, hard-cover volume offers 215 beautiful color aerial photos with close-ups of every lighthouse on Lake Michigan, as well as scenic area views to show locations. Index maps for each state are included. Marge Beaver has an eye for lighthouses and it shows in this self-published book, a must for fans of the genre.

2010, hard cover, 208 pages, lavishly illustrated.

$49.95, free shipping from Photography Plus. Personalization available for online orders.

"Greenwood's Guide to Great Lakes Shipping 2010"

"Greenwood's Guide to Great Lakes Shipping," revived last year after a short hiatus, is back and even more comprehensive than the 2009 edition. Its 27 tabbed sections offer an array of details on fleets, vessel compartment capacities, horsepower, ore docks, grain elevators, coal docks, shipyards and dry docks, steamship agents, brokers, freight forwarders, stevedores, surveyors, maritime attorneys, insurers, vessel operations services and more, offering a lot of information that's almost impossible to find anywhere else. In addition to what's inside, the cover features new original artwork by Paul C. LaMarre, and a sturdy spiral binding holds the pages in place and makes for easy reference.

$80.00 in book form, as well as on CD for $65.00 or as a searchable PDF for $45.00. Available from the publisher at Greenwood's Guide or at Harbor House Publishers Inc., 121 Water St., Boyne City, MI 49712

"Fathoms Deep But Not Forgotten: Wisconsin's Lost Ships"

By Brendon Baillod

Historian Brendon Baillod provides an in-depth study of Wisconsin's maritime history, including detailed port histories of Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Port Washington. "Fathoms Deep" also includes details on every commercial vessel ever lost in southeast Wisconsin waters, totaling well over 400 lost ships, as well as complete information on every documented vessel ever built in southeast Wisconsin, for a total of more than 1,000 ships detailed in the book. This book – the result of 20 years of research – is the first comprehensive inventory ever assembled of southeast Wisconsin ships and shipwrecks. All proceeds from this book help the Wisconsin Underwater Archaeology Association is its efforts to document historic sites.

2010, many historic photos and maps.

$24.95; Available at Wisconsin Underwater Archaeology Association.

"Great Lakes Freighters"

By Peter Francis Groh

This book features photos taken by Peter Francis Groh over the years and compiles them in a coffee table-style book. Some photos include the C.T.C. No.1 in South Chicago and the John Sherwin. This book is the culmination of five years of boat chasing and its pages are filled with the author's passion for both the Great Lakes and its boats.

2010; soft or hardcover, 40 pages, 74 photos.

$20.00 + $7.00 S&H; Grohs Photography or from the author at Peter Groh, 1815 Tivoli Lane, Sheboygan, WI 53081

"Lake Erie: History and Views"

By Tom Langmyer

Tom Langmyer's lavishly-illustrated volume combines narration, factual summaries, photography, maps and antique postcards to tell the story of this vast inland sea. Starting with the Ice Age, the book chronicles its discovery, battles for its control, settlement, development and population growth along its shores. Cities and towns around Lake Erie (including Detroit and the Detroit River) are highlighted and readers can get a glimpse of life aboard a 1,000-footer, thanks to a trip by the author aboard the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. Use this book as a armchair travel guide, or take it along for your own journey around the lake.

2009. 298 pages, softcover, spiral bound, many color photos and reproductions of historic postcards.

$45.00; Available at Amazon

"For Those In Peril: Shipwrecks of Ottawa County, Michigan"

By Craig Rich

Author Craig Rich explores in fascinating detail the history of shipping accidents around Ottawa County, near Grand Haven and Holland, Mich. As sail gave way to steam, vessels continued to fall victim to treacherous seas, fog, fire and ice. Read about the two-masted schooner Sylvanus Marvin (lost in 1850), the steamer H.C. Ackley (1883), Post Boy (1905), Wisconsin (1929) and nearly 100 more.

2010. 136 pages, black and white photos.

$17.95; Available at

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