Campagin for BoatNerd.Com - Enriching BoatNerd.Com's Future

BoatNerd is requesting donations of used computer hardware and LCD monitors. This is a good opportunity for a corporation, or individual, to recycle equipment while receiving a tax credit by donating to our 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

We would be happy to pick up and wipe the data on any donated machines to Department of Defense standards and we have our own licensed software. We would like any equipment starting with a Pentium 4 level processor or higher and any size LCD monitor. This equipment is used to support various features of the site and also placed in regional museums as kiosk type displays.

If you have equipment to donate or if your company has a recycling program please contact us using the form below. We may also be contacted by e-mail

Equipment or program details    

We will provide a thank you letter and tax receipt. Depending on your tax situation, individuals can deduct the current market value of a computer and business donors can deduct the un-depreciated value of the computer.

IRS forms and Information:
Determining the Value of Donated Property
Noncash Charitable Contributions Instructions (PDF)
Noncash Charitable Contributions Form 8283 (PDF)