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Current Needs

11/7/19- We have kicked off our second annual fall fundraising drive. We are accept donations through PayPal or by mail.

We had hope to have a new website Online by now generating revenue through advertising. That project has been much slower than anticipated so we are hosting this fund raising drive to help keep the site and gatherings operational for another year.

Any amount is appreciated and will go a long way towards keeping the site active.

2019 was a good year and we made progress on the new Web Site, New AIS stations and returned the Port Huron Webcam.

We hope to continue the same in 2020.

Support Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping Online
the non-profit support organization for the
BoatNerd.Com web site

Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping Online Inc. (GLSS) was  designated a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation by the Internal Revenue Service in 2006.

GLSS was organized to support the efforts of the BoatNerd website, while operations are managed by the group of volunteers running the site since 2003. This is a dedicated group spread across the U.S. and Canada who handle all ends of site operation from server management to correspondence and user support.

The corporation is run by a Board of Directors with diverse back grounds ranging from the Shipping Industry to Boatwatchers. The board's focus is the continuation of and growth of the BoatNerd.Com web site. 

The establishment of non-profit status means BoatNerd is able to accept tax-deductible contributions through donations. Funding raised by GLSS will allow the web site to become self-sufficient and guarantee the longevity of BoatNerd.Com by paying the data connection charges and replacing the aging computer hardware that runs the site.

The Corporation is organized for the purpose of enhancing the general public knowledge of the maritime commercial operations and history on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway by:

1. Support an internet website at, and related internet based applications and websites, and

2. Organizing periodic gatherings of interested persons at various locations around the Great Lakes to photograph and enjoy the vessels associated with the Great Lakes commerce, and

3. Encouraging discussions among members pertaining to Great Lakes maritime commercial operations and history, and

4. Sponsoring programs and illustrated lectures by persons knowledgeable in Great Lakes Great Lakes maritime commerce, history, and

5. Promoting and encouraging passenger cruising on the Great Lakes, and

6.  Publishing and assisting in the publishing of printed, online and recorded materials pertinent to the Great Lakes maritime industry.

7. Support underserved organizations with similar interests through the use of technology and technical assistance.

8. Fostering an appreciation of the Great Lakes maritime industry.

We accept donations through PayPal or by mail

If you prefer to donate by mail:
Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping Online, Inc.
Box 244
Troy, MI 48099

To verify our non-profit status, please click this link and search for Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping

Current Projects
In addition to the daily updates of the site here are some of the projects we are currently working on or have planned

Complete Redesign of the site
Updating content to a new easier to use design that is mobile friendly and searchable

Automated reporting system -
Another long term project that will automatically log Vessel Passages based on our AIS system.

Update and expand our offering of Webcams to HD live streaming cameras.