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World Headquarters at Vantage Point
Port Huron, Michigan

Now located in the 6,000-square foot Great Lakes Maritime Center

51 Water Street Port Huron, Michigan 48060-5445 drops out of cyberspace and takes up a physical presence in Port Huron, Michigan.

Our World Headquarters is based in Port Huron on the St. Clair River where it meets the Black River.

This new facility is located within Acheson Ventures' Desmond Landing Development Project.

Formerly located in a separate building on the site, it is now located within the 6,000-square foot Great Lakes Maritime Center building along the waterfront at Vantage Point.   (photo by John McCreery - 2007.)

The move allows the facility longer hours, increased visibility and an even better view of passing vessel traffic.

The location is ideal for research, boatwatching or a public spot to meet with other boatwatchers.

A scanner monitors the shipping frequencies and outdoor speakers assure you'll never miss a boat while enjoying the river from the deck. Inside a computer monitor displays traffic expected for the area.


7 a.m. - 6 p.m.
7 days a week

Click here for a schedule of events at the Maritime Center


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To send e-mail to the HQ: 

Phone: *810-479-4719



  *The structure of the Boatnerd site has changed with different volunteers running different sections. The volunteers are spread out over a wide geographic area and because of this, technical or administrative questions can only be routed and answered by e-mail not by phone.
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